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Messages posted by: sniggih
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User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message
I want in!
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message
Bug Reports » Main chat button causes app to crash » Go to message
:'( same problem here... My obsessive tendency to click that chat button is causing me a lot of crashes today
General Discussion » 3 Minute Speed FFA Tournament Livestream Event » Go to message
GREAT idea. Not sure that i could join, i am too slow to play 3 min turns. But would love to watch it live if i was able to.

Keep up the great work Gobbly Gobbles
Tournaments » EvCatz 2000-2350 tournament registration » Go to message
Sniggih PLEASE!! My scores at 2073. My gender is male, favorite food is pizza, i am a Capricorn, DTF...
New Feature Request » On-phone alert that it's my turn when playing online » Go to message
iPhone has these notifications
If thats what device your using make sure you allow notifications from Uniwar app.

Also a way to turn the email notifications off is from the "headquarters" menu go to "my account"

General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
The following words are blocked:
Se x

May we have these words back please?
General Discussion » The censor » Go to message
Someone said yesterday in chat: "build a fence and all the children will climb it"
True statement!

I'll be the first one to admitt that all our behavior yesterday was uncalled for and childish, we were pretty much all swearing just because we were told we could not... i even chose to make an alternate account after i was mistakenly banned just to encourage the obnoxious behavior.

I apologize to whoevers buttons i pushed but my messege is still the same... YOU WILL NOT STOP PEOPLE FROM SWEARING IN YOUR CHATS. Plain and simple.

Those who want to say fuck, will say Fack.
Those who want to say bitch, will say b!tch.
Your sensors are merely going to encourage more creative ways of swearing because some people just see it as neseccary... Welcome to the world wide web of 2013

General Discussion » CHAT CENSORS ARE STUPID! » Go to message
Just curious what the average age of the Uniwar player is?
Do 9 year olds play this game? Are 9 year olds given iPhones these days to freely roam the internet?
It's not Uniwar's problem that a child stumbles upon a curse word in a chat... Its up to the child's parents to do the censoring....

Maybe if there was a way to choose your age when you register... Because this would be done by any responsible parent thats about to let their child play an internet game... And so the idea would be that children uner age "x" cannot see curse words....
That would be most logical in my opinion.

The word "but" almost got me banned from chat today
As well as the word "balls"

Thats freaking ridiculous...
New Feature Request » Bury Suggestions » Go to message
I like the minesweeper aspect! Its pretty useful and easy enough. If you cant figure out where my ants are... its because i can hide my mines better than you can sweep them. Your right about the crush not being utilized enough.

Heres some possible game changers:

Heavy units do more and a various amounts of damage to buried ants, (-2 if ant is in the trees, -3 if in swampy area) This really beneficial to marauders because they can tag team an ant in a single turn, which is one of my favorite things to do. Damages should not be shown though.

Walkers, eclipses and batteries can shoot at the ground. Makes sense if you ask me. The ground cover should probably give the ants a significant amount of defense.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
Will you make this for iphone? I searched the app store there's none... I would buy it !
New Feature Request » Search for players and remach button » Go to message
Aha! I just found out you can type a players name into the box when creating a custom game. So that helps, but a rematch button and a search bar in top players menu would still benefit the game if you ask me.
New Feature Request » Search for players and remach button » Go to message
Hey guys idk if it has been covered here yet but i find it very difficult to start a match with someboady i just played unless i am friends with them, and in order to add them as a friend i have to roll through the entire ranks to find thier name and click add friend. If you could simply click a rematch button that would direct a game to start for both players that would be cool. And if you could click rematch and even choose a different map if you want, that would be prime.

And adding a search bar to the top players list would help find anyone thats not your friend easily!

Thanks, love the game!
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