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New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Sims, is there a timeline for these additions?

Here are a few thoughts:

Sapiens: the game needs a submarine, a unit that can hide underwater and pop up to do damage. Mostly for anti-naval but with some attack against aerial/land as well. Low defence so you have to be careful when you time your resurfacing.

Khrals: I really like the idea of an amphibious unit. I often think of a Crocodile.. something that's faster in the water but still useful on land. Medium defence and high attack against everything but aerial. And as a twist, make it STRONGER in the swamps. The swamp tiles get no love in the game. I don't think the Khrals need any more ranged units personally.

Titans: I like the idea of a cheap, weak and fast boat you can use to shield hydronauts.
General Discussion » A question on buried units » Go to message
They can't see each other, exactly. But two buried pieces can't occupy the same hex, so if you try to move a buried piece to a hex that's already occupied (by an opponent's buried piece) you get a prompt telling you that can't move your piece there.

While we're on the topic, I'm not sure if you've noticed this yet but there is a way to deduce the positions of your opponent's buried underlings in some situations. If a piece of yours has one or more underlings buried on adjacent hexes, it will show a yellow number indicating the number of buried underlings:

This doesn't tell you where they are exactly, but every piece will show their own number - so if you have a number of pieces close together you can often deduce the positions of the surrounding buried underlings. You can't always deduce it with 100% accuracy though, because there may be multiple possible distributions of surrounding underlings that could lead to the numbers you're seeing.

Finally - if you're playing a team game (2v2, 3v3, 4v4) you can see your teammates buried underlings.
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
Quanras beats Dragonfly FC

3 games to 1.

I can provide further stats if needed, I've saved the games.
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message

(the form doesn't seem to be working at the moment)
Tournaments » Spring freshet: 1 tour » Go to message
quanras (sap) - onlyagame (sap)
onlyagame (sap) - quanras (sap)

onlyagame (khral) - quanras (khral)
quanras (khral) - onlyagame (khral)
Bug Reports » Cannot use special ability on units turned by own team » Go to message
Perhaps it would make sense to remove the ability for players to assimilate/reprogram/infect grunts of other teammates.

The original point of that mechanism (in 2 player) was to steal grunts from the other team. The scenario darf describes can completely preclude that from happening, which I agree can take a really great mechanic right out of the game. Imagine a 3v3 game where one team has one of each race and every grunt gets boosted and kept on the same team... that totally takes the stealing aspect out of that game.

I'm open to arguments about how that could enhance the game, but at this point my opinion is that it takes away from it.
Tournaments » Spring freshet: basic rules and registration » Go to message
I'm in, can't wait!

2 years 1 month
New Feature Request » 90 day rating reset! Vote in poll » Go to message
No - for various reasons, but in particular it messes up random games. Without an accurate gauge of skill people of disparate skill level will be paired up more frequently after the reset. That will get better with time as people move back towards their "true" rating, but then in starts all over again after the next reset.

I would only consider a reset if the game is modified to such an extent in the next round of updates that the old rating system is no longer useful. And even then, just call it Uniwar 2 and start fresh.
New Feature Request » Non-harbor bridge » Go to message
I could get behind the Lagoon idea. I don't see any obvious drawback compared to a bridge at first thought.

On a related note it would be interesting to have a piece that actually improved some attributes when on a swamp tile. E.g. the amphibious Khrals crocodile concept that's been thrown around as a new piece concept.

Amphibious pieces in general would add a new element to the game.
New Feature Request » Non-harbor bridge » Go to message
I've seen this mentioned once before but not for a while so I thought I'd revisit it:

I've love to see a bridge piece added - like an empty harbor that all pieces (land, air, aquatic) can occupy, but that can't be captured for the purpose of building aquatic pieces.

I often want to build bridges across water areas while still concentrating the ship building in a particular part of the map to focus the fighting in a certain way and make the map tighter. the current method of bridges made of empty harbors compromises that.


Also, a quick plug - look up my maps and feel free to send me an invite!
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
  soupnet wrote:
I have noticed that as the size of the map scales up, Titans become proportionately over-powered. If there are isolated areas, areas that are slow to walk to due to mountain etc, Titans activate god mode. You could say this comes down to map design but now we have the ability to create our own maps it would be nice if the game design allowed for more flexible map design. Honestly I'd love nothing more than to play on massive maps four times the size of the current maximum, with 8 players. That would be epic... even if the game takes months to complete.

I think a slight nerf to teleport would work well - bring vision down to 1 tile during cooldown, so titans can no longer chain teleports on the same turn to far-flung regions of the map.
New Feature Request » Map Management » Go to message
First of all, thank you thank you thank you for the map editor. It works really well, and is a lot of fun!

But I would humbly ask for some way to manage/keep track of the maps you've made. You can search for maps you've already made and modify them, but if you've made a whole bunch of maps you can lose track of some of them. A central list of your maps, maybe with a versioning system, would be very helpful.

It would also be handy if multiple versions of the same map could be saved in the same map file / data object (e.g. 1v1, 2v2 set ups on the same underlying terrain), but I have no idea if the structure of the map file type would allow for this. Right now I'm using naming conventions to accomplish it.
New Feature Request » iPhone 5 » Go to message
Looks like Santa is late.

But thank you for working on it!
General Discussion » iPhone 5 Optimization » Go to message
Thanks, looking forward to it!
New Feature Request » iPhone 5 » Go to message
I'd love to see an update that makes the game full-screen for iPhone 5! Is it on the way?
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