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Hi all these are 2 ideas I had so thought I would post for feedback.

1. High level players frown upon skipping but in tournament it is more needed to speed up play. But still we will not really do it so I suggest aswell as the option to skip at 12hours there should an auto skip after 16 hours. Taking the control from us meaning there can be no bad feelings that Simone skipped or was on purpose slowing down play.

2. For the new championship after tourney 1. players are going to get a seed for there position in the league. So viewers can see easier who is playing who and where they stand in current standings. I think seeds should be distributed evenly then for further championship tournaments so that seed 1 and 2 can't be drawn in the first round etc. otherwise this will throw the whole seeding system out as the second best current player will drop down the rank so quick due to an unlucky draw.
Example in tennis which is where the seed system is taking its routes if seed 1 and 2 met in the first round for two tournaments running it would ruin one of there seeds.
Hope this makes sense to more people than just me. Please comment.
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missing results

wolfcat v evcatz

ggleb v flyinghigh

starryblink v flyinghigh

i am still playing jarek in one game i think he will take it.

final sheet is out please invite the 2 people below you. if you are towards the bottm loop back and invite the top.

the 5turn capping rule still applies for this tournament. afterwards it will be scrapped
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i have updated please fill in the blanks for me there only only a few left. also i dont think it was said but i believe vogon beats indiana? can someone confirm this. if so vogon advances and finals can start.

map will be amazeisle hopefully i will get the new final table on the spreadsheet in the next hour and invites can go out. gl to all finalists
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Hi all most results are getting there now. still just a few to come in. but now we have 4 players through

laughing sir

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more updates on the sheet. my group E has been won by dan1 i still play jarek in one game but it is past the round amount of the other gae which is over.

laughing sir makes a strong hold on group B with only starryblink being able to stop him. \

Group C we still cant tell who will win from the results shown so anymore would be helpfull.

Group A mainly hangs on vogons results so we will shall await to hear from him

and group D supercc holds the key to the winner there. the finals are getting close. i will start to look for a map soon for the final.

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okay a few updates.

the 5 turn rule will be dropped for next tourney. it will however be used in the final rounds of this tournament.

tie break will first go to most most individual games won. this should at least bring it down to just 2 players in the event of there still being a tie the 2 people will play a rematch. but i feel this is an unlikely event to happen.

regarding invites to games. jb is correct that a more fair way to do it would be to invite the 2 people below you. if you are at the bottom of the group you will of course come to the top of the table for your invites. but this being said although this will make the invites more fair and make some people more happy it was by no means unfair as we are mirrored. the advantage is so marginal and i mean so so marginal. but it is easy enough to introduce this rule to save any future talks on the matter. we will use this rule in final grouping of this tournament.

and sorry to ll those in pandas group i dont have a full understanding what is going on with him there if someone can fill me in. has he resigned? and if so do we have a reason? if this is so unfortunately it is to late to replace him at this stage so he will just be marked as all defeats.

please comment on the above if you have any further questions or remarks

many thanks to all
Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
hi all i have free time today so will read all the above comments and give feedback. for now i have just updated sheet let me know if there are any mistakes or more to add.

i am nearly finished with jarek. well in the sense i am capping in one game and i dont think he can stop it. and in other game it is still open inless he can cap next round which i dont think will be possible

but i will wait to see that i am not missing anything.
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2 games remain in group e. jarek needs to beat me for yngwie to have a chance of survival.

jarek nearly had me last round i left a base a bit to loose but luckily managed to position well ready for his cap attempt. he has no lost units and position with the move though.

in group d it looks like games with supercc will decide the winner. johnalei will have to lose to give anyone else a chance. the rest of the groups are still to early but more updates are on sheet.

the tiebreaker does not break down as easy as i thought as 2 people can draw. any suggestions on a tiebreaker? the round rule is very inconclusive as most people surrneder when they are beat.
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i to had the act fast given to me a lot. talone needs to remember he has chosen this map and k nows it very well. if he wants a good challenge he needs to allow players time to figure out the map or to try work out what the correct move is.

