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General Discussion » Great disrespect calls for even greater tolerance. » Go to message
  Apercent wrote:
  cmbaptist wrote:C'mon apercent that's a weak argument.

I give you that

OK, so is not saying Hitler going to make him dissapear or something? We need to stop pretending the Holocaust didn't happen, this not going to make it go away.

And the peopel that survived it are in their 90s. They aren't even playing this game, most likely. At this point, ww2 IS history.

You have a lot of what you are saying as wrong. First of all, I want to say that I am Jewish, and as Jewish as they get, and a semi-religious, but not off the deep end Jew. I am not the son or grandson of any holocaust survivors. But I have friends in my community, in NYC, who are. Just because Holocaust survivors don't play doesn't mean there children or grandchildren don't. This game is supposed to be a WAR game, but also a friendly war game.

Unfortunately World War II is NOT history yet. I even had a discussion with my father about it, and I said how it is just amazing how it's 70 years later and we are still talking about WW II.

I still disagree with my friend to this day when he refuses to drive a German car, such as a BMW, because I've said that WW II, is over. But I realize in his eyes it's still not over. I drive German cars, because in my eyes it is over. The most influential person in the world (in a bad way), Hitler, will never go away in the history books.

Lastly I want to add in that I am on a 2s team that I named The Death Threats. This to me is as far as I think that I can go without really being so offensive. But Uniwar is still just a game.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
  Kroeger wrote:I also like 1&2 while disliking/fearing 3

What do you mean?
Bug Reports » Veterancy Bonus bug » Go to message
I had a marauder in a game I played that had 2 levels of veterancy, bringing it to 12 hp. However, later in the game the 12 hp it had was gone. It went back to normal. I saved the game in my archived games. It was an SvK game where I was S.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
These maps are added:

Gruntv2 (see my replay)
Tunguska Lake

The map Gruntv2 I have played several times and I never ever found it to be unfair. I finally saw it unfair. In KvS, K can capture the two middle bases on the first turn. as S, I was able to kill one of the Underlings, but even so, how could I capture the base? It wasn't possible!!!
General Discussion » New Rated Map system suggestions » Go to message
  atest wrote:I agree that KvS is different from SvK.... but I don't understand how a map can be balanced for KvS and not for SvK

I think a that there should be 6 different "badges" a map could get for the 6 different combinations, so a map could for example get the KvS and the SvS map meaning it is rated for thouse match ups and unrated for all others.

I do however agree that there should be a sufficient amount of votes from both SvK and KvS as humans prone to blame losses on maps and victories on their own skill

I would however prefere to use the accuall win/loss ratio of the map or update the ELO formular so winning on an unfair map gives more points and loosing on on an unfair map looses you less (See http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2272.page)

I think maps should be rated only for certain matchups, maybe it is fair for KvS, but not equal for SvT. This idea isn't so bad.
General Discussion » Application for team _____Ski ! YOU could be _____!! » Go to message
1. Puppies or kittens.

2. Earth or Talone.

3. Square root of 30. God help me if you cheat. Pencil and paper is fine but I will kill a dolphin for each one of you that uses a calculator.
I am a mathematical genius. I can calculate this within reason in about 20 seconds. The answer is about 5.476 or 5.477
5.5^2 is 30.25. 5.4^2 is 29.16. So Then add in about .75

4. Favorite Uniwar map.
Hard to pick, but I would say Cash, or Chato Hill.

5. Favorite Uniwar race.

6. Favorite color.

7. Favorite food.

8. Colossals? Yay or nay?

9. Best TV show ever?
I would say LOST.

10. Make your own question.
Playing as S in SvT, you see your opponent get his second unit on the map as a plasma tank. Do you get a Battery or go with a Tank?

And please provide your closing argument below.

Khraleans » Wyrm spam advantage - especially KvT » Go to message
The Wyrm has two distinct advantages over the Walker and Battery.
A) Attack AFTER moving - 2 spaces
B) Minimum attack range of 1 - allowing it to attack units that attack it such as marauders, Speeders, Marines, Eclipse, Helicopters, etc from short range. The Wyrm can attack any unit that attacks it directly with the exception of Walkers and maybe Battery's, depending on the distance they are from the Wyrm. Batteries and Walkers minimum attack range is 2 and 3.

I am currently playing a game as K in KvT of Deadmonk. And the Wyrm's advantages are so good, that I went straight to a Wyrm as early as I could. You don't necessarily need to use a Pinzer to tank to be able to use them effectively, but still having one is good. You can protect them with just an underling or Swarmer in front. But even being unprotected is not so bad.

If you have them unprotected from Speeders the big advantage you have is using that short range. When a Wyrm is attacked from short range it still attacks the attacking Speeder.

With this all in mind, K can use the Wyrm so effectively. Against enemy Plasma Tanks, and almost any other unit.

If you can protect it with just an underling or Swarmer, you could be on your way.

