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LOL You could try asking for peace and explaining why.

But why not try to improve your Kral play, learn to be decent with all three races. Thats the best way to getting better.
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So heres something else I've been considering lately. I've seen parts of it discussed on here in the past.

Naval Warfare.

Adding on to naval warfare. Right now I find naval warfare to be boring. To the point that I dont play navy only maps and I try to keep harbors on my maps to a minimum.

Each race clearly needs at least one more naval vessel if not more, and more sea tiles do need added. If done right naval warfare could be just as interesting as ground warfare.

Tiles like choppy water would slow units down. There could be a water tile showing rocks sticking up that only the small naval vessels could cross through. There could be waters so rough that only the largest could pass through(or two largest if there were 3 each).
Another tile that I'd really like to see added would be a Bridge tile, or shallow water. Something like a Harbor that both land and navy vessels can cross. Right now you need a Harbor to accomplish that but you might not want a Harbor to be accessible on that place in the map.

As far as added units. I feel the Titans should have an effective small ship. Something affordable with alot of movement. Maybe even a Speeder on water with a hit and run, or Eclipse with the range. Having alot of unit would help them make up for the fact that they have no flight, and allow them to get a wall out in front of the Hydronauts which cant defend at point blank range.

The second Sapien ship should be less effective somehow, since the Destroyer owns. Maybe a Submarine like people have suggested, though its method of attack would have to be worked out. If not maybe thier second vessel should be low on the movement end.

The Kraleans ship now is pretty basic. Maybe its second vessel could have alot of hit points but low attack, or be weaker but with longer range. They already have Garudas that they can use as thier fast vessels.

To sum this up:
Added Tiles needed, Bridge Tile Please.
Added Naval Vessels needed. Titans unit fast/versatile, Sapiens unit less effective.
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Join the game, then immediatly hit the "Abandon" button.
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Seems to be the standard that when no one is available at that moment it will start a game when they become available. Why its always a random race that time around I dont know.
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Seems to have worked itself out, problem lasted a few days for me. I'm assuming they fixed it.
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Got to be playing on Droid first, not available on Iphone right now.
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Great app!
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RANDOM FFA Pool for Large Games
So this first idea was actually thought up by the user Cramergolfer who I play with.

He suggested that just like you can join a random 1v1 game that maybe there could be a pool for people wanting to play Random ranked FFA games. The first 6 or 8 players to join would get thrown into a rated map.
I thought that was a good idea as it would offset the problem of people teaming up in FFA games. Unless you happen to know alot of other players its hard to find a situation where you dont have to worry about that.

These next two are minor ideas of mine.

Does anyone think it would be a good idea to have a "Notepad" in 1v1 games?
Just like in team games where you have "Team" and "Global" Chat you would have "Global" and "Notepad". It would only be readable by yourself of course, and would be a place to keep notes on what your planning to do, and keep track of your opponents expenditures if your into that.

Next up:

This I think is very minor and could be done either way, it would REALLY be neccessary if we added a notepad.
Label the two Chats so that you know while your typing if your in Team or Global before you submit. Its not hard to start typing in the wrong one accidently. Even though its usually a funny Ooops moment it could also ruin a team game. lol

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Along with discussions of range and such to bring the battery up to the other units abilities.
Has anyone considered just giving the Battery the highest defense rating of any artillery unit??

Wouldnt change the fact that it has the lowest range but if it was more durable it would sort of make up for the fact that a Walker can outshoot it and allow it to continue hampering Plasma walls, while healing less often and surviving Walker attacks longer. Currently the Walkers defense is 5 and the Battery/Wyrms are at 4. If the Battery was at 6 would that help balance Titan/Sapien battles without throwing Kral/Sapien battles off too much?
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Its under Headquarters: My Account
Click the slider for email notifications.
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Dont believe you can rename maps. Airtillery is a better pun I suppose, but thats up to the creator of the map to come up with.
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well do you have an iphone? because i believe they still dont have map editing in thier updates
so that woudl be why. lol
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  droidfreak36 wrote:
  youownme wrote: The other player could just surrender and would essentially be a 2v1.

No, it's essentially a 2v1 if your teammate surrenders and leaves you on your own against two enemies. That's what substitution turns or units split between remaining players are for, they try to keep it fair for the remaining player by letting them play for their teammate.

2v1 or not if you have equal money with the opposing team whats the difference?

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Also could it be possible to somehow remove the units of an ally whos quit?
Meaning if a teammate bails early, or is booted. This can be a pain sometimes as thier remaining units can be sitting on thier bases, preventing you from capturing them to make up the credit difference. Or thier remaining units can be sitting on a heal spot or in an important strategic position.

Being able to remove thier peices, or even just being able to shoot them would give you a chance to cap thier bases rather than hoping the enemy destroys those units then trying to beat them to the capture.

Not a big issue by any means but maybe something thatd be worth rolling in with other team changes.
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And now that you know what they are its time to break out some Minesweeper skills to figure out where all the ninjas are.
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