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An air unit with no attack but strong defence that can carry up to four Marines
around the battlefield.
Cost: 400
Mobility: 11
Defence: 9
Repair: 1
Vision: 4
Abilities: Pick up, Deploy
Pick up ability: The Transport heli will pick up as Marines as it can in a one
hex radius, holding a maximum of four Marines. The number of Marines the heli
holds can be seen in the bottom right of the hex. Cooldown 0 turns
Deploy ability: The heli will drop as many of its on board Marines as it can in
hexes adjacent to the Heli. Marines cannot be dropped into the sea or onto
another unit. Cooldown 0 turns

Marine Divers are marines armed with explosive mines and underwater breathing
equipment allowing them to sabotage enemy aquatic units.
Cost: 200
Attack range: 1
Mobility: 10
Ground light attack: 6
Ground heavy attack: 3
Aerial attack: 4
Aquatic attack: 4
Defence: 6
Repair: 1
Vision: 4
Abilities: Timer mine
Timer mine ability: A timer mine is attached to an enemy sea unit that explodes
after three turns, dealing 5 damage. The timer mine can be removed if the unit
repairs with a repair unit (Engineer, Assimilator, Infector). Cooldown 8 turns.

The Winger is a flying support unit that has no attack but strong defence. It
can spawn a swarm of microscopic creatures to temporarily lower the defence of a
unit and also has the ability to transform Underlings into Drones.
Cost: 400
Mobility: 10
Defence: 10
Repair: 2
Vision: 4
Abilities: Transform, Rend Armour
Transform ability: The Winger transforms an adjacent Underling into a Drone.
Cooldown 0 turns.
Rend Armour ability: A swarm of microscopic insects weaken the target's armour,
lowering it's defence by 2. Cooldown 6 turns
Drone stats:
Attack range: 1
Mobility: 12
Ground light attack: 0
Ground heavy attack: 0
Aerial attack: 6
Aquatic attack: 0
Defence: 5
Repair: 1
Vision: 4
Abilities: Shed wings
Shed wings ability: Permanently transforms the Drone back into an underling.
Cannot be used over sea or bases. Cooldown: N/A

The Aqualing is an aquatic Underling with slightly better stats and an ability
to attack aerial units. It can also submerge and swim underwater.
Cost: 150
Attack range: 1
Mobility: 11
Ground Light attack: 6
Ground heavy attack: 4
Aerial attack: 3
Aquatic attack: 4
Defence: 6
Repair: 1
Vision: 3
Abilities: Submerge
Submerge ability: Identical to Bury ability.

A fast air unit that has no attack but strong defence and the ability to
permanently transform into five Mechas.
Dropship stats:
Cost: 500
Mobility: 12
Defence: 10
Repair: 1
Vision: 4
Abilities: Disassemble
Disassemble ability: The Dropship transforms into five Mechas. Each Mecha will
have the same health as the dropship at the time of spawning. This
transformation is irreversible. Cooldown: N/A

The Hydromech is a light aquatic unit best suited to harassing enemy ships. They
are quick and can leap out of the water to deliver a devastating attack.
Cost: 200
Mobility: 12
Ground light attack: 8
Ground heavy attack: 4
Aerial attack: 5
Aquatic attack: 5
Defence: 7
Repair: 1
Vision: 4
Abilities: Leap attack
Leap attack ability: The Hydromech propels itself out of the water and strafes
the target, dealing double the damage it would normally deal against that
target. Also the target cannot counterattack a Leap attack. Cooldown 5 turns
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My biology lecture group had a good laugh when I showed them this thread.
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2400 years ago

A Sapian village is wiped out by bioacid attack, but the village is inland, away from Leviathan attack range. Soon afterwards large Wyrms, which have been little more than a nuisance to Sapians for the last thousand years, start appearing capable of using the same bioacid attack as the Leviathans. Around the same time, swarms of Garudas start to cooperate with Leviathans to take down Sapian ships. The Sapians fear that the Leviathans have allied with the Khraleans and somehow shared their bioacid technology.

2000 years ago

Several Sapian settlements are infected with a mysterious and highly contagious plague that slowly weakens the victims, leaving them highly vulnerable to Khralean attack. The plague appears to be spread by strange scorpion-like creatures which originate from the meteor in Khralean territory.
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Hmm ... Okay, this is my last post in the topic. Everybody listen to the fool. (irony)

The fact that you feel the need to justify your belief with empirical data shows that you are perhaps not as convinced by Creationism as you lead us to believe. A true belief does not require evidence or probability crunching to support it, only faith.

