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Vincent is our champion. wohoo for vincent. bad times for me.

Thanks for the gg vincent. A well deserved victory

and thanks all for playing and to any followers keeping track. now to tournament 4
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tournament is underway and i would guess people are at around rounds 5 to 10 in there opening games i will post more info when i know more. the map we played was desert fox nd with black khalr v red sap
Tournaments » dan1 Tourney 3 » Go to message
thank you for all players for playing the final is about to start between myself and vincent. i will post the winner here soon. thanks for looking
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commuication games are just being set up. so at a guess the tournament will start now within 10days

and i have talked with j.c to express my disappointment. i to had the same idea of involving j.c in the qualifier with olle once starryblink backed out but i had the thought to late and had alrdy told olle he may enter as player 16.

but as suggested i will have j.c macth up with someone in a future tournament to try gain a place.

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Just an update. i listed juice twice above. so that made 14 players. wolfcat has joined to make 15 players

For the last space there is going to be a a 2 player playoff between olle who requested to play on the furom and starryblink who was past on from another player. they are both lower rated player but ones that play a lot of unrated. i will keep people posted on how this goes

also maps this time will only be announced round by round so people can not over play them. so everybody will find out the map choice for map1 on the day we start.

Also thanks to talone for adding this to runiwar. bringing in player olle and hopefully other russian players in the future
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Hi to any current followers of my tournaments and anybody that is just finding it for the first time.

This is Tournament 4 and the rules are as follows

-16 players will compete and it is a knockout tournament.Players are drawn at random to find out who will play who
-The maps involved will be preset. Usually new maps that no one has had chance to practice on including myself.
-Races are chosen at random for all maps before the tournament has started.
-each match up consists of 2 games. both players will have the chance to play as player 1. Both games play at the same time. The winner is the player who can win both games or the player to defeat there opponent in less rounds. In the case that both players defeat each other in the exact same amount of rounds the result will go to kill loss.

Please view here for old tournament reults and an idea of how it works. It has evolved over time so tournament 3 structure will be more relevant


Current players for tournament 4 are as follows

Vogon Jeltz
Tru ppo
Alv y14
Waxo id

Any Questions Please ask if not there will be an update in a few weeks once other tournament is nearing its end
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just to update anybody following. the semi finals are under way only 6 or 7 rounds in as yet

dan1 v jb
vogon jeltz v vincent

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im sue there will be a 4th. and to update on this one. the 2nd round is under way most on round 5 or 6. apart from me and tuberao are finished. i advance to the next round and im sure the sheet will be updated when more people go through. thanks for looking
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Hi all. whilst playing uniwar i have come across many chats about team gang up bonus. i never used to believe it existed. but now i do. but there is a bit of a trick to it. for it to work you have to press the replay button before you attack. you dont have to watch the replay. you may skip it once it is playing.

I know this sounds a bit far fetched. but i have used it now 5 or 6 times all resulting in massive hits. so now felt i had enough prove in my mind to bring it forward.

Also your team mate does not have to act directly before you.

example. blue (teammate) hits tank last
red (enemy) takes his turn
yellow (me) hits tank i still receives gang up bonus.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

I hope this is a help to everyone cant wait for your feedback
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Okay The final is over and our new winner is Aegis.

Congrats on defeating vincent in the final

I look forward to seeing if you will now both meet in the quater final of the new tournament for a rematch

thank you all for playing

And well played again to Aegis
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Glad you like the new addition i also agree we need something for a resign as it can be deceiving. we can tweak this sort of info as we go
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For anybody watching if you click in the link you will see half the first round is finished

through are sims (beating Isamael)
tuberao (beating variant 4)
vincent (beating you own me)
Kaunren (beating Rainbow)

most games show the amoutn of rounds taken to beat there opponent

I will post again after the first round now happy viewing
Tournaments » dan1 Tourney 3 » Go to message
if like me your a bit slow you will find the tabs at the bottom to flick through the sheets
Tournaments » dan1 Tourney 3 » Go to message
Welcome to everyone that has been following the tournaments that i have been running with the help of simsverd. Our second tournament is near its conclusion and the third one is near ready to start.

there is a slight change to the set up.

race selection is now fixed for each map. We chose the maps and we now have chosen the races played on the map. they were drawn at random.

now everyone will be playing the exact same set up. This has been done mainly for time and ease so every round can flow straight in to the next. Also players can now list the how many rounds the games were so everyone can compare them to the other matches. this could bring more chat opportunities on how quick or long a certain game was.

So to clarify all 16 matches in the first round will be exactly the same. hopefully the sheet that sims will post soon will clarify what i am trying to say.

Good look to all involved and any comments are welcome.
Tournaments » dan1's tourney number 2 » Go to message
Yes final is soon to start and a new 3rd tourney is in the final stages rdy to start please find the new furom post for more on this. good luck in the final aegis and vincent
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