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  Pero wrote:What irks me personally is that blaster units (and introduction of armor penetration mechanic in general) has degraded tactics to glass cannon war. They've introduced ranged, artillery strong units for half price. Blasters not only reduced a number of tanks but also made full priced artillery redundant.

youre a little off. the ONLY reason the artillery units were good before was because tanks were OP with little to beat them (so they could both hide behind your own tanks, and attack opposing tanks). by correcting the tank issue, further issues in the battery were opened up as a cascade. The balance team is looking to buff the artillery units (or reduce cost) to increase their usefulness. The point is that the blaster units do NOT replace the entire functionality of the artillery, just the most improtant part as a tank killer. now that they are not needed as the only way to kill a tank, the room is open to give them a new niche. it was a systemic problem that has been for the most part fixed, greatly improving the speed and variability of the game, but still has residual effects to clean up.
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To burn the point into your retinas ^_^ Haha, hopefully not everyone hates it that much... just wanted it to pop...
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
*Walks in with 2 bouncers*
"Where's ma money, b$tch?"

Duaneski has officially relived me of all guilt for being slow to grade my map competition, cus he's taken twice as long
General Discussion » Tournament 2vs2 unfair rules ( as I see it ) » Go to message
It is an unfortunate inevitability. If we let games finish, tourneys would take a year to complete.
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Really the be all and end all statement is that it is a free game. Think of it like a restricted demo.

If you did not pay for something, you are not "owed" something (like access to all units).

Everyone already understands that you need the new units to fight on fair ground, but unless you actually give money to the developers, why would they care what you want? The game is designed to be fun, true, but at its core, it is to make money. Nothing worth playing is free.

Remember people, making games requires hard work, and good games like UniWar deserve compensation for that hard work.

The only caveat is that I am concerned the new units are priced much too high. when (im a few years) the planned 5 DLC units are added to the game, youll have to buy the 70$ coin pack to afford them all... the mobile game is good, and worth money, but not more than a AAA Xbox or PS game... Now that we have 3 DLC units out, I hope the price begins to drop.
General Discussion » Team- Match - engineer » Go to message
These days postin on the forum doesnt go anywhere, but for what its worth i support and second this idea.
New Feature Request » New Unit idea - Colossal Units *poll*! » Go to message
Its a cool idea but honestly the stats are scaled to 12 being the highest value. anything above that and you get lots of insta kills and 0 damage retaliations. Essentially i think these will only ever be damaged by units with armor penetration... also GL attack of 20 is kinda crazy. max GL defense possible is reprogrammed mecha on mountian = 12 defense, still allost a 1 hit kill haha.

I like the idea in theory but you need to follow a balance curve, and these units are completely off the current curve, we need to extrapolate past our understanding.
Tournaments » Spring 2017 Pro Tournament » Go to message
What happened? People taking too long/too busy?
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Sticky: Guide to game’s mechanisms ... » Go to message
who is in charge of the forum? they stickied this post by accident haha
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Sticky: Guide to game’s mechanisms ... » Go to message
yeah, i just realized i used your post to learn the game when i was starting out
New Feature Request » changing for guardian » Go to message
Hey, thanks for the suggestion.

Many units (the guardian included) cause some trouble at the lower levels, but require a different play style to combat. It is actually the case that the balance tram was considering buffing the guardian, since at higher level play it is extremely hard to combat effectively.

I recommend watching a few TvS or TvK games from the final or semifinals of tournaments to see if it has as overpowering of a presence, and perhaps it can help you learn how to combat it.

I reccomend utilising its greatest weakness - no recovery. it costs 350, and any 100 or 250 unit can cripple it, making it next to useless.

The best way to learn how to beat "unfair" things in strategy games is to use them yourself. play a bunch of TvS games in ranked and use a lot of guardians. if they are truely overpowered you should win games easily and rank up, and if it is not overpowered, you can watch what your opponents do to stop you. Myself and Spanky McCraken have both proven this method of learning works, and have both made it to 2500+ score (we were both in the top 20)
General Discussion » EnnuiGoblinGames Season 3! » Go to message
id say under 20 rounds. that normally means one player found a strategic advantage rather than a better use of attacks/roll manipulation
General Discussion » EnnuiGoblinGames Season 3! » Go to message
afterthought: maybe go classic youtube content and do some "top tens" (top champ players, top ranked players, top kvk, svs, tvt, top rated maps blah blah blah). just in case you ever run out of ideas and wanna keep pumping out content haha
General Discussion » "Undo" Needs to be Gone » Go to message
another issue is a bug that will never be fixed. if your marine accidentally attacks someone and dies, the undo will only undo the attack, not his move. a turn undo saves you from that bug.
New Feature Request » The best and only idea we need! » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:I’m half inclined to post some outright pornography here, knowing it will likely go unseen except by the 3 forum goers.

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