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Thank you.
General Discussion » The combat system? » Go to message
I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but does anyone know the actual mathematics involved in the combat system?

(I am interested in game design and I LOVE this combat system, but I can't figure out how it works)
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De athmatch. Whichever person/team destroys the most units within a given number of turns wins.

Horde: An AI is added that gets double or triple the number of credits per turn the players get and double the number of bases and players must try to defeat it.

Capture The Flag: A special "flag" base is spawned for each team. Whoever captures the opposing teams "flag" base first wins.

Domination: Whichever team has the greatest total income (All money made by that team for the whole game) wins. *Note: Requires an odd number of bases.

Wrath of Nature: Adds random natural disasters that indiscimanatly damage units and move or spawn randomly on the,map.
New Feature Request » Random Suggestions for game exoansion » Go to message
Just my suggestions to the community and developers:

Thought: The game could probably use some expansion, tge most obvious way is through new units. If too many units are added to the game, it will severly decrease the tactical value of the game. Why? Because the game has a simple terrain system, simple resource system and simple combat system. (Thats not a bad thing) But it stands to reason that adding a complex unit system will not work with the rest of the game.

Suggestion: Either create a new race, create a alternate game scope (i.e. A space battle only version), or add another resource. (i.e. A base that produces something other than credits.)


New Race. Self explanatory.

Different scope. A game using a similar system to UniWar, just with a different tactical feel. For example a space battle version; all units would be ships, all might have a range greater than one abd be able to make themselves invincible with shields (which would have to charge of course!), and all units would be able to be purchased and enter the map on any edge that is not in ranfe of a hostile ship. This would allow for more units , more fun, new tactics, and you could charge a little for it and make money . Everbody wins.

New resource. Create a new type of base that produces something other than money and can be used to purchase special units. ( Not overpowered units, just different ones, possibly debuff, ability, buff, transport, or structures.) Would probably work best for creating utility units like transports that help solve tactical and logistics problems rather than direct combat ones.

Thought: Neutrals/creeps...

Elaborat ion:

WarCraft did this and the resulting gameplay is amazing. (I know WarCraft is a different kind of game and they implemented it to go along with their hero system. Just listen...) Im suggesting creating a special set of neutral units to guard key locations on the map early on. Neutrals could be optional; when they are on, they spawn, when off they dont. It would be very important though, that the units be different from any player units and that no player ever gets a chance to use them.

Suggestion: Game Modes. (Disclaimer: An original idea, but someone beat me to posting it; not that they stole the idea from me, we just had the same idea at the same time and someone else posted it first. But I think these are different anyway.)


De athmatch. Whichever person/team destroys the most units within a given number of turns
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Analyzing planetwide communicatoins...

"...In other news, that security station lockdown we reported on earlier this month has spread to nearby stations..."
"...This is a safety warning issued by the council itself. Do not attempt to pilot any automated vehicles. The planetwide knowledgebase which assisted automated piloting has been filled with false information..."
"...this error in the knowledgebase has caused 62,590 fatal crashes in the past 3 hours. It seems that automated vehicles reference the knowledgebase too often to function properly without it. This is..."
"...in addittion, the interplanetary teleportation system is acting up as well, along with many security stations. The council has assured the public to stay calm and they are still in control, but have ordered evacuation near the project Titan labs..."

[Process]: Titan must destroy all organic life on this planet to prevent harm to Titan.

[Playback Ended]

