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What's New in the Latest Updates » Version 1.6.6 will not run on original iPad » Go to message
Is there a way to get an older version for people that upgraded and now have a version which doesn't work on their iPad?
General Discussion » Changes are coming to uniwar... » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
  zgar wrote: If you know the order your attacks are seeded you could base your turn according to it.

The randoms are assigned to the unit. order means nothing to that.

But.. its ofc possible to get other gangupbonuses and not attack if you dont kill etc

And i dont know why each move is uploaded to the server, but id guess it has something to do with the traffic to the server and perhaps that they dont want a phonegame to be reliant on a constant open connection.. Signals is often lost when on the subway etc Would be very annoying to not be able to do your whole turn..

Ahh, thank you for the further explanation. Per unit randoms help this a lot, and I would guess signal related issues would complicate things quite a bit. Any easily implemented solution I can think of offhand which doesn't rely on an open connection would still have ways to get around it or too many potential negatives. Anyway, thank you again and thank you for Uniwar. It is an awesome game.
General Discussion » Changes are coming to uniwar... » Go to message
  J.C. wrote: You can do this trick as you wish, but the "luck" associated to each turn doesn't change. They don't get bad rolls because they know how to play

(and of course avoid attacks when they get bad rolls)

You're missing the point which someone who plays this game enough to want to exploit this (or someone smart enough to see that it's exploitable) wouldn't... and obviously it affords some advantage or no one would bother to do it. Anyway, I'm not referring to 'roll' in this context in terms of damage/gang up/strategy etc. I'm talking about roll as in positive/negative deviation from the average damage. If you know the order your attacks are seeded you could base your turn according to it.

So for example if you knew you were targeting a couple of units or were chaining some attacks... If two units each needed one attack to kill, only one is a guaranteed kill regardless of bad luck and one requires you to not do less damage than expected, someone not exploiting this would go into it blindly and couldn't call a redo. Someone exploiting this could see that maybe the 2nd attack did less damage, and redo the round so that lower damage roll is used against a guaranteed kill.

This also all but guarantees someone would never leave a 1hp unit at the end of a round. Actually, depending on if the random is seeded per game or per turn, someone could see that their last couple of attacks were bunk and decide to leave them for their opponent to open the round with. A little extreme of an example, but certainly not hard to see ways to use this type of thing to an unfair advantage.
Khraleans » Winning vs Saps on Heavy Terrain Maps » Go to message
Thanks waxoid, that's good advice that I'll have to try out. I hadn't been building multiple infestors too often because they get one shotted by helis and saps are so good at chained attacks but it's worth the risk. Thanks again.
General Discussion » Changes are coming to uniwar... » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
  zhaine7900 wrote: Reset turn for money as in, I paid real money for the ability to correct my mistakes while the other dude who doesn't buy in game perks has to live with what he did the fair way?

Its easy to redo turn today since it is not uploaded to the server before the player ends the turn (by deleting the cache or overwriting it). Most high level players does this (with multiple accounts).

Ohh man, that's disappointing to hear. I always kind of wondered about this, especially when I notice some people never seem to get a bad roll especially when it counts (while my bad luck of course carries over into uniwar as well ). Why wouldn't the game sync per move, or have actions performed by the server? I guess that would be big architecture changes. Oh well, still a great game.
Khraleans » Winning vs Saps on Heavy Terrain Maps » Go to message
I'm having trouble finding an effective strategy for khral vs sap on maps which are mostly forest and mountains. Any thoughts?
New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
I agree, I think four and five are the only things that would help. I think 5 is too much of a nerf and would take away fun strategies and teamwork, and 4 may not be enough in some cases.. but it would probably be in most so I voted for 4. The poster is right that it does ruin many layouts, any large map with unclaimed bases in the middle is generally not possible to play as anything but titan. That is actually a shame too, because territory grab maps can be really fun - but they are definitely not possible as it is right now.
Guides & Tips » Gangup bonus » Go to message
This chart is awesome and has definitely changed the way I play. Thank you for posting it. One thing I've noticed though is that attacking from the same location (marauders, speeders, helis) gives a +2 also. Also, I think the spot directly behind the attacker is just +1 (although two back is +3). Do I have that right?
New Feature Request » Bury Suggestions » Go to message
I always play random and have been on the good and bad end of this but I think bury makes ants a little too powerful when compared against mechas and marines. More than that I think it leads to very boring and frustrating games - especially as titans. When playing against even a semi-decent player bury spam makes it just about pointless to build walkers and assimilators since they are one shotted (more or less for walkers), and the lengths one needs to go to in order to guard against it are much more expensive and difficult than simply spamming ants to every part of the map. It's almost made worse knowing where the ants are through the minesweeper mini-game since there is literally nothing that can be done to counter other than covering up and waiting.

Rather than simply nerfing bury (although a +2 or +3 makes more sense to me in order to avoid one shot kills even on flat ground) I would suggest adding things to make the games more enjoyable. I think one or two of these suggestions may be worth considering:

  • Increase crush's effectiveness. Crush is basically useless: only does one damage which is repaired the next turn, ants are normally on cliffs anyway, it is a one time damage - they can still sit directly underneath a heavy unit. I would suggest upping the damage, having ants take damage every turn they are under a heavy, or having the ant take damage when a unit is pathed on top of it not just ending on top of it.

  • Ants can't repair while buried.

  • Engineers and assimilators are detectors.

  • Add an attack ground option. This would be the option I'd most like to see. This one offers an actual counter and adds an element to the game (the minesweeper game becomes less tedious). There are a bunch of options that could be considered with this: what kind of defense bonus the ants get, does an attack damage units above and below the same tile, should the damage be displayed or should nothing display in order to leave them wondering if they hit the right tile.

  • Any thoughts?
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