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New Feature Request » "teching up" to unlock new units » Go to message
Maybe you could have a few top-tier units that can only be produced in a match after you unlock them by a "tech upgrade". You would buy a tech upgrade to unlock a particular unit.

A further restriction could be that you must pay at each base that you would like to produce that top-tier unit at. Say you paid $500 to build a special unit at a base near the front line, that gives the opponent an incentive to capture that base, so you can't produce that unit. This would force you to spend more money to produce it elsewhere instead. If you recapture that base, you should be required to pay to unlock that unit again. Or, alternatively, an opponent who captures your upgraded base can use your upgrade to produce his own corresponding hi-tech unit.

I like the idea of more units in the game. But if some people are worried about there being a glut of them, then this kind of restriction might make them feel better.
Perhaps allowing hi-tech units could be a match setting. Could also even be a map setting (certain types of bases could produce hi-tech units, while others can only produce ordinary units).
Sapiens » What do you think of this unit idea? » Go to message
One of my favorite aspects about sapiens is their high mobility. So I thought of a new, high mobility unit. Please tell me what you think about it.

--High-mobility recon jumper (250)
((Specialized unit which is a bit expensive, to discourage overuse))
Movement: 11
An infantry unit with jetpacks, or else a light mech with jump jets. Lightly armed, specializing in fighting soft targets in rough terrain. Does reasonable damage vs air, do lots of damage vs. Light, and very little vs. Heavy. Lower defense value than regular marines.
-Special ability: Jump-jets - can jump 6 hexes away. Cooldown of 6 turns.
-Special ability: flashbang. Enemy unit loses vision for one turn. The affected unit can still attack and move, but needs allies to see for it. Ability has range of 2, cooldown of 4 turns. You can use it before moving, attacking or jumping, but not after.
(The idea is that you can flash a lone unit tailing you, and then jump or run away out of visible range).
The jumper could maybe get a slight advantage attacking a blinded unit.

New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message

"Thunder", a Titan heavy flying unit - $700
Titans already have very strong air defense, and probably don't need any more. But a flying unit in a ground-assault and naval support flying unit would be a fitting addition. My proposed "Thunder" unit would keep titan flavor by not changing titans' focus to air, and by being a slow, tough unit. Since it's a somewhat pricey and role-specific unit instead of an all-purpose unit, it wouldn't be overused. This is important to keep titans more ground-focused, which is their race flavor.
The Thunder is supposed to be more mobile than the plasma tank, which is slow. Basically a flying tank, but without the "heavy" armor classification--so it sacrifices some armor for its all-terrain mobility. The unit is not meant to be a standalone powerhouse, but to give the titans just a bit more mobility and flexibility, which a few people have called for.

Titans are usually held back by rough terrain, where their slow, heavy units (especially the plasma tank) get bogged down. Thunder's main purpose is to fly over rough terrain a bit more quickly than the plasma tank to bring some anti-armor fire to the enemy. It flies only two hexes per turn, but it's still much faster than the plasma over rough terrain. This extra titan mobility will hopefully offer new tactics and reduce excessive reliance on massed artillery, which can be boring.

It would have only modest air-to-air weapons, just enough to prevent it from being a helpless victim to air units. It would also be enough to finish off damaged air units, thus giving it a tiny bit of tactical flexibility.

Giving titans an air unit would add some fun to the game by offering new possibilities for naval battles. For this unit, It might be necessary to give it a longer-range naval attack.

Special abilities:
-Teleport - to make up for its terrible slowness, this might be necessary to get across the map in a reasonable amount of time. It will also add some interesting tactical possibilities at sea, and on land.
-Torpedo attack - a long range naval attack which requires water tiles between the attacker and the target (meaning you cannot attack from a land hex). Naval units could protect themselves by forcing the Thunder to stay on land, or maybe by hiding in a shallow water tile (if it gets invented).)
-(Maybe) Move 1 hex away after attack -this would be to make room for follow-up units after clearing a choke point.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
  regard87 wrote:
  calden wrote: While I have many ideas for possible new units that I have thought up, I believe strongly that on a basic, general level, these are two imoprtant things that really need to happen:

-Sapiens need an anti-air unit that is competent and reliable in that role other than the helicopter.
-Khraleans need a medium ground unit, so that they don't have to rely on flyers so much.

Sapiens DO have a great anti air unit! The marine. You shouldnt be using Choppers to counter Kral mass, you should be spamming Marines. They dont have any drawback, other than you have to protect them from Infectors. Thier cost is only 100 credits and thier well worth it. Choppers vs Kral will lose everytime. They cost more than Garudas which will fight them evenly. Lots of Marines backed by Choppers is how to do it, together they even up the cost.

Giving Marines 2 range vs Air would make Swarmers pretty useless in SvK, dont think the Marines need an upgrade.

Now maybe each race could be given a second base ground unit if that made sense, and the Sapiens could have a Sniper, with slightly increased range but also slightly more cost. Like a 150-200$ Sniper, slightly advanced Underling and Mecha.

