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Messages posted by: tecknodragon
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General Discussion » How does veterancy/experience work? » Go to message
Could somebody please explain how this works? I've read all the roles and official help stuff, but have not read anything about this.
General Discussion » Should the damage formula be a secret? » Go to message
I don't want to win or lose because of luck. It really annoying when someone gets way more damage on me than they should have because of the random generator. And it feels like a unfair win when I do far better in a attack than I should have. It simply should not be a random factor. I like to think of the skein like a really complicated game of chest.

People that play the game had a good idea of the calculation. People that are new to the game are clueless. This is a hindrance to people getting into the game.
Bug Reports » system has been hacked? » Go to message
on game THEBOG25611 I was playing against Szetopia. I spawned a man on one of my basis to protect it, but when I came back to the game after Szetopia had taking his turn, my base was captured. A ran the replay and it doesn't show my man being there. I use the chat feature to ask him what happened. A play one more round to get his attention, and came back in all my men were gone from the board and he had one. There was no replay available. I can only assume Szetopia has hacked the system. If this is just a bug is a really convenient bug for Szetopia
I am runing v1.0.4
If you know Szetopia, have ham contact Tecknodragon. I would like to hear his side of the story.
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