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Agree these elements would be great to implement. If you're so kind to make it so, dear player, I'd be most delighted. Will try to stick to those myself.
Although I won't force anyone to do so obviously It's meant to be great fun at upmost, and that one requires a little bit of freedom.

Same with storytelling. Make as much role-play as you want, for me more and more various behaviors and interactions are the best and I'll reward them, but if you don't feel like it or simply don't have time - that's fine, understandable. Again, it's for us all folks

There was some questions about friendly-fire and alliances...and relations between players too, so I'll try to explain it a little bit.
1) There are no strick rules like in a board games.
2) Relations influence the game quite much, because of them:
-you may be tossed out of your alliance
- you may form/join other alliance with guys you have good relations with
There may happen the situation when the player doesn't belong to any alliance, then it will be possible to play 2v3v1v1v1 games for example.
Now remember, about the friendly-fire thing. You may do that, with or without the common plan with your co-player, but if this will go further into betrayal side, make sure that you have at most NEUTRAL relations with that someone. If not, I can make some moves that will a little bit destroy your advantage / give some punishments, because your characters are more or less logical not crazy beings after all.
3) You don't know none relations of other players, only your own. About your own relations - you must simply ask.
4) As for specific values, to know or suspect about what other teammates have relations with:
- remember it's not strict math
- More-or-less it goes like this:
START: your keen - friendly (+1,+2,+3). ALL OTHERS - hostile (-1,-2,-3)
NEUTRAL = -1, 0, 1
All changes since the start point (which you don't know exactly how much) are written by me, highlited and may be seen in this thread.
Tournaments » UNIWAR Role-play campaign /sign-up, discussion thread/ » Go to message

/event – ennuigoblin failed to deliver orders on time/
Ennuigoblin has suddenly awoken after being slapped by his ex-wife. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”, she yells as always. “See, that’s exactly why I left you for a REAL man. The neighbors were complaining, they have enough of the stench and noises coming up from your… dirty hollow. The phone has been ringing all day how can you even sleep and not notice everything!!! Geez, I’m outta here”.
You didn’t even try to make a conversation with her… God, your head truly hurts. Too much chrome gasoline is too much. You lighten up your cigar and re-call your military commander, a friend of old.
“Man… I understand what you’re coming through… But get your azz up here, there’s a war to be won! Lucky for you that young Lodeous made the paper work for you, if not… we would talk in a very different tone right now”
ENNUIGOBLIN loses 1 prestige. LODEOUS gains +1 prestige.

/event – awkward khralean conversation/
Duaneski didn’t really realize what his old leader was trying to say, except that it was yelling, but one thing was sure, and that is – his song was listened, and the listener was khralean. Maybe there’s a hope for that race after all.
DUANESKI gains +1 relations towards ALL KHRALEAN players due to his superior charisma. BULLDOG60 loses 1 relations over DUANESKI but gains 1 CHARISMA.


That scenario will be played on 3 different match-ups. Players are assigned, I will soon send invites to all contestants
Tournaments » UNIWAR Role-play campaign /sign-up, discussion thread/ » Go to message
/in progress/


Bulldog60 – P2, C1, S6, L1
The swarmest
Oh man, did you see that? Handsome, strong, brave. Always flew the highest and ate the most delicious humans. The rumors say that even the Queen Bee had posters of yours in her hive at your prime. Now, 567654 years later, hardly anyone recognizes you. Grey wings and spilled armor doesn't shine anymore. But you know what they say, the youth passes, but the bright mind, tireless soul and experience live forever.
#You start as the co-leader of your team

Sniggih – P2, C3, S2, L3
One-punch man
A man in his forties, how much to be exact is impossible to estimate. Always poor, you found the coin and peace in services of the galactic gladiators arena. Your current life status and fame started in S06E19, when the entire galaxy saw your knock-out over steroid-muscled pinzer. Khrals loved you for that, more than any other race, as they value strenght and don't know the term of Bluescreen, CGI not mentioning. Hell, they even named you their general.
#You start as the co-leader of your team

Duaneski – P0, C10, S0, L0
K-POP singer
Thousands of known galaxies, billions of planets. Who knew that your amateur military musical recordings will find recognition only in small sapiens country called Korea. Well, seems that your keen khraleans don't deserve your talents - sad, but true as life itself. What's even worse that last wednesday they cancelled your tour and drafted you to fight them... your only fans in the universe. Hell, what am I supposed to do there now?! - you wonder. Because well, you don't even eat humans anymore. Vegetarians have no rights in this pathetic barbaric world...