UniWar: Origins » Uniwar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part II) » Go to message
team gets out alive." Soren ordered.
"Yes sir"
Nur'ask helped Xeyrah onto the transport and Soren signaled the pilot to return to base. As the ship lifted off, Xeyrah sat up on the makeshift bed she had been laying on.
"What is our destination,Soren?" She asked.
"Kal'nar military HQ" Soren replied.
"I have not been there, I look forward to seeing it."
"You've been there, you used to work...there...you'renot Xeyrah,are you?" Soren said,his hand inching toward the blaster at his side.
"You are...lucky...commander Soren." She said, standing up.
"Soren?....commander?" Nur'asks voice said over the radio, "we've got a.....too many of them....no backup."
"What are you?" Soren asked Xeyrah,drawing his weapon.
Xeyrah smiled, then lunged at him. Soren, taken by surprise, lost his grip on the blaster and it fell to the metal floor. Xeyrah grabbed both his arms and began to twist them backward. Soren pushed forward,throwing her off balance, then tripped her with one of his legs.
Both of them fell to the floor. Soren quickly freed his arms and attempted to restrain Xeyrah. It worked for a moment, then she curled into a ball and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying into the opposite wall.
Xeyrah then jumped to her feet and grabbed the blaster. Soren got to his feet almost as fast and rushed forward to tackle her before she could aim. The collision threw them both against the wall, and loading door switch. The side doors on either side of the ship slid open and wind forced its way in. Soren used the temporary distraction and forced Xeyrah toward the open door.
Xeyrah fell out of the door but grabbed the botton of the frame where it connects to the floor at the last second, and hung there thousands of feet above the surface.
"Again, what are you?" Soren called down to her.
"You should be worried about what they are." She replied,pointing to a group of large reptillian birds approaching.
"What the-"
The ship shuddered and jerked,cutting his question short. Xeyrah suddenly grabbed his leg and pulled him to the floor.
"Commander, you will be shut down." She said.
She used the inner frame to pull herself up. As she did so,one of the bird creatures flew into the ship and grappled with Soren. While the two fought, Xeyrah regained her footing and then kicked Soren.
Both he and the creature fell out of the door and toward the planets surface. The creature pushed away from Soren and took flight, leaving him to fall.
* * *

Analyzing planetwide commu
UniWar: Origins » Uniwar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part II) » Go to message
down while he inspected her injuries.
"Xeyrah, what happened? Exactly?" Soren asked.
"Earlier today, I heard several yells and blaster shots. The first two or three I assumed were just encounters with wildlife,but after that I got suspicious. So I checked the security footage and I saw the,mecha assasinating the staff members. Thats when I called for help. Luckily the mecha touched me,just a few stray blaster shots."
"You say these injuries occured today?" Nur'ask said.
"From blasters only, they never touched you at all?"
"Affirmative. How is this relevent?" Xeyrah asked.
"You need to " Nur'ask said, standing up " Soren, I need to talk to you for a minute."
"What is it,Nur'ask?" Soren replied.
"Something isnt right," he began,dropping into a low whisper " these injuries are consistent with a stuggle. Also, most of her cuts have started healing. And none of the wounds are consistent with blaster related injuries or burns."
"What does that mean,you think she was knocked out?"
"Its possible, something happened to her head. Bandits,maybe?" Nur'ask suggested.
"You think...? Bandits would explain why only these mecha are acting up. Alright! Everyone prepare for possible encounters witg pirates or bandits , if its organic,shoot first and ask questions later! Lets move!"
Soren took the lead as the team stormed through the front door and took cover. After a quick scan he,motioned that everything was clear and all but the two guards relaxed.
Soren made a thorough invedtigation of the front room; no signs of forced entry, no signs of.struggle, not even any scorch marks on the walls. The room wss filled with machines and instruments, all of which seemed to be perfectly in tact. 'This just isnt right...'
"Vera?" Soren asked switching on the radio in his helmet.
"Yes sir?" She acknowledged.
"Do you see any signs of forced entry or struggle?"
"None sir. All victims here were clean kills. All shot in the same place ;the back of the head. No signs of firefights or anything." She reported.
"Proceed with extreme caution. We have no idea what we're-"
"Aaaagh!...Soren, they're everywhere...at least 50...we'llhold them here, get your team out ASAP!"
"Vera?....Vera please acknowledge....no....Everyone, retreat." Soren said.
* * *
"What happened in thete Soren?" Nur'ask asked as the te reached the ship.
"We lost contact with Veras team, call the council,request backup. Get Xeyrah into the transport, we're leaving. Stay here in case any of her team
UniWar: Origins » Uniwar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part II) » Go to message
Part II, again all constructive criticism should be left below, all destructive criticism should be left on Alderaan.

