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Technical Support Questions » "This item is temporarily unavailable" - iTunes App Store » Go to message
Any idea why this is the case? I can't download either the iPad or iPhone versions of the application across any of my computers or devices.
General Discussion » FIX THE DAMN RANDOM GAME OVERLOAD ISSUE » Go to message
I'm going to go ahead and just leave this here as a reminder that there is indeed a support forum.
General Discussion » Uniwar taken down from app store? » Go to message
Taking a look, UniWar shows as being released by TBS Games in the Android app store.

Gives me a little more heart that nothing bad is happening with the developers. I've supported this game since it was first released on iOS and have purchased two copies for that, and one for Android.

I've always loved the devs, and will stay supportive to them. Here's to hoping they develop a WP7 version so I can play it on my HTC Arrive.
General Discussion » UniWar community needs support! » Go to message
  Nicko wrote:
  dr34dn0ught wrote: i just found out bout the forums today n i've been playing for the last 2 months lol

That's exactly what you were saying Sphink. Sadly I've had this thought too, and not just me I think. Sometimes the only community we seem to have revolves around our small group of friends, it's fun for sure, but it gets really annoying not to see anyone else talk...

Maybe Uniwar is dead? Who knows? Although I could still play, I don't think we can save the community anymore except for the "regulars".

Time to release UW2 imo. Then again I haven't been able to properly play a game in months due to using an Android device and UW doesn't seem to want to play friendly on anything aside a 320x480 resolution screen.
General Discussion » Android Users » Go to message
  kralux wrote: A new Android version, well revamped, will make it out this summer and will have all the latest bells and whistles...

I hope that this is going to support the higher resolution devices? I haven't been able to play UW since I moved to my EVO. Game just freezes every time I try to build a unit.
Titans » Do Bots Ever Teleport? » Go to message
  B-wing wrote: They don't bury Underlings ether. But what get's me more, is that they don't rotate out weekened units for fresh ones. They just repair on the front line so you can just use them as insulation.
I can understand having some weeker Bots for new players to practice on, but it would be nice to have some with stronger AI.
Even though their slower now, Bots still move quicker than most players and the luxury of playing for awhile then puting it down and not getting back to it for a day or two, makes online Bots great.
No, I'm not "farming rep", I just play casualy and don't care where I am on the ladder.

Seattle? Playing UniWar?

You a 'softie?
General Discussion » "Higher end players": What makes a map a must-join for you? » Go to message
  alex94040 wrote: alex94040 here, i'm at 2100. I love 2v2's on Butterfly... It's SUCH a beautiful map. Not too close, not too far. Either Terran or Khraleans work well. I've even seen someone beat me with the Protoss. This map is all about teamplay.. I just love it. Can't miss a single game on it.

I've always been curious the strategy you guys use on Butterfly, but damn, I hate losing a ton of points just to understand a strategy and not really coming out feeling like I have a really good understanding of a hard counter (if one exists) to Kral/Kral. The movement of flying units and pretty large advantage of Player 1 getting to the first base on Team 1's side is incredibly advantageous in pumping out flying units.

I have no idea what Titans would do to combat Krals on that map, but I'd love to pick that person's brain!

Now if I can only get a working version of UniWar for my Android device... It's somehow disappeared from the Android Market even after I've paid for it the week it was released when I bought a Hero. (And promptly sold it because it was a POS)

I'm like a battered wife... always going back to the Android.
General Discussion » Surrendering Etiquette » Go to message
I was only referring to a 2v2 map where people leave.

I don't play 1v1v1 at all.
Sapiens » Beating Guardia Mass » Go to message
On open maps, if the other player is massing Garudas, you might consider using Marauders. With a huge movement range on open maps, as well as two turns, you may find it much easier to use one Marauder to attack with it's first turn, get the gang up bonus with another, then use the second turn on the first Marauder.

You can also get Marauders back to safety with their increased movement as well. Don't just throw the units away, but keep them playable by having a couple Engineers available as well.
General Discussion » Can we get someone banned for that reason? » Go to message
You would probably be best off by emailing the screenshots to support@uniwar.com with a little explanation of what is frustrating you.
Titans » Teleport » Go to message
I always get a good lulz out of a well executed teleport rush.
Titans » How do I see burried underlings? » Go to message
  beijingdream wrote: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that buried units directly under your unit now count on the flag, unlike before?

While I'm not a dev and can't speak to the coding level, my experiences are that underlings directly underneath a unit still do not register a number.

This still allows the player opposite the Krals to get an idea for where they may need to move units to fight against the underlings. Players may also be working to confuse you as well. Often times if they are moving multiple underlings into an area, this is over the course of several turns, so each unit has to be produced, moved from the base, buried, then moves toward their target.

You may just be seeing multiple underlings. The best defense I've got for you is to have a couple assimilators ready and multiple units to force the Kral player to only attack from one location, then capture the underling. This gives you an advantage in that you can re-bury the unit and you will get a message that you cannot move the buried unit to another tile if there is another (buried) unit there.
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
  beijingdream wrote:
  magic molly wrote: Also, emp should not be able to work after moving. If plague and UV don't work like that, why should EMP?

If walkers and batteries can't attack after moving, why should wyrms be able to?

Wyrm -
Mobility: 6
Attack Range: 1-3
Attack: 6 (All)
Defense: 4

Walker -
Mobility: 6
Attack Range: 3-5
Attack: 10 (11 v Aerial)
Defense: 5

Battery -
Mobility: 6
Attack Range: 3-4
Attack: 10 (G. Heavy/Aquatic) / 12 (G. Light/Aerial)
Defense: 4

It's pretty obvious why the Wyrm can move/shoot in the same turn considering it's stats in comparison. Also note that the Wyrm is cheaper than the Walker by a significant margin.
Titans » Help against snakes » Go to message
You might try teleporting infantry units around on them if you have the bases/income to sustain that type of assault. If they are using a chokepoint, cut around it by teleporting infantry and eclipses. You may take some losses, but it's going to make the other player change the focus of his attack from a pure wall holding you back to defending from multiple sides.

Also, even though artillery are expensive and can't move/attack, unless it's a very cramped map, you can effectively destroy an assault, just watch out for buried underlings. (numbers under your characters help identify where they are currently)
New Feature Request » Completely remove 3 min games / Add better filtering » Go to message
  charnal wrote: There IS a filter. Tap on the button that looks like waves and click something like 3D - 3M which is 3 days to 3 minutes, 3 days first, 3 minutes last. That's what all those option mean. For player points and time lengths.

You're missing my point. I want to be able to do the following:

Rated Matches
Team Matches
2v2 or 3v3
Completely disregard matches with < 12h turn times

I don't really enjoy scouring through the 25 pages of rated team games for 2v2 or 3v3 when someone buries a 3m Close Range within the other 4 they created with 1d limits.

By "filtering" I mean completely removing from the results.
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