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New Feature Request » A request for dullards like me... confirm peace acceptance? » Go to message
I notice a lot of people lately have been offering peace when they're about to lose. It's really not too cool in my opinion, because the nice guy in me wants to say sure, I accept.. But I know they're just doing it to keep from losing their own ratings and if the tables were turned I suspect they wouldn't accept peace themselves. Some of them have ratings a lot higher than their abilities would indicate so I think this little cheap trick tends to work.

I don't even care about ratings.. Actually I like my ratings lower, because I'm not ready to play people 1800+ even though I've been up near there... But this is just weaselly behavior.

Still, I kind of wish offer peace wasn't there... Either you play it out or you surrender, there should be a winner and a loser... But I know that won't happen.
General Discussion » About the Recent Unit Balancing Changes... » Go to message
No.. You can't tell by popularity alone. A race could be chosen the most because it's the easiest to use, which is certainly true in the sapiens case since they're the most straightforward. Titans have to be played carefully and defensively most of the time, which isn't appealing to many and takes time to learn, and with khraleans you have to learn to rotate the units and use buried underlings and gang-up bonuses. Sapiens take some strategy too especially when you and the opponent are both more experienced but from the beginning they're the easiest to just churn out units and bash the other guy.

Plus lots of people, given the choice of human, bug or robot, are going to play the human. That's just preference, it doesn't mean the balance is out of whack.
General Discussion » Recent Game adjustments » Go to message
Yes but they only get that attack once (when resurfacing), they have to position themselves to use it (and it takes a turn to bury them), and they can't attack air units. They're also the weakest defensively so it's easier to kill them when capturing a base.. As opposed to a mecha which can stand up to much more. I'd say they're more than fair,
New Feature Request » Deliver Plague / Infect.... I'm confused! » Go to message
What does plague do again? I always ignore it and can't say it's given me much of a disadvantage at all.
New Feature Request » Skipping a player to win points (first turn). » Go to message
Yes... But that doesn't mean people like it, either. You should also consider that this is a small community so the voices on the forums might mean a little more than on a major game.

When someone drops out of a 1-day game you have to skip them three times (meaning, it takes three days)

When you have five games where people have dropped out it's a real hassle (since it takes a good minute or two to get through all the options) and it takes up slots that could go to games where the other person is actually playing.

I don't play 3 minute games but there's been some varying reports of funny business abusing the skip turns as well.

It's not a dealbreaking problem and if this is the way it was from the beginning I'd probably just be inclined to accept it as yet another poor UI choice from an iPhone game. Not like it's the first. But it was an update and a supposed improvement to "fix" something that wasn't a problem and actually makes the game experience a little worse in my opinion. That's why it's so maddening to me. Can't speak for anyone else of course but I had to respond to you implying that the vast majority likes the feature.

I just surrender instead of skipping because it's much easier. But I don't mind losing ratings. If that's something you care about I can see where it's a problem. I would suggest it's something that should be looked at. Perhaps one mandatory skip before being able to kick is enough because three really seems like overkill.
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