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New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Here's my idea for a new Titan unit:

Name: Agitator
Cost: 350
Terrain Stats: Same as Mecha (so it can move through mountain hexes)
Movement: 11
Attack Strenghts:
Ground Light: 5
Ground Heavy: 5
Aerial: 4
Aquatic: 4
Defense: 10

1. Buffs the defensive strength of all Titan Units in a 1 hex radius by +2
2. Cause all buried underling units in a 2 hex radius to be unable to heal and to take 1 damage/turn.

I don't like the idea of flying Titan units, but I do like the idea of at least one more Titan unit with better mobility. The basic idea here is to give Titans at least one more unit that can move through mountain hexes and to give Titans a way to fight Khralean buried underling spam.
New Feature Request » Our Balancing Salvation! » Go to message
Current top 50 Players:
Khraleans: 29 players
Sapiens: 26 players
Titans: 5 players

Conclusion: Titans are the weakest race and they need some help.

Simplistic analysis? Maybe, but folks are voting with their feet ... er, fingers. The only balancing changes I'd say should be made are ones that weaken Bugs and Saps and strengthen Titans. Underling spam is a real problem. I'm in two games now where in order to advance offensively I've had to build dozens of mechas whose sole job is to sit around and block buried underlings from surfacing. Titans may have a good long game, but it's hard to get there when you are forced to not only pay for the most expensive units in the game but ALSO you have to spam out loads of cheap units to act as place holders.

I have little sypathy for Battery weaknesses when they are 200 quatloos cheaper than Walkers. Walkers SHOULD be better if they are way more expensive to get in the first place. Snakes should maybe be made weaker, imo.

New Feature Request » Solution to player leaving games during a match » Go to message
This should be the number 1 problem fixed for team games. I'd suggest turning over control of the abandoned bases and units to the teammate with the lowest overall rating. That way it's not used to negatively impact the other team. Please fix this. It's truly annoying being blocked off from your own team's resources becuase someone chumped out of a game.
Titans » Favorite Titan Map » Go to message
Waxoid: Yes, unbalanced is a good word for Kings Cross. Though similar maps exist for bugs and saps as well where Titans are at a serious disadvantage usually due to economic factors (Castle Flash, for instance).

A Walk in the Forest may be the same way. I've only dominated one game with Titans on that map, but it was pretty brutal. I'd go back for more but it takes a while to finish the opponent off even though all of the central bases can be claimed by turn 6 or so. Besides, I'm still trying out the other maps.

New Feature Request » A feature and a couple balance requests » Go to message
With so few Titan players in the top players list, I'd put forth the idea that no Titan feature should be nerfed until more Titan players find their way into the top players list. If anything, Titan units should be enhanced in this type of situation.
Titans » Favorite Titan Map » Go to message
Kings Crossing map in team mode. Get two Titan players, beam across the middle bases with your mechas and at least one eclipse tank. Beam to the enemy side of the bases so as to deny them any access to the bases. Block the opposing team from ever getting a base in the middle and then claim those bases yourselves. Absolutely unstoppable. I've beaten bugs and saps with this technique.
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