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General Discussion » Armor piercing » Go to message
Can someone please explain how this new feature works? I see the stats on each unit, but without knowing the math, the numbers don't mean anything.
New Feature Request » Choose the best name for the new amphibian unit? » Go to message
Also voting for skimmer.
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message
I'll take 400uc (I want in!)
New Feature Request » End turn button » Go to message
Please bring back the "end turn" button. The "end turn, go to next game" button is fine, but there are many times I don't want this to happen. Specifically annoying when trying to play a 3 min game and I have to go to main menu then back to the game every turn.
General Discussion » I give up... How do I capture a city? » Go to message
Cities can not be captured. You will receive the credits for a city at the beginning of your turn with ANY unit on the tile.
Bug Reports » Browse maps » Go to message
All I want to be able to do is view ALL maps of any size. Guessing on a map size to find the one you are looking for but can't remember the name is really dumb. Show me ALL 4 player maps... not just the medium 4 player maps
New Feature Request » 72h turn ranked team matches » Go to message
This is not possible in addition to what we already have? We can't have a 24h and a 72h ladder? Players can join whatever suits them...
New Feature Request » Balance issue for tournament re: number of bases captured. » Go to message
I believe the stat should just be number of bases owned. That eliminates all the issues. Units owned is another interesting comment, but sort of a side issue to me. The base stat is fuzzy math and that bothers me.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.65, 1.9.74 Maintenance releases » Go to message
Version .71 release notes? Public or beta? Is the war report stat showing bases captured supposed to count only neutral bases? Or total bases captured? Or total owned? Not sure if the stat is correct or if I don't understand what it is counting. Keep up the good work!
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.64 Maintenance release (BETA on Google Play) » Go to message
Kill / death stats seem to be incorrect during turn then fixes itself after ending turn. V1.9.64
User Generated Maps » Map contest - Finals » Go to message
We each picked our top 3 maps without discussion between each other.

3 votes each, 3 judges... here are the 9 total votes
Map AA 2
Yin Yang 2
Mad Crash 3
Mask 1
Khralean Standoff 1

Our picks were all similar enough that we went with the top 3 overall without much more to it. The next one could be done a tad differently, but I feel it went fairly well. Thanks for everyone's participation in this! Looks like we have an unofficial winner... Poll is set for a week long.
General Discussion » Improved Wikia articles » Go to message
  Lunatyk wrote:Thank you all for your hard work. It's very useful for beginners like me.
The underling page doesn't have the unbury bonus, can someone add it please?

The pinzer have 3 attack vs aerial units. But in this page, there it's attack strengh is only 1 against them:

Can someone correct it please?

Unsure on underling. Will update when I find out. Good catch on pinzer... updated
User Generated Maps » Map contest - Finals » Go to message
  mistercreepy wrote:The election is rigged where's infinite coin throw crooked Sims in jail

We will have an internal investigation into this matter.
User Generated Maps » Map contest - Finals » Go to message
Here are the top 3 maps chosen by the judges. Now it's up to the community to decide a winner of the first map contest!

Yin and Yang

Mad Crash

Map AA
User Generated Maps » Map contest » Go to message
Thanks for all the submissions!!! We have now reached the deadline and judges do their judging...
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