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Messages posted by: argon steele
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I like to curse in chat when things aren't going my way...
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Gosh, I've finally been able to get my ranking up by learning to play khraleans, setting up the games so I go first, and scrambling for bases! Now you guys want to ruin all my fun!

Seriously, I have no problem with only higher ranked players being able to rate. In fact it's kind of a reward for becoming good. This isn't a democracy, our goal is to have the best user experience ( for all players) and that means a very effective filtering system. The map situation is out of hand, still too many duplicates and early versions, what will happen if the iPad version ever actually comes out...

I don't know why you guys care about your rankings so much anyways.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
OK, i have not read this entire post. Maybe someone already suggested this, but I'll throw it out.... How about a jet-packed equipped Titan Mech? This piece would cost 200 and have identical stats as the regular mecha but would be able to fly and maybe have a slightly higher mobility. Nothing too game shattering, but just something fun to spice up the titans a little.
New Feature Request » How about clearing out those unpopulated games? » Go to message
Man, there are 48 pages of games there now, most of which just have one player waiting in them and 99% of which will never be played. How about if after 24 hours no one has joined, the game is automatically erased from the servers? This will keep the number of games way down, make the games more easily searched, and, hopefully, will funnel gamers into more games that might actual happen. Most of those games are started by newbies who don't really know what they're doing....
New Feature Request » Replace User Map Thumb Ranking with a 1-10 score! » Go to message
So I mentioned this over at the facebook Uniwar page and was asked to crosspost over here.

My thought is that the thumbs up/down ranking of users map is insufficient for our needs and should be replaced with a scoring system of 1-10. Over time, the most consistently highest rated maps could graduate to "rated" status. I was thinking something like if after a hundred rankings the maps average score is 8.5 or higher it becomes "rated."

There are so many user generated maps now we really need a way for the cream to rise to the top. Thumbs up/down is simply too crude a tool as many maps that are more or less fair are given a thumbs up, but when a truly special map comes along there is no way to give it the extra love it deserves. I saw somewhere else someone suggested a one to five star rating system, this is more or less the same idea, though obviously one to ten gives us an even more exact and transparent tool.

General Discussion » Skipping etiquette » Go to message
Ha, I love to skip people! Like I said elsewhere, I don't take the ratings too seriously, it goes up, it goes down. If you're really good, it slowly builds up. Skipping people is just another strategy! When joining a rated game, one should consider your time commitment, just like you consider your army choice.

Now I'm sure everyone is going to be out to get me, well bring it on, fools!
New Feature Request » Add game option to restart a turn » Go to message
disappointing to learn that this cheat is really out there. Is this android only? Sounds like a lot of work, but honestly only a total loser would resort to such tactics! Glad to hear that a restart turn option is not in the works, really unnecessary. Ultimately I don't think it's worth it to get to caught up in one's rating. You win some, you lose some, that's the fun of the game!
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