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Guides & Tips » Countering the Speeder/Mecha Rush » Go to message
I'm facing this one guy who only plays Titans and pretty much always does this one strategy on small to medium maps. He builds 1 or 2 speeders and moves them into my area ASAP to lift the fog. Then he builds all mechas and teleports them surrounding my bases. He'll also build and teleport an eclipse if he can. He'll do this on a map like Chato Hill where he can get 3 mechas to surround one of the side bases.

I'm struggling with a good counter to this. As Khrals, I really need to build a pincer on the surrounded base since there's no cheap ground heavy like a marauder or speeder to counter 3-4 mechas. But if he has enough mechas to surround two bases, I will never have 900 credits lying around to build 2 pincers. As Sapiens, an engineer will only reprogram 1 mecha before he can kill the engineer, so I feel like I'm trading 200 credits for 100 credits. I also have the option of a marauder or tank to beat up the mechas. If I also build something on another base to help, he'll teleport mechas or eclipses to block me.

Anyone come up with a good strategy to combat this?

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Hard to edit a map anyway on those tiny iPhone screens.
Khraleans » Khrals v Titans - What Units? » Go to message
I've been reading on here that on most maps, Khrals have the advantage vs. Titans. Granted I'm a noob, but I can't seem to win vs. saps or titans with khrals.

My basic strategy is to make underlings for the first round or two, bury most and then try to counter what the opponent makes. Get underlings to his side for surprise attacks vs. walkers or assimilators (but making sure to destroy assimilators fully). But I can't seem to counter speeders or eclipses...the speeders cover a ton of ground, will waste my underlings...I really need a pincer to beat it, but they are 200 credits more than speeders. Same with the Eclipse...it will destroy my garudas and swarmers and I need a pincer to beat it.

Do I need to bring a wyrm out early? What are the counters to speeders and eclipses?
Sapiens » Tank Air power » Go to message
  Toss wrote:But I agree that sap tank and battery should be upgraded, cuz they suck.. solo tank cant beat pinzer and a plasma, so sad.

It's also cheaper than both the pinzer and plasma.
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