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Technical Support Questions » Can't log in » Go to message
Me too. Could make my moves 3-4 hours ago and cannot login now
Bug Reports » Units glowing green » Go to message
Interesting idea, but is there some way to turn it off? I feel sick when watching that green glowing and cannot concentrate on my move. Also keep trying to move units that already moved or try something less bright
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
New version of damage calc containing updated unit characteristics was uploaded to google play, should be available in a couple of hours
General Discussion » How to perform **FREE** turn redo » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:
you will have to create this account the first time, of course. This process is quick and easy.

Does this conform with Terms Of Service statement "I will register only one account."?
Bug Reports » Team is not present in team ranking list » Go to message
Then, why Black Shark is displayed in 2 vs 2 ranking list and not available to any random game? And for example, your team Art of war profile shows that your team is available for 0 games? Does this rule applies to 3vs3 ranking list and profile page is wrong for teams?
Bug Reports » Team is not present in team ranking list » Go to message
Could anyone explain me why my team (BlackShark3) is not present in 3vs3 ranking list? I tried comparing with other team profiles and I don't see any significant difference which could make this happen. Are there some special conditions that team must comply with?
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
Oh, I just recalled, maybe not everyone remembers this, but originally Talone used to have Belorus flag and then switched to Nepal and used both of them for quite a long time. So both of these flags are associated with Talone, lets remove them from the game and force people using those flags use something else. Does it sounds rediculous? Because it really is. In the same way as removing community flag because you decided to ban somebody from that community. No one forced you to add that flag to the game (Did Talone hire some people to find you and force you to add the flag or they would have killed you? I suppose not), you could easily deny adding that flag until you have clans feature implemented. But removing that flag after it was in the game for a year or two and plenty of people were using it and at least 99% of those people didn't do anything wrong to you and your game doesn't make any sense. You can ban Talone if you like, ban every of his accounts, ban by ip or by device. But why should I wait for some feature implemeted to start using something that I could use a week ago? And you think that different people from different countries who used that flag should be happy after this?
At first you reduced number of finished games stored in the account from 20 to 5 and I used to have some nice games there which I was proud of, now you are removing the flag. What will be removed next? On my opinion, that's not the way how game creator should treat players when they did nothing wrong to you and didn't violate any part of your ToS.
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
Why would keeping a runiwar flag now be beneficial to uniwar?

First of all, those who prefer that flag won't be upset because it was suddently removed.
Then there are still some good Uniwar players there, there are lots of info about uniwar tactics, some tips about how to play, all data is in Russian language which is much easier for many Russians, nothing disappeared, so Russian-speaking players can still learn a lot there. Doesn't it benefit uniwar a little bit?
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
Do you have statistics about how many people were using that flag and how many of them were starting chat conflicts? and how many non-Runiwar flags were starting chat conflicts?
Do you really think that this will change anything in terms of chat conflicts? Is it better if chat conflicts will be associated with Uniwar flag or flag of any country? Will you remove those flags too in a such case?
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
Today I noticed that my flag changed from Runiwar one to Uniwar. I tried to change it back but it keeps reverting back to Uniwar. Was this made on purpose (I couldn't find any new or forum message about this) or it is some bug due to recent server update? Can I have my flag back?
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
nothing major, at the moment it was blocked in google play, I've uploaded version that fixes bug with race change on android 4.1 and higher causing app crash
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
Damage calculator is present in Google Play again

Ha, it took less than a year, google is extremely fast
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 2 & 3 » Go to message
Custom ranked games? Or separate ladder for custom games?

Execuse, maybe I'm too stupid to understand, but what will ladder for custom games show? How will you compare player skill using that ladder? What's purpose of it? If I'm a king of Deadmonk when playing titans vs saps how I will be compared to someone playing Jungle sap vs titans? Or is it to know who can find the best map to cheat (maybe we should call it "Best cheater ladder" in this case )? Or the fastest way to do this?
If you want to have fun or to play with your friends, I don't see any problem creating custom game and play without losing/earning ranking points and have fun, but if you want to see your real position in this game, then please play the way the rest of us plays: use those random games to earn points, it is not difficult, really
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 2 & 3 » Go to message
As I understand here we have two main questions being discussed:
1) To be or not to be.. Oh, no: Reset or not reset
2) Whether to have custom ranked games or not

Why do we have ranking? It solves several problems i.e. it allows you to have opponent of the similar level in random games (which usually make games more interesting), it gives some aim, so you want to earn more points to be higher in the list and maybe try to be number 1 there (which makes you play longer), it allows creating custom games where you can filter those who don't play well or play too well for you. As you can see, ranking system is a good and very usefull thing.
But currently there were a bunch of methods to make your rankning much-much higher than your actual level of play, and certain people used that, like IORI-A, Pipka, etc. It is impossilbe to reach 4000 (just take look at chess world ranking). Those number doesn't make any sense, are completely useless. I think that those people on top are not the only ones who cheated to get their ranking, there are the only ones which obviously cheated, the rest are just not that noticable and cannot be proved by one look. As a result, you cannot estimate person skill using ranking, it doesn't make you want to go higher (because it is simply impossible). Actually it takes away everything that ranking system should provide.

Reset or not reset? On my opinion, there is just one option RESET it. Why? Because, for example, if you force person play 1 random game at a time, then to make IORI-A to drop from his 4355 to something more appropriate (let it be 2700) he will have to lose ~40 games or even more. 1 game can take 3 month (especially if you want it to be very long. Do many of 2500+ players skip others immideately after 1 day turn limit? I don't, and many others had chances to skip me many-many times and just one or two used that opportunity): 40 games * 3 month = 120 month, 10 years. Do you want to wait 10 years to see who is really strongest one and to see your real position in the world? I guess it is way too long to wait for ranking to become real. Additionaly he will have problems finding opponents. As a result Reset, Reset and only Reset can help here.
Actually resetting those who above 2400 is not that bad, most likely you will have to play with people who know how to play, of course not all the games will be interesting, but in 3-6 month you will be back to your position, if it is really your deserved position.

to be continued..
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rounds and statistics » Go to message
  rwieczor84 wrote: rwieczor84 vs herejer 4-0

1. rwieczor84 (khral) vs herejer (saps) - rwieczor84 wins in 21 rounds
2. herejer (khral) vs rwieczor84 (saps) - rwieczor84 wins in 15 rounds
3. rwieczor84 (saps) vs herejer (saps) - rwieczor84 wins in 21 rounds
4. herejer (saps) vs rwieczor84 (saps) - rwieczor84 wins in 17 rounds

my opponent was short of time so it was easy.

There was no player rwieczor84, and herejere was playing against Legia
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