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New Feature Request » Balance suggestions » Go to message
Maybe an eclipse that can go on water but isn't aerial?
General Discussion » Report card for earth. » Go to message
It's too bad about what happened to his mom. She's be proud
New Feature Request » Pirate race idea » Go to message
Actually, great idea. I like the tank and priviteer . The hovercraft sounds really fun to use
New Feature Request » New Emoticon Submitions » Go to message

Also, something like this=

And the ability to change the color of unit emoticons would be nice.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:
  StarryBlink wrote:
In my opinions :

Wrym : restore its previous ground -heavy attack. But you can keep its +1 air attack.

Swarmer : restore its defense.
Keep the change of -1 ground-heavy attack.
But instead +1 its ground-light attack.

Then swarmer won't be too strong against titan.
While you also make them more powerful in destroying sap marines.

agree on wyrm. but you got it wrong.. it does not have a +1 air yet.. but it might get

Agree on swarmer and good idea on GH and GL.

And also consider buffing pinzer air +1 (to 3), then it will be a viable unit in K vs K and an more important unit in K vs S

Totally agree with simsverd. And I think marine needs the air attack, sorry guys. Maybe give the helicopter 8 or 9 g.h so it isn't dominated by pinzers

Also I think pixel mush's idea about on giving underlings attacks when unburying is a great idea. No one will escape!
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
Agree with shadowtr
New Feature Request » Mix and match maps? » Go to message
Imagine this: earth v mars. What if we could mix up map types? What if we had a seasonal four way game? Please, devs?
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
Possible solutions: marines can ride aerial units. So now, it will be costy to do it, but marines can go places really fast. This gives every race a distinct advantage:
Khrals: cheap and fast base capture
Titan:Good over long distance
Sapiens: fastest

For tank. The current solution is fine. A walker can 2 hit it, but it can do the same to any other 350 unit.

For swarmer; make the pinzer slightly fast so we can stand a chance v ground heavy, or give the pinzer better gh
General Discussion » Dougman4's Unit Value and Other Game Improvement Suggestions » Go to message
Highly disagree. First of all, if we can make any unit we please, that presents a thousand problems, the biggest being that the player has to memorize a new stragety for every map, especially considering all units still have the same skin. That makes it too confusing. Second of off, balanced maps needed placed starting money. Lastly, for the same reasons I oppose giving some players more troops than others. Although it'd be nice if we could start with other units as long as my total starting unit cost was the same as yours.

And I also think the battery needs the nerf. Think of it as if you never knew the battery had a sucky early version. Is the new battery balanced? Yes, yes it is. It's not the new unit that bothers everyone, its the change. But change is good, that's why I like it. And the marauder. No. I like moving mine twice. That takes all of the fun out of it, it does. Same with the underling, the zero anti air thing is part of its personality. And think about it, 4 leviathan = 3 battleships. The leviathan ends up getting dominated. While we're on the subject of khrals, the swarmer spams, the pinzer needs the anti air.

I think the 200-300 idea is kind of good, but at that point we might as well just get another unit.

Agree on the small boat. Too often does 800 credit ships end up being useless on shore, I want a cheaper walker and maybe a jet carrier.

Also agree with everything else you said. I think the mechanical 4 air is unnecessary.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
I support the battery changes. It's not dramatic as the stats say it is, if anything, it will not make a huge difference. Moving 7 after attack just gives sapiens more options as to where to move. I fully support the move 7 after 7 thing.

I also agree that swarmers need the GH so they can fight off marauders and speeders. Without it, the pinzer is going to need a speed boost so khrals can stop maruader and speeders
New Feature Request » Suicide Unit Suggestion » Go to message
Not a bad idea. I'd like that.

So, what's the difference between races units? Can the khrals suicide fly? Does the Titans explode in a line pattern?
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
One more thing ( I promise I'll be quiet..the rest of the day ) I doubt the +1 defense to the leviathan is going to help them much. 3 battleships > 4 leviathan, so the cheapness doesn't help much. Possibly, we could give the garudas much more antiaquatic. Or give swarmers heavier aquatic attack. Now helicopters are needed to get rid of swarmers, and the leviathan can just be an antiair unit.... .

Apologize for the multiple posts.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
To all who hate the battery;
The main reason its great is because it can move 2 spaces back! This gives us the chance to dip in and out of walker walls! Which were previously indestructible. This also means wyrms can't Spam sapiens artillery as much, nor can swarmers!: This does make the game more fair.

The khrals still have a perfectly good unit: the underling! Learn to use it.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
Also, probably should give the battery a new paint job. It will be very appreciated. Along with the tank thing, I think the tanks stats should be reduced except defense, so they aren't so overpowered
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
Also, I think he marines should get something. Now they really need something to compare to the other units.
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