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Technical Support Questions » 1-turn puzzle disable » Go to message
How to disable 1-turn puzzle on android ?

General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
Hi all.
My english is not perfect, but hopefully understandable.
I am against undo of whole turn in online games, as i belive discussion is here about. In online chess there's no undo. Board in uniwar is more complicated, but undo move of unit just used is enough for me.
As for payment for keeping developers alive & active
In online chess i saw ads, paid subscription. In BBO, U buy coins, for fee in tournaments, where U can win some more coins.
Whatever U'll do, please don't make this game pay2win.

PS Undo of whole turn is useful in offline games. It's like saves in game.
Bug Reports » Can't move. » Go to message
In 4v4 game 'join. now.' it's my turn, but i can't move units. Also my income didn't change since last time. Other games sa re ok. Pls help
New Feature Request » random teamplay » Go to message
It would be nice if it was possible to start 2v2, 3v3 & 4v4 matches with people gathering in even teams. For example in PC game: Company of Heroes people join queues and when there is enough people to make balanced game, it is created.
New Feature Request » random games » Go to message
Hi, thx for great game.
I would like to decide who im gonna play at random mode. Look at the way chesspresso solved this. Its not perfect, but very close. Or U can make user chosen limit of random games at one time.

Hope U understand my english.
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