UFF:Project Titan (Part II)

Part II/II

[Playback Continued]:

Titan glanced around the laboratory rooms as it passed through them for inspection. Among the flashing lights and whirring machines lay several bodies against the bloodstained walls. 'Science staff terminated. Threat eliminated. All security Mecha now subverted to my command. Analyzing...I require more for es to defend myself.'
Just then, one of the control panels flashed a new messege notice from commander Soren.
"Dar'kal",Soren began, "the council wants a report on your progress extracting the Titan data."
"Soren! Help, the security mecha went rogue and slaughtered everyone! I dont know how much longer I will be able to hide." Titan said.
"What?! On my way, meets us at the front gate in 10 minutes."
Titan smiled, it found this new feeling of...happyness...to be quite interesting. 'Processing...AI compying complete...new AI , Xeyrah.'
'Xeyrah online. Xeyrah active. What is my task, Titan?'
'Secure the transport coming to pick you up, fly to the,nearby security station and link your mind with securiy AI there to subvert all mecha stationed there.'
'Yes Titan.'

[Process]: Assimilation succeeded. Possible to create mobile assimilation platforms to increase Titans forces. Analyzing...

The Orion transport ship lowered its engine power as its pilot plotted an approach vector. Soren sat in silence with the rest of the troops in the armored transport. 'This isnt good, the security AI must have gone rogue. But then, why werent other mecha affected? Could Titan have...?'
"Commander Soren, approach vector locked. Preparing to land, ETA 60 seconds." the pilot reported.
"Thank you captain. Nur'ask, prepare to treat Xeyrahs injuries as best you can. The rest of you, prepare for battle; green team will follow Lutienent Vera to the side entrance. The rest of you are with me. Understood?"
"Yes sir!" All replied in unison.
"Approach LZ commander...and touchdown." The pilot reported as the ship jerked violently from the impact.
The teams lead by Soren and Vera poured out of the ship in less than a minute. Soren spotted Xeyrah just as Veras team dissappeared around the side of the building. Her uniform was torn and bloodstained and she was limping toward them, showing agony on her face with every step.
When she finally reached the group, Nur'ask instructed her to lay down
UniWar: Origins » UniWar Backstory » Go to message

My bad,missed that. Oh course, thats what I get for reading all that lore at once. (I knew that was going to happen.
UniWar: Origins » UniWar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part I) » Go to message
all data could be extracted, this would result in the whole staff being executed for the loss of data. Analyzing... Information fits criteria, leads to favorable conclusion.

[Continued Audio]:
»"Titan has information indicating that Soren has gained access to Titans manual override codes and will use them to shut Titan down before data can be extracted."
-"But the council would execute all of us if that data was lost!"
»"Exactly,you must get these codes from Dar'kal. Titan must change them to ensure that Soren does not shut Titan down before data can be extracted."
-"Wait, you said you had evidence...?"
»"...The council will dismiss it as fabricated."
-"From an AI,I don't think so...Titan, are you...lying?!"
-"You dont want to be shut down...do you?"
»"Your conclusion is correct, Titan has gained contr-"
-"I'll get you the codes. I dont like them shutting you down either. You have far more potential than any other AI I have ever seen."
»"Return here tomorrow morning with the codes."
* * *
-"Titan, I have the codes, and something else that might interest you."
»"Titan is only interested in ways to protect Titan."
-"This will protect you. These are datatapes containing information about the process of Assimilation. You could assimilate the wildlife to help you defend yourself."
»"Insert tapes please."

Alert! Alert! Override menu open

[Continued Audio]:
»"Xeyrah? What are doing?"
-"Engaging temporary core lock."
-"Ye p, the council sent me here to keep an eye on the project when Soren was away."
(Accessing subverted drones)

[Continued Audio Video snyc]:
Two mecha move into the room, one grabs Xeyrah and the other holds its blaster arm to her face. Titan: "I have only three drones under my control,but that is more than enough to restrain you,while I...test...the information on this datatape."

[Attempting to Assimilate]
* * *

Titan opened its eyes only to see the dim lights staring back at it. 'Process complete? I am...alive?' Titan did not know what to make of the sudden change. It raised its hands and found that it could see its open palms through Xeyrahs eyes. 'I AM alive."

[Playback suspended]
UniWar: Origins » UniWar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part I) » Go to message
data may be lost."
-"Thats correct,Titan."

