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General Discussion » Rename Flytillery Airtillery » Go to message
A rated 1v1 map
General Discussion » Rename Flytillery Airtillery » Go to message
Please, in the name of all things punny!
General Discussion » individual training with TALONE » Go to message
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
How about a unit with the special ability to:

A) sacrifice itself for a refund of half its cost, or

B) cannibalize any of its fellow units for the same effect.

Seems to fit Khraleans, thematically, but the ability could be named to fit any race.
General Discussion » PLEASE replace the end turn timeout » Go to message
This is a very good idea. Will help polish the game. The timer thing really didn't make sense (not a big deal, don't take it personally).
General Discussion » Hi » Go to message
This post was originally about something else, but I can't delete it. So I'll just say hi to everyone!
General Discussion » Units leveling up to 11/12 HP? » Go to message
Unimarobj is right on. If your unit has 5 hp, it does 50% damage. If your unit has 2^^'s, it can heal up to 12 hp. At 12 hp, a unit does 120% damage. ^'s have no effect on defense.

To clarify: The damage a unit does is directly proportional to its HP. And HP has no effect on defense. See the attack calculation sticky for details.
General Discussion » Ignore this » Go to message
Hey! In the new version, on an iPhone, we can't listen to our own music in the background anymore! I have all the game sounds turned off, and it still turns off my music when I open Uniwar. It worked in the old version. Please fix this when you get a chance.

Edit: I just fixed it by completely closing Uniwar, not just minimizing it (hold down home button and click X on the program you want to close) after changing the sound settings. Works fine now.
General Discussion » Remove hd graphics » Go to message
I agree! It's way too cluttered now. I want the simpler graphics back, and so does my gf.
New Feature Request » Delete account? » Go to message
Since we can only create 2 accounts, please can you add a feature to allow us to either change our name or delete an account? I hate my other name; I created it when I was drunk
Guides & Tips » Gang-up bonus tip » Go to message
Everyone reading this probably already knows this, but you can use a unit that you normally wouldn't attack with for the gangup bonus. An good example is using a Pincer to attack a heli, and then coming up behing the heli with a Garuda to attack with 1-2 more damage.
Bug Reports » Building a unit should not be undoable » Go to message
Although I enjoy exploiting this bug myself, I agree.

Don't give a new unit vision until it can't be taken back, and change base vision to 3. Problem solved.
General Discussion » Trustworthy Uniwarriors. » Go to message
  C J WAY wrote: can anyone explain why when i attack a walker with 5 or 6 rate with my walker of 11 rate mt walker is removed and his walker recieves no damage its happened a few times now?? thanks for any insight .. C J WAY

The same reason the earth is only 6000 years old.
General Discussion » Games like Uniwar » Go to message
I love Uniwar. I'm looking for another game to play on my iPhone. I am mostly interested in asynchronous PvP, preferably another strategy game similar to Uniwar. I already have Dominion (a Risk clone). Any other suggestions? Thanks!
General Discussion » Units leveling up to 11/12 HP? » Go to message
Occasionally your units will receive a bonus to their max HP, allowing for 11 or 12 hitpoints and putting 1 or 2 chevrons (^) above their heads. This seems to occur randomly. I was wondering if there was a way to predict when this will happen, or if it is truly random.
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