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Sapiens » Helicopter video tutorial! » Go to message
Watch how to use helicopters (with english subtitles):


You will learn about special ability move after attack, about attacking with helicopters and how to defend them.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:the only thing I worry is that swarmers are so weak from everything, bring back the 5 defense strength

If swarmer is so weak show me game where Khral wins game without swarmers.
General Discussion » Infectors too strong v Saps » Go to message
buy engineer to heal poisoned units.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Option 1:
Swarmer +1 G.H & + 1 G.L - I would like only +1 GL.
Eclipse +1 air or + 1 Def - Eclipse need a little buff. I +1 Air or +1 Def or +2 mobility.
Wyrm +1 air - Sounds ok but it's minor
Pinzer +1 air - OK

Option 2 (smaller update):
Pick 2:
Swarmer +1 G.L - ONE
Pinzer +1 air - TWO
Wyrm +1 air - no

Option 3 (this idea is based on the idea that secondary units are over used):
Marauder -1 G.L - Marauder is most powerfull unit it need some nerf! -1 GL seems the best solution - better S vs S games, better S vs K games. S vs T a little worse but with speeder change it would be ok.
Speeder -1 G.L. or -1 air - speeder the second best unit also need nerf. I would rather see -1 air, you should test this before providing changes
Swarmer +1 G.L. - OK

Option 4:
Marine -1 air - I don't like this idea. Marines are balanced, they don't have special powers, and biggest problem in S vs K and S vs S games are marauders and helicopters.

Option 5:
Helicopter - 1 G.H - It would make S vs T much worse. Bad idea.
Battery + 1 G.H - I's ok, but still I would rather see -1(or -2) GL and 50 credits cheaper.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.8.69 available in Google Play & Amazon, Submitted to Apple » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote:Please don't reduce the visions of all units.
Doing that is like forcing players to buy a turn reset for a vision.
Just blind the mecha/eclipse during teleport is enough.

Blinding mecha and eclipse? I doesn't make sense. It's one of titan special powers so taking away their special ability (also for scouting) will make them weaker.
Marauder can move 8 hexes + 6 hex vision so he is much better in scouting.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
1) we can't bring swarmer back because he was to powerfull. Reducing his defence was good but reducing GH was too much! He should get GL instead or bring back GH (I would preffer GL because it would less affect KvsT).
As an example my video showing what swarmers before balance could do to titans and plasmas:

2) Pinzer - most players in tournemnt games Sap vs Khr build pinzer to play on time waste as they now that Sap will win so it is important to survive longer. Pinzers would be a little bit more usefull if they could deal more damage to helicopter, garuda and swarmer. So air +1 would be great solution.

3) wyrm GH is OK. Don't change it. But air +1 might be goodcto help against sap and i KvsK.

4) Marauder is still the most powerfull unit in UniWar. For better balance Sap vs Khr I suggest reduce his air-1 or GL -1 so one marauder wouldn't be able to kill capturing unit in one round.

5) speeder spam - look on tit vs tit tournament final - 80% is speeder only fight. Also in any other game with Khr and Sap speeders are most important and most powerfull unit in titan arsenal. I suggest at least reduce his air -1 so it would help with sapiens (helicopters would be a little bit better) and against khrals. Also eclipse should be little bit better because now no one is using it against khral or Sapiens.

6) I didn't see battery that used in Sap vs Tit (at least where battery is good help for sapien). Do you? I couldn't find any game from last tournaments games where battery was well used and helped sapien to win. You know why? Because it is to expensive. It could get worst statistics but it must be cheaper.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.8.67 available in Google Play & Amazon » Go to message
Xavi I updated but I don't see any improvements in warreport in team games.
Still players don't have their rankings only team ranking (in tournament games).
Still base capture counter exists only for my team.
Tournaments » Team tournaments - 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:
Question: What's wrong with 50% in 1v1? Someone is gonna end up going first, it might as well be player 1... Some of them maps give player 1 zero credits and player 2 starts out with 400 credits from bases. It just means effectively that player 2 is now player 1. It isn't broken or anything, it just another thing to think about?

In team games moving order is better for team2, so blue player need some more credits to survive.
In 1 vs 1 first player have obvious advantage but it depends on map desing like starting credtis and bases.
You say some maps start with 0 credits, but some other start with 400 and only one base (50 credits per base) with few bases for early capture - no difference in credits for player one and two.
Khraleans » New KvK Meta » Go to message
  Kroeger wrote:With the swarmer nerf and the pinzer buff, a new meta should form in KvK match ups. Please comment here with what you find works best.

Khral vs Khral - In new meta there are more garudas, still no pinzers, no underlings, rarely wyrms.
Pinzer need +1 air
When pinzers would enter these matchups wyrms would be more often purchased.

Khrals vs Sapiens - Khrals are losing with sapiens much often! It's very bad balance.
Pinzer need +1 air
Swarmer need +1/+2 GL (vs marines) or +1 GH (vs marauders)

Khrals vs Titan - Titan is wining because of speeders on most maps (check latest Championship results). Garudas are still very bad against titans.
Swarmer need +1/+2 GL (vs mechas and assimilators) or +1 GH (vs speeders)
Wyrm need +1 GH
Eclipse +1 healing
Speeder -1 Air (titans have eclipse as anti-air unit but all good players vs swarmers are buying speeders!!)

Sapien vs Sapiens - still the same mara+heli spam with some marines, no tanks, no batteries.
Solution- It's good games, but if you want to use more units:
tank will have to get +1 air, and battery should be cheaper (with some attack statistics lowered)

Sapien vs Titans - it's a little better balanced but stil sapiens are losing with titans. Still eclipses are rarely used.
Walker -1 GL (can't kill engineer in 1 shot)
Speeder -1 Air
Eclipse +1 healing

Titan vs Titan - this matchup is ok. At least in my opinion. No one is buying eclipse but it's obvious and there is nothing we can do (unless eclipse could fly .
Tournaments » Team tournaments - 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 » Go to message
  xavi wrote:I heard several discussions issues related to racing to capture the neutral bases (disadvantages of Titans and so on...). We are actually considering the 2 following proposals in the very near future:
- Maps with neutral bases can not be used for tournaments.
- 1st player will receive 50% of his base credits instead of nothing.

- Without neutral bases games would be boring.
- 1st player 50% credits is ok but only in team games.
New Feature Request » Accidental moving of pieces while scrolling around. » Go to message
Hi! You can buy undo button or try this:
General Discussion » How to watch replay (video tutorial) » Go to message
Tutorial showing how to watch replay of your, other players and tournament game (with English subtitles):

If you have any questions fell free to comment.
Ogólna dyskusja » Polish players » Go to message
Prezentacja wszystkich jednostek Sapiens, wraz z przykładami ich efektywnego wykorzystania:
Ogólna dyskusja » Polish players » Go to message
Polecam zapoznac sie z najwazniejszym trickiem w grze:
Ogólna dyskusja » Polska Liga UniWar / Polish League » Go to message
Liga ruszyla. Wyniki oraz tabele mozna sledzic w google docs:
Polska Liga UniWar

Jesli chcesz dolaczyc do Ligi to nie ma problemu. Dopiszemy Cie do aktualnego sezonu
Zgloszenia przyjmujemy tutaj na forum, na polskim chat, albo w grze.
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