I did not suggest upgrading marines.I suggested an anti-air infantry that would be a weaker version of the marine, which would excel at anti-air (and cost $200).
Marines on their own get chewed up by swarmers.They are not an anti-air unit... by themselves. To spam marines, you have to have some "big guns" in the back, with expendable marines screening the front. To be effective you need either helis which can attack the swarmers which are dangerous to marines, and then retreat behind the marines, who can hold the line. Batteries also work to annihilate air, with marines to mop up. But make no mistake, marines on their own marines aren't enough. Helis and batteries are expensive and not always suitable. Sapiens could use a unit that provided enough cover for a fast ground attack, without needing cover from batteries/helis. An AA specialist infantry would do the trick.

New Feature Request » limit teleport ability that currently ruins many map layouts » Go to message
The simplest way of balancing teleportation is to simply reduce the vision radius of a recently teleported unit. Units currently see surrounding terrain immediately upon teleporting. This lets you teleport units even further away now that you've explored more area, which allows very quick 'daisy-chaining' across the map.
The solution to this problem is to make newly teleported units should have their vision radius restricted to zero or one, until the next turn. This way, no further teleport restrictions which would seriously change the game are necessary.

New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
While I have many ideas for possible new units that I have thought up, I believe strongly that on a basic, general level, these are two imoprtant things that really need to happen:

-Sapiens need an anti-air unit that is competent and reliable in that role other than the helicopter.
-Khraleans need a medium ground unit, so that they don't have to rely on flyers so much.

New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
Is it possible for one unit to have 2 different weapon ranges, one for anti-air (say, 2), and one for ground combat (say, 1)? I have thought up a few units that could use such a mechanic. I think splitting air/ground weapon ranges might be a good solution for designing new units. It would allow for units that are more finely tuned for their purpose. This could be useful for fixing game imbalances.

One of my ideas is for Anti-Aircraft Marines for the sapiens. They would be like regular marines, but their anti-air attack range would increase to 2, while their ground attack would remain with a range of 1. I like the idea of a multi-ranged sapien infantry unit better than creating a new sapien unit that simply had a range of 2.
The main reason for making this new unit is that sapien's anti-air units aren't that good, and helicopters are much better than the rest. So, when sapiens are attacked by air, they rely on helicopters extremely often (batteries are expensive and vulnerable, especially against multiple enemy units like swarmers, and marines/marauders have significant drawbacks). In sapiens vs khraleans, K will use air a lot, while sapiens often respond with helis, and air-to-air battles are frequent. They often become helicopter-fests. I think it gets repetitive, and sapiens would benefit from a decent altermative anti-air unit. This would allow more variety in strategies.

AA Marines would look something like this:
Cost: 200
Movement: 7
Range vs. aerial: 2
Attack vs. Aerial: 5
Range vs. ground: 1
Attack vs. Light: 4
Attack vs. Heavy: 2
Attack vs. Aquatic: 2
Defense: 4
Can capture: yes
Repair: 1
Vision: 3
(Vision could be set where designers see fit, anywhere from 3-6. I just chose 3 because engineers have that).
Possible additional abilities:
- Unit could provide neighbouring units +2 air defense and/or +1 air attack.
-Regular marines could get an option to upgrade to AA marines at bases. It would take a whole turn, and you could maybe get a repair for that turn too.

*** If however the developers decide that having units with two different attack ranges is a bad idea, here is an alternative unit proposal:
Instead of a anti-air weapon with range 2, give the AA Marines a special ability which attacks air units, at a range of 2 or 3, with a short cool-down.
Sapiens » Should the Battery be changed? » Go to message
I think the artilleries in the game are fine and balanced just as they are. There is no need for change.
If you want something new, ask about new units in an expansion.
New Feature Request » Watch opponent's turn in real-time. » Go to message
Currently you can't watch the opponent's turn as it is being played. You can only watch it as a replay, after their turn is complete. This is really disappointing when you are in the same room as a friend and playing the game together. You don't get to watch everything live and share in the suspense as the turn unfolds battle by battle. Instead, you have to watch it as a replay, after the fun is all over. By then, your friend has already experienced all the emotional ups and downs of his turn by himself, and you get to play catch-up.
When I played with my friend at his house, this disconnect put a big damper on our enjoyment of the game. Without the connection of watching it together, the game felt distant, almost like playing a game by email instead of feeling like you're in the same room. It makes the game feel more like a disconnected task instead of a shared social experience.
I really don't exaggerate when I say this seriously took away from the fun of our gaming experience. It practically defined it. At the beginning it didn't matter, but it started to annoy me after a few turns, as the turns got longer because there were more units and decisions to make. Both my friend and I really disliked this (him more than me).
I really think this will ultimately decide whether or not my friend is going to play with me much in the future. It takes away too much of the fun factor for him.

My feature request: As soon as a unit has moved, (and is past the "undo" stage), the game state should be updated, so that spectators can see what has happened so far. The feature wouldn't necessarily have to be on by default, but only when desired.

Thanks for your time, and I do sincerely hope you can implement this feature.
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