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General Discussion » Any New Units » Go to message
A while back when you guys were creating the first set of new units (tank busters or amphibians, can't remember which came first), you said there would likely be 18 new units in total. That's basically 6 sets of new units for each race. Just curious if that is still the case or if that has been scrapped since then. No problem either way, but was hoping to see some more concepts.
Tournaments » Maps for tournaments » Go to message
Hey guys,

Love seeing my maps being used for the upcoming 2v2 tournament. Really cool!

I did, however, want to point out the unbalance of the current version of wilted wasteland (first round map). I don't know how you have that version to be honest, since I updated it a while back. But, my current update of the map is much better. With the way the starting player gets money now in team games, I had to move some of the bases around to prevent sapien cars from getting an early advantage.

Really excited to see how the new units play on these maps!
User Generated Maps » Cerone City Suggestions » Go to message
Hey fellow uniwarians,

I recently made a 2v2 map using the new tiles and wanted some opinions. I really like the idea of a city with roads and, well, city tiles densely placed in the middle. So, I made Cerone City.

One thing people have mentioned is that player 1 and player 2 both start too far to the side. This means their units typically stay to one side of the map rather than towards the middle, leaving only a few options in regards to strategy. I was hoping that the road would provide enough room for heavy infantry to move quickly throughout the city (as player 3 and 4 do not have immediate access to roads), but can see why play might lead to one side as the priority.

My question to you all is do you think I should trade one of their bases with one of their teammates' or leave it as it is?

New Feature Request » Map Pools for Ranked Games » Go to message
First off, I'm curious how far along the ranked team random games are along? I'm really looking forward to setting up ranked games with my teams! No problem if you don't know, just curious.

One thing I was wondering was how you all were going to pick maps for ranked play? Obviously, sometimes ranked maps get created with unfair advantages for certain races/team positions. So, randomly getting a map that is unfair might be a bit irritating for some (I don't even know if this is how you plan on implementing it). So, would it be practical to do something similar to the Starcraft II ladder? Each "season" a set of maps for each team amount is selected and added to a pool of possible maps. Then, when two even teams are found, they are placed into one of the maps from the pool. How hard would this be to implement and would it be something people would want? The developers (or even the community vote) could pick the maps they feel are best suited for ranked play and add them to a pool that players starting random team games would play on. You could even add a voting system where matched teams would have 3 maps from the pool to vote on. A voting system would tell the developers which maps people liked and which ones to remove from the pool.

Any thoughts?
New Feature Request » In-gamed calculator in the newest update is really great. » Go to message
oh man! In-game strategy planner sounds awesome. Just what I've been trying to find for use in Uniwar! Any details on how it will work?
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
That makes sense, there are definitely a lot of maps with way too much income.

What about ranked maps? What are the prerequisites needed to become ranked?
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
Also, I saw you mention that you could delete maps. How do we do that?
User Generated Maps » Starting tips in map-making » Go to message
Hey guys,

I've been making some levels recently and was having difficulty making maps with more than 150 credits per base. I know some maps that have 300 per base. Any idea what I'm missing?
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