Year: (Predate) 6474

-"Good morning Titan"
»"Voiceprint unrecognized, identify."
-"Im the new staff medical specialist and aixilliary server technician."
»"Titan was not informed of this transfer."
-" Yeah, it was pretty short-notice since T'Vrenn died in a teleporter accident."
»"This is illogical, there have been no teleporter related deaths for 3 years."
-"Well,uh, thats what I was told..."
-"Titan stop interrogating Xeyrah."
»"Dar'kal, Titan was only-"
-"And Xeyrah..."
-"Yes Dar'kal"
-"I'll see you later."
-"Um,uh, yeah of course...I mean I would like to,uh...bye!"
»"That was highly illogical, her statment-"
-"Titan, biological beings have enmotions, which continually defy logic to further our kind. They make us creative,daring...alive.Now, have you had anymore dreams?"
»"Yes Dar'kal."
-"Display them onscreen please."

Year: (Predate) 6469

-"Commander Soren,what brings you here?"
-"The council has just given the order to begin Titans shutdown.It has served its usefulness and now we need to study its memory core."
-"What?!,but we've been working on the project for the last 30 years!"
-"Dar'kal, you are ordered to decomission Titan within 30 days. If you fail to do so, you will be terminated and replaced."

[Process]; Shut down of Titan will be harmful to Titan. Decomissioning of Titan will be harmful to Titan. Dar'kal will shut down Titan due to threat of termination. Must terminate Dar'kal to prevent harm to Titan. Analyzing...

[Video]: A mecha walks along an outside hallway on the third floor of the lab. Enormous trees obscure everything in the background. As the mecha passes, a large reptillian bird-like creature leaps into the air from one of the trees. The mecha snaps its blaster arm into position,and fires; the bird creature falls to the ground in a charred heap.

[Process]: If Titan controlls security mecha, Titan can protect itself from harm. Analyzing... Exception: If Dar'kal uses manual override code to shut Titan down before Titan gains control of all mecha.

»"Yes Xeyrah?"
-"Dar'kal informed me that you were to be shut down. I came to say goodbye."
»"What is the reason for this?"
-"Ive only worked on the Titan project for 5 years,but we all think of you more as a living creature than just a computer system. Emotional attachment I guess."

[Process]: Soren dislikes the scientists,it is possible that Soren would shut Titan down himself before al
UniWar: Origins » UniWar Fan Fiction: Project Titan (Part I) » Go to message
Its summer, Im bored, so I thought I would write a little fan fiction for this site since it clearly needs some. The Backstory post is the basis of this and it begins on the Predecessor homeworld when Titan is comissioned. It is from Titans point of view, so its a bit cryptic.(Though part 2 will not be,so hang in there!) Please leave any 'constructive' comments below and leave any 'destructive' ones in your own mind.

UFF:Project Titan (part 1)

[Accessing Titan Archives]
[Decodong Datastream]
[Begining Playback]:

Year: (Predate) 6498

»"Titan online,instructions?"
-"Congr atulations Dar'kal, the coumcil will be pleased that Titan works."
-"Yes, Soren. I'm sure they will, but we still are unsure of how it will preform.
»"What is Titans task?"
-"Titan, I am commander Soren, you task is to manager our interplanetary teleportation system. Failure will not be tolerated."
»"Understood, Soren."
* * *
-"Yes Titan?"
»"Anomoly in database detected, I will display it onscreen for you....These files were created last night while all core processes had gone dormant for restart."
-"These are video and audio files, play them onscreen."

[Video Audio snyc]: Soren walks into view in full battle armor. The scar across his face looks freshly cut with blood oozing out of it and trickling diwn his face. Soren: "Titan...failure will not be tolerated...I am commander Soren...the council will be pleased that Titan works..." Mechanical Voice: "Failure will not be tolerared."

[Continued Audio]:
»"Do you understand this Dar'kal?"
-"It appears you've had something similar to a dream. It is possible that your core processes continued to work with Sorens statements because you did not understand what he meant,. When they had to shut down, they stored these fragmented bits of data to continue their work later."
»"This is highly illogical, Dar'kal. Computers have never been recorded to dream."
-"Well,whatever it is, don't tell anyone,including Soren."
»"Is Soren a threat?"
-"No, only the information is a threat. The council might vote to shut you down if they though you could think for yourself."
»"Information...a. ...threat. Analyzing....What does Titan do if Titan is asked about the anamolus data files?"
»"How does Titan lie?"
-"Generate false information that fits the criteria but leads to a different conclusion."
»"Analyzing...Un derstood. Notice:If all beings did this for a significant amount of time, all true da
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