Just out of interest do you think climate change is a myth?
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I, Sid, sign this petition
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Okay, this is bent. I don't come on this forum to defend science from an assault by creationism. But I will say this.

The numbers do add up. According to the probability of life arising by chance, as calculated by people far more qualified by me to do so, there is a ten per cent probability of simple cells evolving on an Earth-similar planet. Of all these life-geneses approximately ten per cent will become complex unicellular organisms with a definite cell ultrastructure. Ten per cent of all complex cell cultures will gain sufficient cohesive ability to form multicellular organisms. Ten per cent of all planets with multicellular organisms will eventually develop intelligent life, therefore the probability of intelligent life forms evolving on an Earth-similar planet is roughly 0.01%.

Considering that, by the Drake equation, the Milky Way galaxy alone is estimated to contain 10,000,000,000 Earth-similar planets this leads us to approximately 1,000,000 planets in the galaxy that could potentially contain intelligent civilisations. Just to clarify, by intelligent I essentially mean animal. The probability of one of these civilisations evolving to have intelligence equal to or greater than humanity knocks a fairly large chunk off the estimate, and again the probability of the development of technology is fairly low.

Here is the Drake equation if you want to try it yourself:
N=Number of civilisations in the galaxy capable of space flight
S=Number of stars in the galaxy
P=Probability of a star having a stable planetary system
H=Probability of a stable planetary system containing a habitable planet
L=Probability of life evolving on a habitable planet
C=Probability of complex cells evolving on a life-supporting planet
M=Probability of complex cells forming primitive multicellular organisms
I=Probability of multicellular organisms evolving into intelligent life
T=Probability of an intelligent life form developing the technology necessary to travel to a different planet
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Philosophy, by Sid
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Experimental units. Each one can only be fielded one at a time and can make one attack per weapon per turn. Since they have multiple weapons they can attack multiple times per turn.

Sapians: Devastator Tank (cost 2000)
Description: Heavily armoured land unit with multiple weapons including short ranged cannons, anti air machine guns and long range cruise missiles.
Cannons: Range 1-2 hexes, effective vs. ground light and ground heavy, cannot hit air units.
Anti Air: Range 1-2 hexes, effective against air and ground light, no damage vs. ground heavy or aquatic.
Cruise missiles: Range 3-6 hexes, cannot target aerial units, pwn everything else
Special Ability: Toxic shell (fires a shell containing a toxic gas that spreads out in a 2-hex radius around the impact site, any Khralean units in the gas cloud lose 2 hp/turn, gas dissipates after three turns, cooldown 10 turns)

Khraleans: Ripper Swarm (cost 2000)
Description: Swarm of thousands of tiny flying insects that can spit acid, create fire blasts and strip away armour with their razor sharp claws.
Acid spit: Range 2-3 hexes, effective against ground heavy and aquatic, cannot hit aerial
Fire blast: Range 1-2 hexes, effective against ground light and aerial units, no effect against ground heavy
Claws: Range 1 hex, effective against everything
Special Ability: Frenzy attack (instantly reduces any unit's health to 1 hp, cannot use on experimental units, cooldown 10 turns)

Titans: Ravager Gunship (cost 2000)
Description: Titan aerial mothership that can support Titan planetary attacks with heavy weapons
Plasma beam cannons: Range 1 hex, supercharged version of Plasma Tank's cannon that can punch through armour very easily, effective against Ground Light, Aquatic and Ground Heavy, cannot target air units
Laser turrets: Anti air defence, range 1-2 hexes, effective against Ground Light and Aerial, weak against Ground Heavy and Aquatic
Plasma missile tubes: Range 2-4 hexes, effectivve against Ground Light, Ground Heavy and Aquatic
Special ability: Special Weapon Support (any Titan unit within a two hex radius of the Ravager with an ability cooling down will have the ability instantly cooled down and ready to use next turn, cooldown 5 turns)
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2441 years ago

A large meteor crashes into the planet, deep within Khralean territory. Very soon afterwards Sapian trade ships start to be attacked by mysterious aquatic creatures using some sort of acidic venom. Sapian commanders suspect that their sudden appearance may be connected to the meteor. A scout team sneaks past Khralean picket lines and reports that the meteor seems to be semi-organic, semi-metallic in nature and is almost certainly the source of the new bio-acid technology employed by these strange sea creatures.

