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A group of Sapian scientists discover an unknown device of alien origin capable of supplying enormous amounts of power. They create a vehicle based around this power source capable of travelling at speeds previously thought impossible to achieve. The vehicle, called the Marauder, is a key factor in many Sapian battles but the scientists are unable to reproduce the power source.


The Marauder is destroyed at the battle of Shastina but a Sapian salvage team manage to recover the power source. A team of the greatest scientists available to the Sapians devote themselves to attempting to reproduce this power source. Meanwhile the Khraleans enjoy an enormous advantage in combat, forcing the Sapians to take refuge in the mountains where their large creatures cannot reach.
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I know it is highly unlikely that these races will be included but it's fun thinking them up
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Cruiser (800 credits): Futuristic battleship
This unit is heavily armored and deals heavy damage (18 vs aquatic?) at close range (1-2). It is fairly fast (12 mobility), but due to its lower range it usually can't attack first, relying on its armor to catch the blow.

The Aliens have been engaged in a war with the Titans for almost five thousand years and as a result have similar technology with very resilient units.

Thanks to DroidFreak and Wrath Of Sid for unit ideas
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So the Alien units would be:

Trooper (light, 100 credits): Humanoid unit with a jetpack and a gun.
Similar stats to other infantry units, but maybe less mobility on open ground due to the heavy jetpack.
Ability: Jetpack (a.k.a. Jump) - Allows the Assault trooper to jump over up to 4 hexes of terrain (like moving up to 5 hexes, except it can jump over water and difficult terrain) This ability takes the place of moving and attacking (Trooper cannot move or attack before or after Jumping) and has a cooldown of 1 turn after the turn it is used.

Medic (light, 250 credits): Humanoid unit with a jetpack.
An unarmed and lightly armored unit that has a x2 heal bonus (also heals 2 itself) and has a jetpack ability like the Trooper. These units are able to follow Troopers into difficult terrain to heal them and can quickly deploy to heal heavier units. The Medic also has a 'teleport baffle' that prevents Mechas from teleporting in next to the Medic.

Striker (heavy, 300 credits): Similar to Speeder.
A light, fast tank that can speed into enemy territory and attack enemy vehicles. It has a medium attack against all units.
Ability: Strike - Allows Striker to deal massive damage in a single attack (18-20?), but leaves Striker stunned for a few turns. This almost certainly leads to the Striker's demise, but it allows the Striker to destroy all but the heaviest units. This is how the Enyalios took down Walkers quickly.

Fighter (aerial, 400 credits): Like Garuda
A fast aerial ship that can deal significant damage to most units. Stats may be similar to Garuda.
Ability: Missile - Allows Fighter to deal a heavier attack (12?) to aerial or heavy units. This ability has a cooldown of a few turns and replaces an attack. It basically adds potential to deal more damage in the first attack of an engagement and every once in a while after that.

Battletank (heavy, 550 credits): Similar to Plasma Tank.
A slow, heavy tank similar to the Plasma Tank. It has slightly lower attack but it has heal 2.

Zapper (heavy, 650 credits): A hovering base like the Plasma Tank but instead of a turret it a bundle of over-sized antennas.
This artillery unit does not directly attack other units, it induces a lightning bolt to strike them instead (fun attack animation). It has a range of 1-4 and a heavy attack, but it has light armor and cannot counterattack. (no attack after move)
Ability: Thunderstorm - Attacks a 7 hex area with medium damage and a cooldown.
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Congratulations! You passed the Texas Test! (You fail by claiming that anthropogenic climate change is not a proven fact. If you do fail, all other points of view you may hold, correct or otherwise, are immediately discounted in an intelligent debate.)

Back to the topic at hand, it is true that time and again Creationists attempt to justify their point of view by producing scientific 'evidence' and time and again they are shot down in flames. To a scientist (me) it is deeply troubling that some people deliberately falsify evidence to support a fundamentally flawed point of view.

