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Guides & Tips » How to beat Mission 7 » Go to message
  Chifilo wrote: can someone put a step-by-step walkthrough for mission 7!? I tryed doing what some people suggested but its not working for me... at all, by round 11 they took the base on the right side...

Round eleven?!?!?!? jesus man. Ah well.

While i'm far too lazy to make a step by step walkthrough, just make a chopper fast, use it defensively (retreat to the healing base a lot) and spam marines into the mountains. Never attack the garudas with the chopper, only swarmers. If there are no swarmers, attack the infantry. If no infantry, heal.

Oh, and don't forget to send one marine over to the right to block the two infantry coming from there. Don't attack, just heal.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Forum problems » Go to message
And IE. And all my other obscure browsers. It's the site, not the browser.

Dunno what the issue it. I've used/seen this version of php before, didn't have this issue.
Tournaments » First ever tournament on Uniwar » Go to message
  rebelxt wrote: RaitzeR, please clarify if tournament games will be rated or not.

Also, are you still planning to use a 3-min timer? A few people posted on your site that this would not work for them.

Meh. He can't force us to do anything. It's likely it will be used by many, but i know i'm probably going to put 12 hour for mine, and rated. (i'd put unrated if i cared for points, but i don't).
New Feature Request » A Fourth Faction/More Campaign Levels » Go to message
No. Under no circumstances should a fourth faction be brought in.

While on the surface, it seems good, right?

But consider it from a balancer's perspective. How they managed to get three factions so well balanced is incredible, but believeable. Think about it. How many pairing-ups is that? Six (make a triangle with three points, one for each faction, the lines connecting them is one pairing, and then each vs itself) for 2v2, two (ish) for three way, and four way adds no more pairings.

Now try that with 4 factions. Oh. Yeah. Make a square with four points. You've got, six for non-civil war games, and four more for civil war games. Then in three way you've got, about 4 new ones, and four way adds two.

For an example, let's look at a game like Supreme Commander. Heard of it? Yeah, neither has most of the world. You know why? Because they added a fourth faction. (well, also because it took some actual brainpower to play, unlike starcraft, but that was because of this) Until the fourth faction, they could keep it balanced. They had a rather awesome game. And then it went downhill.

No fourth faction. Ever.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Are you all kidding me? The garuda has the same attack v air as the heli, with only 28% less def. While costing a lot less. With a well played swarmer backup, and a infector rotation (if you're lucky, infection as well, though often infectors get killed before getting close enough) garudas are gods. Oh, and gang-up bonus. Just watch out for marines in mountains.
Sapiens » A basic Sapiens unit guide » Go to message
Okay, i wasn't going to make one of these, but seeing as there isn't a good one out yet, i'll just put my version of one up. This is only a basic guide; i'm a bit paranoid, so i'm not going to tell you all my little tricks with these units quite yet. As i learn to like you all a bit more i might add a bit more to it. (or if i see others posting stuff, i'll add that too)

The Marine: Your basic unit. Any assault needs one, because unless you can capture their bases you attack, there's no point. Good for cannon fodder. Has air attack, but weak. Best used in mountains or forests, where it gets high terrain bonuses. (like all infantry)

The Engineer: Your engineer. This unit is built for use against the titans. It can capture mechas (titan infantry) but not underlings. Has an EMP ability that shuts down all titan units (for gameplay reasons, only and all titan units are effected) for two turns. While it can capture bases, that should be its last duty.

The Marauder: Your light ground heavy. Though it only has a repair of 1, it has two 'turns' within your turn. Basically, it can move, move/attack, or repair twice per turn. God-like against infantry, it can kill any infantry in one turn (two attacks) (if both on plains). Good as cannon fodder if you need to cover a retreat, also great for closing on artillery.

The Tank: This is, well, your tank. Though not as good as other factions', it costs less and has a decent repair rate. Very good with engineers right behind, especially against titans, where you can also utilize the EMP. Be careful against other sapiens and khralies, as it has no air attack.

The Helicopter: The only air unit of sapiens. Before the recent (as of this post) nerf of it, it was an extremely powerful unit; while many still argue that it is over powered, it is not as good as before. With a very high ground light attack (12, down from 13) it can slaughter infantry, and one-hit engineers on most terrain. Though the ground heavy attack isn't great, it's something, and the air to air is also pretty good. Use the move after attack power to take a base only guarded by an infantry, or to hit one target with many units.

The Battery: Your artillery. With a range of 3-4 and a weak defense, you'll have to keep the enemy away from it, but not too far away. As it cannot fire after moving, you'll have to sacrifice a turn in order to let your base make more units. Great for backing up tank walls.
Sapiens » my way of the sapiens <xavier2free> » Go to message
Nice try xavier.

First off, you better be at least a few times better at tactics than your grammar. Second, there is no need to use caps lock. We have [b] codes for a reason. And third... well, see my version of this thread on what i think of your descriptions.
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
I actually love titans because of the plasma tank. It can take so much, enough to make them at least use all their turns without getting on top of my base (or heaven forbid, capturing it) so i can put down another one the next turn.

Because of their extremely high defense and attack, your best bet is to use marauders to attack them from behind, then use the gang up bonus with the tanks from the front. If they have walkers, marauders can usually slip through. EMP is your friend. The infantry ideas are great, but they won't help you much after you do kill that walker. Also, use the helis move after attack to close the distance with a walker.
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