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North korea is a mysterious nation with rich cultural background involving its long periods of isolation, not unlike japan. Little is known about the communist regime which is likely falling apart at the seams under a series of corrupt leaders who lie avidly and avoid feeding their people despite forming many parades in their honor; this forum is designated for uniwar not politics more than this should be kept silent lest a troll smells opportunity to harass a culture
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Metadeity, rank 1800; be warned though my rank may be a little misleading; at least a little
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Also remove:
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I agree with those terms, but you completely misinterpreted the message i intended

I said since they made this game they are like our parents and we love them
But being whiny children, despite our loving em complaints are gonna happen
Harrowing as it is for our poor parents they have to put up with complaints no matter what
Especially if they are slow to fix our problems

I'm trying to also get the point across that i am strongly irritated by them increasing the list of words, even if only by two words, before decreasing the already excessove list

Censorship is called a form of oppression for a reason, it should always be taken seriously even if the cause is a picayune one
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Tomatao tomahto, i see no reason to care and it is more classifiable as a censor imo
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It's another responsibility to be a developer of a game, like being a parent. It's awful and soul crushing but it's a responsibility that must be met for full success.

You can be an excellent parent or an awful one

Your awfulness may be from an inability to cope with the responsibilities. your child or your annoying customers may whine you may beat them for it... But there will one way or another be reprimand

The child may complain and complain until you appease him, or the society will shun you for mot doing anything about their suffering; either way they have to grin and bear it amd get to the job eventually

Coming on time is expected naturally, as no good parent would leave their child starving for too long
But expecting lateness to be dealt withs silence is unreasonable
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If you think of me as childish for complaining then think of me as your helpless child. You have a job you have a life enjoy it, but i'll still cry selfishly until your other responsibility is fulfilled. Imagine i unleashed my wrath on my diaper, someone's gotta change it so i don't get a rash or an infection. Making the chat worse is like giving me a diaper wedgie

I don't care that you are annoyed by it and do have other business

Annoying you into wanting to act is my incentive as a complainer, Socrates has done it, Ben Franklin has done it, Lenin has done it, though it may seem to victimize some who don't deserve it at times; it must get done for the sake of the people.

I don't like complaining either, i do so because there is something to complain about
Something to fix
And essentially some goal to achieve
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Telling lies? I'm just complaining as i have the right to, and i said it didn't take them long to remove the word but it shouldn't take them two months to remove another >.> they've added words who're and kinky rather than removing words like poof beaver damn kraut nazi crap or jap, what lies have i been telling, i've just been complaining as people are supposed to.

Someone has to complain or there is no major incentive to get the job done, no one trully enjoys the censor i'm just vocalizing it

You don't have to agree JC but don't call me a liar for complaining

I'm complaining because the topic presented itself, i'll stop complaining when the censor becomes more ognorable
General Discussion » Reason for boycott? » Go to message
This disregards my reason for quitting in them forcing me to pay for the features, but this doesn't make me tolerate that they made the already needless censor worse when they planned to make it better
General Discussion » Reason for boycott? » Go to message
I see... Grandfathered... And my complaint is that they took the time to add words NOT remove them
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How about a light infantry war, onky units are mechas, marines, underlings, engineers, infectors amd assimilators and you all have them with maybe one more unit aat most

You can try to cancel eachother's offense with a healer that way
It'd be great on small low credit maps
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Pardon but since i'm typing from an ipad some of my message is sending weirdly, the word i'm trying to edit is suka it's one word it's in russian yet the russian alphabet isn't even in yet
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Post anything else that needs to be removed here and please leave it only to words that haven't been mentioned, if you think any of these words do not need removal say so and defend your reason
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The censor is excessive, we don't have a thread for these words yet just off the top of my head here are some words that need to be removed:
Suk a
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I've been hearing from some that the uniwar crew had plans for making the censor bearable by taking some of the words away, apparently that was a lie and they only bothered to make it worse. I can't even say who're now because the censor thinks i'm trying to say whore
I also hear they intend to make us pay to use features of uniwar in the next update.
What made uniwar better than other games of the genre was the excellent chat and the people to chat with.
If they make us pay i'll probably quit, who else agrees?

Almost no one who used the chat wanted the filter
They asked before putting the filter on and they simply wiped their ass with the widely negative response
They make the filter excessive and haven't bothered for months to ease it off yet they said they would

I understand the crew is limited but it didn't take them 2 months to remove the word but from the censor when it was there
I understand they didn't make the list but they clearly didn't check it and hardly seem to bother with fixing it
The intention was to get rid of pesky immature children and to filter curse word spamming yet it has done the exact opposite
I understand that it's their game and i don't have the authority to make them change it

But i do have the right to quit playing when they make the game lose it's appeal, who agrees?
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