However, I will say this. I am incapable of understanding why some people still cling to the concept that God literally made the Earth in seven days, also why some continue to claim scientific proof that the Earth is only six thousand years old. Human civilisation has passed the point where religious organisations can directly contradict proven theories and get away with it. Whether you believe that God is behind Darwinian evolution or not is a point of personal faith, and I have no argument than those who do. Only those who attempt to force their belief on others.
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Dear developers,

Us iOS users would appreciate it if you could:
a. Release an update containing Map Editor OR:
b. Tell us when to expect an update containing Map Editor OR:
c. Tell us that you don't know how long it will be until Map Editor is released for iOS.
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It's like arguing with a rock. Although I am enjoying your attempts to claim that modern science supports intelligent design. All these things are perfectly explainable by modern science, it's just that they don't teach it until college. Ask Sid, he's a cell biologist.

But consider this. It is irrelevant how small the chance of life evolving to this level of complexity on Earth is, we live in an infinite universe where if it is possible, it will happen. Did you know that there is a miniscule percentage probability that a black hole will spontaneously create an elephant in a space suit?
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Hmm, interesting.

However, there are a couple of units that are integral to the Enyalios. These are:

Assault Troopers (perhaps give the jetpack ability to regular troopers, like Titan teleport)
One of the main elements of Enyalios tactics is that they have the ability to disable Titan teleports, so the 'Techie' should have that special ability.
Battletanks have to be battletanks - in fact, the first Plasma Tanks were reverse engineered from captured Enyalios battletanks.
Cloud Eagle - I would much rather have it as an 800 credit unit, to make up for their ground unit's weakness against Plasma Tanks (low damage from battletanks, weak artillery).
Cruiser - Supposed to be very tanky with high damage, but very short range.
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Several Sapian patrols report encounters with Khralean creatures that have developed a third eye in the centre of their heads, similar to the three eyes of the Leviathan creatures. They determine that the new third eye has been inserted into the genetic code using genetic technology the Sapians cannot understand. It quickly becomes apparent that the third eye can see into the infrared, making ambush attacks on Khralean creatures near impossible.
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So typical Sid.

@Droidfreak I believe Captain Engrish is actually claiming to contain a very small portion of your 'god', as opposed to claiming that he actually created the universe.

Which would be stupid.

Because then, instead of some dude on a cross, religious people would worship some dude with a spider on his head.

Now, just to jump into this ridiculous philosophical debate, I could turn round to Droid and tell him that the concept of God at all is ridiculous in light of modern science, so you have no right to tell talone that his belief has been disproved in the light of modern science. And seeing as my roommate is majoring in philosophy I know what I'm talking about. If you express the mass of talone as a percentage of all the mass in the universe, you're going to run out of standard form before you even approach the correct value, such is its minisculity. Even if god was as all-awesome as you religious types claim at that level he would be so diffuse that any god-like powers conveyed upon Mr. Talone here would be completely undetectable because of how thinly spread His supernatural hoodoo is.
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One of my best friends lives in Nairobi.
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Nice ideas Sid but I have a question - if one of teh ultimate units is attacked what will determine the weapon with which they counterattack?
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i trying to stay serous reading this post, not working
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An Enyalios Cloud Eagle frigate successfully manages to navigate the Death Belt and scouts a Titan planet. On its return it detects three dormant vessels in an asteroid belt and investigates. As it approaches the ships it discovers that they are a strange fusion of Titan technology and some form of biological material. Spectral analysis shows the ships to be over four thousand years old. A platoon of assault troopers deploy to one of the ships and are attacked with some form of bio-acid that eats through their armour and kills them. The Cloud Eagle opens fire on the ships and is heavily damaged by a large bio-acid attack. The mysterious ships leave the stricken Cloud Eagle behind and fly into the Death Belt. The damaged Enyalios ship manages to return to Enyalios command and reports the ships. The Enyalios seed the Death Belt with sensor probes but do not detect any evidence of these ships existing, other than the damage to their frigate.
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Thing is in the backstory the Cloud Eagle was a spacecraft that could also operate in the atmosphere and so it would be a very large unit. The Eagle is supposed to compensate for their weaker artillery and low damage battletanks, considering that they don't have a proper ground based 'linebreaker' unit. You could imagine them coming up against a wall of plasma tanks and being thoroughly shafted.
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