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General Discussion » Other Javaground games? » Go to message
Javaground has made quite a few games. Their best title in my opinion is Blood+ (it's based on the Anime series of the same name) but it didn't come out for the iPhone and I don't think it's available in the U.S.

The company has also been developing software tools which make it easier to create games that work on a wide variety of phones, and they're using that technology to bring Uniwar to additional devices. You'll actually be able to play against people who don't have iPhones, so that should be good!
Khraleans » Khralean Healing Ability » Go to message
That's a great point because normally you don't think of the Khraleans as being able to take the same amount of punishment as other races, such as the Titans. But with medics at their side, they can be pretty hard to stop. And even if they don't survive, they're cheap enough so that you can treat them as expendable fodder and that will at least prevent the enemy from advancing!
General Discussion » Glad the forums are up » Go to message
Uniwar ROCKS!! My rank is terrible though.
First post!??
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