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Guides & Tips » Catch-Up guide for old players? » Go to message
I started playing Uniwar over 10 years ago, but as I became bored with it after waiting for “UniWar 2” which just never came, I stopped playing. Fast forward maybe 6 or 7 years later, for whatever reason, I opened the game to see if updates ever came and much to my shock the gameplay was completely updated and then some. I’m guessing this happened years ago - probably in more than one major update. I am already feeling the eye-rolls as I type this, but is there a quick guide on all of the changes that have happened since the original incarnation from 10+ years ago? I see lots of new units, sets of new battle modifiers, new terrain like cities and roads, amphibious and submersible modes and attacks, and that’s just the stuff I could see in a single player game. There used to be a tutorial for noobs (which I guess I am again) as well as a full guide in-game but it looks like it either was moved, removed or was changed.

Honestly, if there is any guide for old farts like me who only played original Uniwar (back when y’all were in diapers) that explains the changes since then, that would be utterly exceptional. Still, I am not to proud to go back to basic and start over and learn the new game. I’m sure the new game design means very different strategy and tactics. I just can’t find the ding-dang noob guide since I have an existing account that I created back in the days of the iPhone 2. (Not even kidding!)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: for reference, the last major update I experienced was after custom maps were introduced and you could challenge friends to play on said maps. I stopped playing after that and totally regret it.
General Discussion » No more hi-res!?!? » Go to message
Since the latest updates you now can no longer look at the maps in high resolution. I have no idea why the developers did this. Previously when viewed on a retina display you could view the entire map at once which was terrific. Now not only is the resolution of the game akin to an iPhone from 6 years ago, the zoom feature has been removed. Why did you do This? WHY? I have been a loyal player and lover of this game since 2009 and this change is incredibly disappointing. Please bring back full resolution so that those of us with iPads can enjoy looking at the entire map at once.
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
Is there an active bracket posted somewhere so we can se what the progress is and who we are going to be up against in the next round?
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
Darfnader wins round 2 vs Elit81

Tourney11.r2.m27.g2M DarfNader in 13
Tourney11.r2.m27.g Elit81 in 19
Tourney11.r2.m27.g2 DarfNader in 20
Tourney11.r2.m27.g1M Darfnader in 23
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
When will full results of the first round be posted? Is there a cut-off time? I don't want to miss the start of round 2!
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
1 Tittiboi (black khral) - Darf Nader (red titan) Darf Nader win with ? rounds
2 Darf Nader (black khral) - Titiboi (red sapien) Darf Nader win with ? rounds

3 Tittiboi (black sapiens) - Darf Nader (red khral) Darf Nader win with ? rounds
4 Darf Nader (back sapiens) - Tittiboi (red khral) Darf Nader win with ? rounds

I am sorry that I didn't get the round count- I deleted the games before I got that information! I did win all 4 matches so hopefully that isn't a problem. My opponent, tittiboi, will vouch for my wins. If more details are needed, I invited him to a game to see if he still has the game details in which case I will post them.

Thanks for organizing this tourney and putting together such a well-balanced map! It's really interesting regardless of what race you pick, and I am not just saying that because I won all for rounds. tittiboi is a formidable opponent- I have played him before.
Tournaments » The Beach Wars: rules and registration » Go to message
darf nader 1843
New Feature Request » Better management of teams » Go to message
It would be really cool to allow for teams who play together set up their own identity. For instance, they could have a combined score, a team name.. maybe even create a flag/crest for themselves. This would also go hand-in-hand with team base tournament play.
New Feature Request » More than two teams! » Go to message
How about there be an option for three teams for 6 player games and 4 teams for either player games? We could even get crazy and have a 9 player game with 3 teams of 3.
New Feature Request » Better Colors » Go to message
I think the color selection is is not great. Many of the colors simply look to similar. I think the game makers shied away from colors like pink and purple because they may be to "girly" but at least they would stand out. One thing that would be cool is if you could actually pick your colors before the game start. Perhaps this could be done by the game organizer, or each play can pick their own color. This could be an option the game organizer then decides.

Of course, this goes along with the suggestion for color "grouping" be employed for team play.
Tournaments » How about team tournaments? » Go to message
I play with a group of solid and trustworthy players that I wish I could play in a tournament with.
Bug Reports » Cannot use special ability on units turned by own team » Go to message
It would appear that it was done with intention that units which have been "turned", like how underlings get assimilated, can be turned by member of their own team so that they cannot be turned by the enemy. This seems kind of shady. It would seem to make sense that a unit should be turned as many times as possible.
User Generated Maps » How to get your maps promoted to "rated"? » Go to message
Hi there,
I have a few maps that I have made my friends and I have been playing on and we all seem to like them. So what is the next step to having them be promoted to "rating" status? Is there some vetting process that goes on or do they simply need to get a certain number of votes or vote ratio to advance?
General Discussion » Uniwar 2 ? » Go to message
I would like to stick up for Uniwar at this point... sure it's old, but really it's one of those games that really doesn't need to have its basic gameplay changed. As a concept it is so elementally classic like chess (though I would never dare put them on the same level).
New Feature Request » Uniwar Player Groups and Ratings » Go to message
It would be a cool if you could have Uniwar gamer groups so you and your friends could be able to be affiliated in order to play games amongst themselves and have a ranking just within that group where games only against those people are measured. It would be a new competitive angle to the game.
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