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New Feature Request » Island map loophole » Go to message
The air unit method would not work for defeating Khraleans with buried units, though.
General Discussion » Uniwar and multitasking » Go to message

Is a multitasking update for uniwar coming soon? Having to load the game with all the other apps on the appstore multitasking is getting to me.
All the developer needs to do is build for "iPhone Device 4.0" or higher from the targets pane in xcode. (I'm a developer myself).

There shouldn't be any additional work needed besides submitting the update.
Technical Support Questions » Push notifications on a new device » Go to message

I replaced my iPod Touch with an iPhone. I have uninstalling Uniwar from the ipod touch and have installed and logged into uniwars on the iPhone. However, I an not receiving notifications for games. Are the push notifications not configured correctly, or is there something else I must do? Thanks.
User Generated Maps » How do you make custom maps? » Go to message
How can I create my own maps, is it included in the iPhone game, or a program downloaded from this website?
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