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Messages posted by: oblivion42
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New Feature Request » random games fix » Go to message
Make the random game option only find a random player and random map, and then you pick the race you want for the map. I'm tired of starting a random game, finding no one, then being thrown into a game with race I either hate or is at disadvantge on map. Likewise, I hate having to pick a race before hand, and then being put on a map where my chosen race has no chance of winning, I.e., most small maps with low income vs. Saps. When I join existing games, I pick a race I know will do best on my map to best of my abbility, but I hate combing thru all games or making a game just for the simple reason of picking a map. Just give me a random place to play with random player, but I get to choose race.
New Feature Request » dream teams » Go to message
I don't like any of the races too much, just like a couple units here and there. Wouldn't it be cool if we could make our own custom race, allowed to choose one unit per cost (mecha marine or underling and the 250s) or ability (engineer assimilator or infector) or class ( ground heavy tanking units: tank plasma tank or pinzer). I realize that the garuda copter and eclipse isn't really a particular class on their own. Not sure how plague emp or UV bomb or transforming would work tho. Just a thought
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