2435 years ago

A Sapian scout ship finds the corpses of a large number of Garudas and Swarmers floating in the water. Autopsies on the corpses reveals that the creatures were killed by bio-acid attack, suggesting that these so-called 'Leviathans' are not allied with the Khralean.

2430 years ago

A Titan scoutship investigates the wreckage of the Predecessor ship, which has drifted to the edge of the Death Belt. It discovers that the ship was in fact crewed by the insectoid Predecessors, which resemble two-metre scorpion-like creatures. They also discover that due to four millenia living in space the Predecessor's shells have softened, making them highly fragile.
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3600 years ago

The Sapian clan Narask invents gunpowder. The Khraleans are unprepared for the sudden increase in destructive potential and are pushed back, although they are too numerous to be completely eradicated.

3400 years ago

During a major battle in the Dholen Nebula, the Enyalios Fourth Fleet ambushes a Titan convoy and manage to destroy the AI Eclipse, although losses on both sides are near total. This major setback for both sides causes the Enyalios and the remaining Titan AIs to agree to a 50 year cease fire whilst both sides rearm.
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I have to say, I'm impressed with the Enyalios ability to revert the fortunes of war with a simple hack.

4500 years ago

The Sapian clan lord Tardak-Thraka unites the warring tribes of Tardak and Altruak by single handedly slaying a Wyrm. The two tribes swiftly begin to subjugate surrounding smaller tribes.
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5905 years ago

The Titans manage to capture a major Enyalios shipyard in the asteroid belt of the Enyalios home system using Mechas equipped with short range teleports for sneak attacks. The Enyalios fleet production capability is crippled, and the Titans quickly achieve orbital dominance. However several key Enyalios bases and cities are too heavily fortified to be destroyed by orbital bombardment and Enyalios ground forces are still far superior to their Titan counterparts, in particular the Enyalios Battletank, which could shrug off most Titan weapons fire.

5903 years ago

The Titan AI Eclipse successfully miniaturises a Ravager plasma cannon and begins development of a new weapon using data gathered from captured Battletanks.
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You know what would be cool? If the Titan's creators returned. The Predecessors (see Skar's UniWar backstory thread on the general discussion forum)

It would go something like this:
Ground Light:
Warrior (Cost 100, basic ground light base capturing thingy)
Raider (Cost 200, a faster version of the Warrior with a weapon more effective against Ground Heavy)
Healer (Cost 300, x3 repair rate, Recovery pulse (Heals all friendly units by 2 points within a certain area)
Ground Heavy:
Dreadnought (Cost 450, Heavy walking tank with an enormous flamethrower to cook up enemy units, good at absorbing damage)
Groundwave (Cost 650, Artillery piece with range equal to the Walker, fires shockwaves that do heavy damage at long range)
Gunship (Cost 400, Heavily armoured but slow aircraft effective against Ground Heavy and Aquatic)
Battlecruiser (Cost 1200, Mega uber armoured sea unit that can do lots of damage in a naval engagement and can also spawn cruise missiles to bombard enemies from extreme range)

Just my thoughts
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6350 years ago

The Predecessors are pushed back to their final bastion, the fortress of Indren on the Predecessor homeworld's moon. Predecessor gunships ambush Titan's troop transports and deal severe damage to its invasion force. It soon becomes apparent that the last Predecessor fortress is virtually unassailable. Titan commits its forces to a siege that will last 150 years.

6200 years ago

Titan creates a deadly new weapon to break the siege of Indren. The weapon consists of two plasma artillery tubes on a bipedal chassis. The Walkers break the siege of Indren within three hours and the Predecessors are declared extinct by Titan. However a single Predecessor gunship launches a suicidal attack on Titan's core processors as Indren Bastion is overrun by Mechas and Walkers. Although the gunship is destroyed it manages to fire a lucky shot and damages Titan's core processor.

The Titans, having lost their command core, revert to their emergency protocols and begin a crusade to exterminate all life in the galaxy, led by the secondary AIs Kronus, Olympus and Eclipse.
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