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Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
Kralux beat opportunity 4 to 0. I can send the details of needed but this should be sufficient. Thank you Talone.
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  Solitary wrote: Is there a way of adding a rule against rating inflation by abusing the quitting within 3 rounds rule? I've missed out on quite a lot of points in rated games where people start off a game with some trappy but unsound opening, then quit if I don't fall for it.

It's pretty annoying to have someone quit a lost game and not lose any rating points over it xD.

Solitary, that is probably one of the stat we should add to each players so that you can check out the "defection rate" of a player before starting a game with him. This way, players with lack of fair play will be avoided by the community.
Thank you for this good comment.

What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message

Thanks a lot for your detailed analysis! Much appreciated.
After chatting with the team members and based on your input, we may not make much change if any at all...
We are still playing and analyzing a few matches internally to come to a conclusion.
We'll keep you posted if we decide to make any changes.

Thanks again,

The UniWar Team
What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
Here is a proposal for a new patch to better balance the races.

The goal is to better balance Titans with Khraleans when Khraleans make overwhelming use of burried underlings.

1. Increase Cyberunderling stats to make them more useful after their capture. Note that they are typically already very weak by the time they are being captured since they have already attacked another unit.
Ground Light ATK: up from 7 to 8
Aerial ATK: up from 2 to 5
Aquatic ATK: up from 2 to 5
Defense: up from 6 to 8

2. Decrease Burried Underling Resurface Attack bonus by 1 pt from 6 to 5.

3. Increase Assimilator Stats:
Increase Self-Repair from 1 to 2.
Increase Assimilator Defense Strength from 0 to 1.
Decrease the UV cooldown from 11 to 10.

This should improve the game balance even further.
Let us know if you disagree.

The UniWar Team
General Discussion » Code of Conduct » Go to message
Here is a basic code of conduct. Feel free to comment and we will add clauses that make sense.

1. A player shall never insult another player or write profanities or inappropriate language in the chat rooms.

2. It is totally unacceptable to enter a RATED game with two accounts controlled by the same person.

3. In FFA, players are not allowed to enter a game with the goal of colluding against others. That should be done in team matches. However, after the game has started, new alliances that were not pre-planned are acceptable.

Any player found to have broken any of these rules will be subject to a perma ban (permanently banned from the game with no refund).

The UniWar Team
New Feature Request » Retain Game Records on Web » Go to message
Solitary, this is an option that we will add to the game.
We are already storing all the games in memory on the server and replays will be possible at some point.
New Feature Request » Scamble should be taken off the map list. » Go to message
I would agree that "Scramble" is a gotcha map that is flawed...
What about we remove it in a future update?

Whomever is against it, please come forward with a good argument otherwise it will be deleted in the future.
General Discussion » Should the damage formula be a secret? » Go to message
The second attack should get the +3 gang-up bonus i think...
General Discussion » UniWar on the PC? » Go to message
A Facebook (basically Web) version will be coming in the future.
In the mean time, there will be a big update for Android to bring it to the same level of quality as the iPhone (or close to). It will also have some additional features that we will also add to the iPhone version.
For instance: flags to represent the player's country (it is always fun to know that you are playing someone on the other side of the planet), level editor, improved UI for the game selection, ...
Technical Support Questions » Uniwar no longer on Android? » Go to message
An updated Android version of UniWar will be out sometimes this summer. It will greatly improve the game for that platform and will be compatible with more phones and newer OS versions.
Stay tuned.

The UniWar Team
General Discussion » Bots not accepting games? » Go to message
The BOTS are now fixed.
The bot server had some hardware issues and had to be fully reinstalled.
Sorry for this interruption. Bot are now back to life.

The UniWar Team
General Discussion » Android Users » Go to message
A new Android version, well revamped, will make it out this summer and will have all the latest bells and whistles...

General Discussion » What's wrong with the bots? » Go to message
Some bots are currently inactive (dormant) unfortunately. It will get resolved in the next few days.

The UniWar Team
New Feature Request » Easier way to select maps » Go to message
It will be. Guaranteed.

The UniWar Team
General Discussion » Email spam » Go to message
RyanB, what kind of spam are you talking about?

The UniWar Team
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