If the map is big, has a lot of credits and units, sure you should definitely have Pinzers in front to tank for more protection. With swarmers and underlings the protection won't be enough because in 2 hits your unit could die.

Having said all of this, I am going to see if I can archive the replay of the game I am currently playing.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:ok question, how is CapturingTheStorm unfair? Tho I can tell on Scramble (no only forest edge and a pair of swamps in the center, and also good for symmetrical battles) and findx2 (+ to Khrals, - for Titans, only good for symmetrial battles) idk about GoonieWarz tho, and what Pond are you taking about? Any interacial handicapped maps are only fair for symmetrical battles (SvS, KvK, TvT). Also, consider HavocPit, it may be disadvsntaged against Titans.

For Scramble - please look at my saved replay in archived games.

For Pond, K clearly has a starting advantage. Underlings can cap a base on the first turn while both other races cannot.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
Another map is Scramble

Please see my replay that is archived - "Random-231478"
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
The problem for Sapiens is that when they face Titans, they have to get to Titans fast and don't let them get a walker. Once they have a walker you are almost always dominated. I've had a lot of difficulty winning as SvT. The walker range is just too deadly. You can only get a battery to kill a plasma. Otherwise a battery is not much use for S.
Sapiens » new strategies for combating the krals » Go to message
Playing as Sapiens, I have pretty much solved Khr almost perfectly. in my last 20-30 games as S in SvK I hardly ever lose. I would say I win this matchup 95% of the time.

Assuming that the opponent gets Garuda and Swarmers then The strategy is to get 2-3 marauders, 2-3 marines and 2-3 copters. Even if K throws in Underlings this strategy still works. When you kill an enemy unit, the best way to do it is kill it is with a marine. It's the only unit you have of the 3 that you can't move after attack with. Using a copter to attack and take away life is good, especially with the move after attack. Use the marauder to attack, then retreat back. The opposing unit should be down to very little hp by now. Then use the marine to finish off the unit.

The marine comes in and finishes off the unit, but what is crucially important here is that the marine is in front. The K player can't counter you and take away the same credits you can take away. They have to destroy the marine first. Then they ca. Go after your marauder or copter in the same turn. Because of at marine they can't do it. The marine being in front is CRUCIAL. You will have destroyed a Garuda for 350 credits and lost only 100, giving u a 250 credit advantage. Or 150 if it's a Swarmer.

After 8-12 turns your units can become exhausted, so you stop getting the marauders and cooters. Instead you should get more marines and engineers. Get 2 engineers around the helicopters and heal them. Then the copters are now once again ready for combat.

This strategy for me has almost never failed. The real challenge comes when you face off against a pinzer tank or a Wyrm. Those opponents I can beat, but they give me a much harder time.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
I think that for tournaments this is not a bad idea, but it also depends on the tournament and the map, and the races of both sides.

The fact is that Sapiens always have an advantage because of the marauders. On a map where both sides need to cap like 3-5 bases, Marauders can come out and stop them, while at the same time cap there own few bases.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
Neutral bases are an extremely fun part of the game. I would be extremely disappointed if there are no maps with them, especially on maps where fighting in the center for that base is everything.

The neutral bases in the middle maps are the hardest bases to capture, you just have to be very selective on what type of map can have them. It is not easy to make a map with a middle neutral base. But on the few maps that have them, for the most part, they are fun and challenging for both sides.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
  guinwza wrote:I like this topic, I wish this will quickly remove all unfair map from random pool

Please check map "capturing the strom" in KvT when Titan get first turn they can mass teleport and block underling from capture their neutral for many turn this probably give titan too high resource advantage IMO (I dunno if there's anyway for K to counter this tactic though)

I agree with that map. Oddly enough, I started a random game, and they gave me that map as Titans and I went first. Therefore I have an unfair advantage because of that.

That map has been added to the list.
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
  xavi wrote:In order to reduce the number of unfair RATED maps used in RANKED games, we are discussing several adjustments. We will post them here soon once we reach a conclusion and once we have implemented them. Among the possible changes:
3) We are considering forcing all bases to be owned from the beginning and giving half credits to the beginning player on the 1st turn to limit 1st mover advantage.

Please feel free to give us feedback.

I happen to agree to a limited extent, as well as disagree in other ways. I disagree with doing this because Legia hit the nail right on the head. Fighting for free bases is one of the better factors of Uniwar. For example, look at the maps "Xenospore mini" or "Omega". These are examples, where it is about fighting for the middle base.

A fix to the even bases is making maps where both sides have to do base capturing at the start of the game, for example the map "Pond" or "BigValley1" and give both sides more starting bases.

Look at the map BigValley1. Both sides start with 1 base and zero units. There is also 6 open bases, 3 on each side, that can be captured. The most likely first turn for both sides is to get an infantry unit, and then capture a base. What should be changed in the map "BigValley1" is that both teams start with 3 bases each, and maybe a 4th base.

I just started a game on the map "Green Isle" and my opponent went first. Both teams start with 2 infantry units on board, and my opponent killed an underling before I even had my first turn.
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