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Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
You probably already did this, but if the Resume Game option is available does it also crash when you try resuming that saved solo/vs game?
Also, can you play the campaign?

Both the Resume game option and Campaign are not available.

Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
Rolando wrote: The crash is happening whenever I hit the Play button. Current Games, however still works for accessing online games.

For what it's worth...
As mentioned, I can also access online play.
Still, cannot play offline. I'm hoping for a better solution than a game dump, so I'll sit tight on this...
Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
>Device: iTouch Gen 2. OS is 3.1.1.
...can't recall the previous OS version, but it was the newest version released by Apple up to this newest version.
>This unit has NOT been jailbroken - ever.
>iTouch syncs with my unibody macbook pro, daily
>To my knowledge, all other 29 apps I have operate properly

The issue began when a offline Solo game was in progress; don't remember the exact game.

> From desktop icon
> 1st screen: "Current Games", "Play", "Settings", "Help", "About" are the choices.
> Select "Play", screen reverts back to the OS desktop in about 5 seconds.

Now here's one for you...
Just powered down the unit. Reboot. Was able to get past the "Play" button (took about 20 seconds). Pressed the "Play Solo" button, and I was returned to the OS desktop screen. Haven't been able to get back to the "Play Solo" button lately..

Just attempted it again...went from "Play", right back to the OS desktop (no chance to get to the Play Solo choice).
Bug Reports » v. 1.0.5 - Playing "offline" problems » Go to message
Since this upgrade, when selecting Play for offline playing, Uniwar exits back to the itouch "desktop" after about 20 seconds.
At the time of the upgrade, I had an offline game in progress...the Play Solo option did the same thing.

Currently, I can't play offline...FYI...
Titans » my way of the titans <xavier2free> » Go to message
I play nearly exclusively Titans. On larger maps, creating a "core" area with the backbone of Plasma Tanks has really worked for me. Also, teleporting Mechas has worked well. As the game continues, my core expands and includes other support units depending upon the opponents. Expand too quickly, defeat and despair! Building the "wall" of Plasmas >2 squares works to keep away Arial Swarmers. Remember that Walkers can't operate vs. enemies @ two or less squares, so keeping at least 2 squares away from each other can help a little to defend another Walker. I imagine there are players that want to play the "scorched earth" style...there's a time for that too! Against Krahleans, advancing quickly to keep their Wyrm from entering the game or crippling it also has great results for me.
General Discussion » Scoring Games » Go to message
We both have an assumption: yours..."The logic behind this is obvious", and mine was that the scoring was lopsided. Both could be incorrect. Without an established method scoring base to go by, "bot" games were the only way I could gauge scoring. But a roughly 10x loss factor for losing a game still seems a bit harsh.

My assumption was that about the same amount of points lost would nearly equal the same as points gained as in many other electronic games; or, a slightly higher penalty factor of, lets say, 1.5 or 2. But the system really punishes those who lose with 10 or so factoring. Fair enough...to keep it simple, the bottom line: don't lose and live with it!
Thanks for your response.
General Discussion » Scoring Games » Go to message
When playing vs. the Uniwar server, why is the scoring so lopsided? Losing a game against the "system" costs about 30 points, when winning a game only results in 2-5 points?
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