Uw-sandman – P1, C3, S4, L2
War criminal
Once the 2nd most important commander in the whole Khralean Fleet, after a couple bad decisions and really bad press articles you ended up being nobody. Where and when did you exactly lose your way... it's not important now. Not really... But hey, at least you're still alive, right? One day - you pray every night - one day you'll show them, and come back to your proper place. And the sweet honey of a Queen Bee's daughter will be of yours once again.
Tournaments » UNIWAR Role-play campaign /sign-up, discussion thread/ » Go to message

Ballerheinz – P2, C2, S3, L3
Local celebrity
A small town in a small insignifficant planetary system. In a small house - you - sitting on a small couch and watching a few-inches TV. 'So, that's it' - you think. 'What do you need to command the mighty human fleet to the great war? The cameo in some Jean Claud Van Damme movie'. As soon, as the scene ends, you lying dead on the floor, bleeding from all the body's natural holes, you gasp one final time, wear your small general outfit and leave the house forever. Well, they could choose worse. At least this time the leader is a real soldier, not another actor or singer.
#You start as the leader of your team

Mistercreepy – P0, C4, S2, L4
Colonel trigger-happy
Your first words were 'BANG BANG BANG!'. Seems they'll be also your last ones, considering the life you're livin. In military no one ever treated you seriously, which is understandable, considering that stupid permanent smile and honest willingness to die on the first line, carrying the biggest gun, shouting and wearing neon shiny armor. But for some reason bullets avoid you and if you by chance will stand the next few months, they'll surely start to build you a monuments and call schools and mental asylums after your name.

Eikonoklastes – P1, C3, S3, L3
The man of his times
You've got some skills allright. 8 years of hard work in military school, all B+ and B's. But let's be honest, the thing that kept you a man of your position is nothing else that political correctness. Some officer once proposed that in each batallion at least one commander must be of mixed marriage. Another officer signed it. And here you are: you father - infected german diplomat, your mother - miss Borfly AD 2057 and 2058. Just remember to keep your head low, because as much as love you'll experience some hate soon, and the newspapers already have a proper article to print, just in case.

Miamimoose – P0, C5, S0, L5
An error in the matrix
Ever wondered what happens when you reprogram the cyber underling circus juggler? There you are, a one big juicy miamimoose. No one really knows your true loyality, no one really cares. Except these two drunk high-class officers who apparently thought it would be funny to draft you and train the *** out of you. The strategic course seemed boring and pointless for your limited mind, but at least propaganda classes brought a fair profit. Simple soldiers love your singing war speeches.
Tournaments » UNIWAR Role-play campaign /sign-up, discussion thread/ » Go to message

Ennuigoblin - P6, C2, S2, L0
Depressed military detective
You had everything once. That was before retirement. Now old mechanical parts break more and more often, your accumulators are nearly done, and the worst of all your cyber underling wifey left you for some douche who’s not even a titan.
What a sad and grim world – you think, smoking big e-cigarette and drinking high-chromed gasoline. Thinking about all these cases you once solved. What does it matter all, now. Yesterday they called again, being friendly. Said they needed you and need you back in the first frontline. Pathetic. Yet… what more can you lose.
#You start as the leader of your team

Masteryoda – P0, C0, S10, L0
Experiment #42-O1
You never had a real life. The first living memories blur in the smoke and terrors of your home village burn to ashes, family and all that once was dear gone forever. High-tech robots were your parents. Raised in lab, where they pushed your human mind to its limits, learning strategy, mathematics and all things necessary to be the most supreme operational oficer of them all. You felt needed and important, as the new-of-a-kind, intuitional and percise like computer at the same time. The problem is, you don’t really feel anything else, and don’t really fit anywhere anymore.

