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General Discussion » What does the chevron mean? » Go to message

That is exactly right. The chevron is something a unit can gain by killing a high value enemy. For example, a Sapien Marine a Titan Walker that cost 750. A unit can attain a maximum of 2 chevrons.

The help menu with in the game will explain everything about the chevrons.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
  Hachiman wrote:
I don't really see anything wrong with Underlings ... that's how they should be used!

However the fact that Saps don't really have a (non naval) answer to Swarmers is a real problem. It's making 1v1 games kinda boring right now...

Oh no, I'm not saying that the tactic is unfair or anything. Just commenting on an emerging tactic that seems to be used against Sapien players trying to take on the Swarmers with forests and\or mountains to cover their approach. I'm wondering if the game developers are planning to do anything about it or just let us play the game until Uniwar 2 comes out.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
Hachiman, you not the only one seeing nothing but Khralean players.

There is another tactic that Khralean players are now using. It's a Swarmer\Underling Spam attack. The Swarmers would pick off the soft targets and the Underlings would take on the harder targets with the resurfacing and gang up bonus. Throw in terrain bonus and you have a high attack unit that only cost you 100. I've lost Tanks to 2-3 Underling popping up from mountains or forests.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
Good points Hachiman. I completely forgot about the Helicopter's special ability to move after an attack. The extra range would once again overpower the Helicopter.

I would like to see a Sapien unit to have an extra range. The high mobility of the Sapien race is very nice, but only useful on maps with plenty of open space. Of course, I'm not a master tactician so I'm saying it with modest level of experience.

The other possibility is to increase the Marauder's Attack Power against air units.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
I wasn't thinking about Sapiens vs Sapiens. I'm more concerned with Helicopter vs Titans and Helicopter vs Khralean ground units.

I don't think that the extra range on the Helicopter would matter all that much since the Titan's have the Eclipse. Also, the fact that they cost about the same.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
To continue my thoughts on dealing with the Swarmer Spam and tweaking the Helicopter (thanks for the idea Hachiman), I'm going to compare the current Swarmer with my version of the Helicopter.

Helicopter: 500
Swarmer: 250

Attack Range
Helicopter: 2 Hex
Swarmer: 2 Hex

Attack Power (GL\GH\AE\AQ)
Helicopter: 12\7\9\8
Swarmer: 7\5\4\6

Defense Strength
Helicopter: 10
Swarmer: 5

Helicopter: 10
Swarmer: 9

My version of the Helicopter can keep pace with the Swarmer, but not run all over the map. Also, it can now fight against 2 Swarmers, but it won't automatically win.

I have to admit that I need more time to think about how the increase of attack range would mean for Helicopters vs any Ground units.
Titans » Teleport » Go to message
On the map Great Wall, I would teleport a formation of Eclipses and Mechas to surround a base I intend to capture or to stall an enemy formation. I do expect them to die, but at least buy me a turn or two for whatever I'm doing.
Sapiens » What to do vs Swarmer spam? » Go to message
I'm trying to see if the Titan's Eclipse is any good against the Swarmer spam. Its the equivalent cost of 2 Swarmers, but it can deal serious damage to them and it have the same 2 hex attack range.
General Discussion » Swarmer Attack Power Increase » Go to message
I am wondering how everybody feels about the increase of the Swarmer's Light Ground Attack Power. I've been playing games where the other team is just spamming nothing but Swarmers. I've been in games where they are decimating the ground units.
New Feature Request » UniWar 2 Suggestions » Go to message
Each race have a non-combat unit that have a special ability to be used against a certain race. I believe each race should have another non-combat unit that can deal with the other race and be able to repair friendly units.

Sapiens should have something like a Bio-Engineer that can deliver a Plague to Khraleans units.

Khraleans can have something like a Skunk that can spray a Titan with a metal eating acid causing massive damage.
New Feature Request » Full replay ability for finished games » Go to message
I'm thinking that they can do a move list similar to how chess games are recorded. When I use to play chess online, I would email myself the move list and replay the game on a real board. The game dev can create a simulator on this website which a player can input the move list and watch the game all over again.
New Feature Request » A request for dullards like me... confirm peace acceptance? » Go to message
The problem I have with the Peace Offering is that it pops up before I even see which game I'm playing. Quite often I'm playing multiple games on the same map and I would like to see what the situation is like before I accept his Peace Offering. I would like to see the Peace Acceptance show up as a button in a corner or below the End Turn button.
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