it would be nice to see him in a tournament or game where he knows little or nothing about the map also.

this would be a spectical for the rest of the world arena not just the runiwar

gl to your next challenger. if johnalei is listening he would be a good challenger. hes also not as slow as me and vogon

Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
i agree with bloody in that the rule should have been in place to start with but i did not think there would ever be a need for such a rule within the maps i pick. so that was my bad. but i stick with what i have said as i have tried to explain it to the best i can in what i believe was correct.

i dont understand why the rule cytivrat would not play in this game. without capping you had base difference of 3 to 4 and then when he caps the open base that makes 3 to 5. please explain a map scenario where his rule would not work as i don't want to incorporate it if it will not help.

sorry again for the mix up. but I'm pretty sure most people will see it the way that evctz cap would count.
i very much doubt my mind would but if the result turns out to be crucial for the group i will reopen the issue for discussion with the rest of the field. but i will state that i will hold final judgement.

i also don't think bloody harry was doing anything wrong in bringing this to the table. my original statement does say a cap of an enemy base. but i believe most of us assumed that meant 1 base from the opposite side of the board. if the board was layed different this would have made more of an issue. but with that i also would not have had the 5 turn rule or made clear if there was an indecisive base.

im still open for chat on this for future tournaments. but for these games we will leave it until we know if it is crucial.
i will take chat on the 5 turn rule as i know 1 or 2 players from previous tournaments would probably prefer to play without it.

what are your thoughts on this. keep it or scrap it. please dont take into account the mishaps of the rule this time as it would be perfected for next time
Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
cytivrant explains it also the way i believe.

i also dont usually choose maps where there is a rush to an open base or where people can stop each other. i like it to be a nice match up. but as shown here sometimes it will slip past me. and for those games i will be using the rule of cytivrat.

all comments or ideas welcome
Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
yes i agree in that it should have been clear from the start but until we started i was not aware of it. but i will make it clear for future incase i miss something in the future.

but the main point of the rule was to keep the action and not have fights were people play defensive. as some times you can see a race is not probably going to win as easy as another. so in previous tournament people would sit back and get stuck in. and losing a base was not so bad. this way you have to fight to save it.

from what i have heard bloody you capped his base 5 rounds later. so if you played out the games evcatz would win in a quicker amount of rounds overall. i made the choice over the matter based on this as it would not be far that really he would have beat you quicker if played to the end same as probably all the other games completed using this rule.

hope that all makes sense i find it hard to explain what i mean sometimes
Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
few more updates on sheet

also i have beat cytivrat blue sap v red kharl in 9 rounds.
i have advantage as red kharl at the mo in more than 9 rounds. so win goes to me but second result not yet in sheet

i have heard bits of most games. the only name i have not heard is supercc can someone confirm his games are active. many thanks
Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
hi unfortunately i know the situation you are talking about. i did not see this fault in map when picking it. i always try to avoid such things in map choice.

for anyone that did not see it it was if you were blue sapien. you could not cap one of your bases and build a maurader at your bottom base. then you can stop red capping his base.

but map is mirrored so the same advantage was there for all. also in my eyes it was actually a disadvantage. i found it in one game as blue saps and did just that stopped red capping. but i felt it took me longer to win this way than just letting the cap happen. i also think played correctly you can still cap a few rounds later leaving blue a bit stretched.

okay enough of the explanation. the answer is. that base should really be yours due to the lay out of the map. so capping that base still counts as capping enemy base. if not there really really would be no point of stopping it.

sorry to all for this fault in map choice but as explained above it is still mirrored.

I need to make sure maps are made with 200 credits or less to start.

Tournaments » dan1 tourney 5 » Go to message
the sheet now has its first update please let me know if i have made any mistakes or if there are more to be added.

indiana did you mean wolf cat? and i have taken it that you have beaten him quicker than he beat you is that correct
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