Lodeous – P2, C4, S3, L1
Black Ops bartender.
Shellshock happens to everyone. It’s no different in AI world you’re forced to live in. Once a fine khralean soldier, young and promising, as soon as your squadron died out it occurred that it’s not the bravery and genius that will save your life, but plural limbs. ‘Hey, that guy can make our chrome-gasoline drinks 6 times faster than our regular mechas’- someone thought. And so,you stayed. Pretty much alive, happy, even found a decent cyber underling wifey. Listening to old veterans stories all night long, day after day, you eventually learned so much they even got you a military degree.

Gr8m8 - P0, C1, S5, L4
Annoying tactical midget
A$$-humiliator – that’s what they call you. And hate you surely. No matter, since you showed them your ultimate strategical supremacy every day in military school, and before that, and after that as well. Too bad you were constructed tiny and unable to fight back… Anger and self-pride made you unpopular, so you never reached far. Now you suddenly realized you hate them back, and why in such big and open world be limited to stick to your own keen…
General Discussion » upcoming balance changes April » Go to message
I'm deeply against tank-units boost in defence.

What I'm in for:
+significant buff for reprogrammed mecha a.k.a mecha2, which may solve a problem of engineer being too weak now. +1 GL and +1 DEF maybe.
+movement for bopper changed into 6 so to reduce advantage sapiens as for now has against titans. 3 attack range is a very serious deal, so it's reasonable to that unit have a bit harder time with moving in proper position.
Tournaments » Golden mooseKNUCKLE 500uc Buy-in t.ournament » Go to message
General Discussion » DuaneskiCo GameCast - content type request » Go to message
  Bakes wrote:.

General Discussion » DuaneskiCo GameCast - content type request » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:Come back when you are soberer

I reconsidered...
Guess what.

You should do ALL.
General Discussion » DuaneskiCo GameCast - content type request » Go to message
You should do all.
General Discussion » Changes to support system » Go to message
This one is very important. The sooner we deal with this problem, the more time will xavi have to other tasks.
Dropping some ideas:
- make support@uniwar a group mail where every mod can answer most questions
- make FAQ inside an app and develop it a little
- possibly make a support-only chatroom where everyone no matter ranking can type
New Feature Request » TEAM RANKED SOLVED - some ideas (MONEY MONEY MONEY TO MAKE) » Go to message
FIRST IDEA::: New feature (iap possibly):

1) Ranked random match between 2 teams happens.
2) Now, BEFORE 1st player can move, there's 12/24 h period of preparations (clock runs to 0 and then match automatically starts).
3) DURING that period of time, the captain of the team can CHANGE ONE AND ONLY ONE RACE OF ANY OF HIS TEAM MEMBERS to other.

- no more unfair loses on team maps that highly favor a specific race as player 1 or 2 or so
- strategic advancement
- captain role more important
- it probably should cost some unicoins, probably for each team, not a specific player who is the captain

SECOND IDEA::: New feature (iap possibly):

The team fog of war.
1) You buy the feauture.
2) From now on, for every other player than a team member, the order of players inside a team (perhaps except the #1 captain) is unknown.
3) During a match, the players and their units are not described, instead you see 'player 6', 'player 7' or so, you see the race, but you have no idea if he's the 1800 guy from the squad, or the other 2500 guy.

Please share your thoughts about these 2 ideas here

Tournaments » The Grand War » Go to message
I'm in!!!
General Discussion » Could the new units be "switched on/off"? » Go to message
It's a good idea, but myself I'd like just an option of switching on/off ALL new units (classic mode). In unranked games at least, maybe ranked too, with some lower rank changes (50 or 30 percent of usual rank change).
Tourneys should keep the mainstream of the game, which means all units in, always, no exceptions.


这是一个好主意,但自己我只想打开/关闭所有新单位(经典模式)的选项。 至少在未分配的游戏中,也许排名,有一些较低的排名变化(50或30%的通常的排名变化)。

User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
I vote 10.

- 11 looks bad IMO because first 5-6 turns you have no idea what your opponent is doing, which I hate personally. But surely some people like it that way.
- 5 looks super cool. The only thing I don't like about it is that frontlines are either road or mountains, lol, so I'm guessing it's for amphibians, which I dunno how it will work out, probably fine. But may be as well terrible. Needs a testing.

Edit: ticket 14 looks like an awesome touney map but I'll stay with 10.
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