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UniWar: Origins » Zeta Squad Files: Operation: Rising Storm » Go to message
"Your wish, just don't loss that box!" Responded Genetal Bob, "it is (long static)"
"We've lost contact with hq sir!" Informed Psyco, "we're being jammed!"
"But by who? The robots or khaleans?" Asked Specter.
"Aren't they on the same side?" Asked Robo.
"Not if the incoming Khaleans are blind!" States specter as a group of underlings attacks the remaining mechas.
(Meanwhile at hq's hanger) "If they don't move I'm goin' in after them!" Yelled Bob as Sgt Alexander follows.
"Why sir? They are following your orders!"
"They needed to get that box, but it was closer than intel said it was." Answered Bob. "Pilot, start the engines! We're taking off in 20 min!"
(Back at the battle) Zeta squad has left the structure and are now heading to the structure on the map. As they progress they go past some dormant mechas. "Robo! See if you can Hotwire them!" Ordered Specter. In a moment, Robo reprogrammed the Mecha and has now downloaded their memory. The group of now 32 men begins to approach a electrical base wall, the titans pass through with ease, while the squad passes through in a few minutes. "We are at the objective, split up and capture the outpost!" Ordered specter.
"Sir, transport inbound! Eta is 15 min!" Alerted Church.
UniWar: Origins » Zeta Squad Files: Operation: Rising Storm » Go to message
(Back at HQ) "General, are you going to risk the evack?" Asked Sargent Alexander, "what if they get to curious?"
"I will risk it, but not now, not until there mission is done!" Snapped General Bob.
(Back at the battle) 3 more titans have been destroyed. Zeta squad has pulled into the structure due to incoming laser artillery. "Spector, you should come and see this!" Informed Geo, "this structure isn't on the map!"
"What?! Let me see!" Responds Spector as he grabs the map. After 3 min Spector says, "well I'd be ******, it isn't."
"So what know?" Asked Yin.
"Road Block, Robo, Geo, grab that console with the T-001 on it. Gnat, Gladiator, we'll head ontop the roof. Psyco, Church, Abbasid, Pork Chop, Yin, Yang, charge the enemy and keep D-Force covered." Ordered Specter as he headed for the roof.
(Outside) a Mecha approaches the entrence, blaster forward. As it enters the structure its head gets blown off as Psyco runs though the entrence. Right behind him is B-Force and C-Force. The other 2 prepare to fire as one gets shot by Specter's rifle; the other by Gnat's mortar.
(Back at HQ) "Evack ready sir!"
"Luanch the evack! We need that console!" Yelled General Bob as he thought 'why was it there?'
"Zeta squad do you copy? this is Sector 27, we are evacking, get ready to go!"
Over the radio, "Negative, we need to secure the sector. Mission first, 'member?" Replied Specter, "they win, no HQ!"
Guides & Tips » Buried unit detection » Go to message
There is sometimes a 1 on the lower corner of the hexagon a friendly unit is on, that means a buried unit is adjacent to the friendly unit. So it means you play minesweeper to keep track of it.
UniWar: Origins » Zeta Squad Files: Operation: Rising Storm » Go to message
"Spector, I am picking traces of electricity nearby." Alerted Church.
"Just a glitch church, the Khraleans don't use electricity." Responded Abbasid.
"I got something over here!" Yelled Gnat as Road Block walks up.
"This ain't Khralean, this is robotics." Informed Road Block.
(Meanwhile outside) "What was that!?" Asked Church after a loud russle of leaves/branches. Psyco begins to slowly walk up to the sounds location when a laser blasts past his head.
"We've been engaged!" Informed Psyco into the comlinks.
"Let's cause some anarchy" said Spector with a smile as he dashes toward the exit.
(Back at HQ) "General, we have a code bomb squad!"
"Let's hope Spector doesn't get his squad killed," replied General Bob.
(At the battle) What the bloody ******* **** are those!?!" Yelled Yang.
"Their not Khralean, they appear to look like the Greek Titans." Stated Yin. At that moment Spector jumps Yin and Yang, combat rolls, then shoots the head directly in the center.
"I call them target practice, but you call them what you wish." Said Spector as Gladiator head shots another robot. "I'll call them Mecha." Decided Robo as he blew up 2 Mecha.
UniWar: Origins » Zeta Squad Files: Operation: Rising Storm » Go to message
"Wait," started Gnat as Psyco grabbed his hand and jumped out the transport.
(Meanwhile at HQ) "General, what's so important about Sector 13?"
"Sector 13 has a package that is above your Pay-grade" responded General Bob.
(Back at sector 13) all troops have landed, the troops of Zeta Squad now get ready to move out to a structure not on their maps. As they march on a new threat to the squad lingers in watch. "Hey, Pork Chop, what's with Spector and Gladiator? Do they like each other or something?" Asked Gnat.
"Nope, Spector lost his legs on a jump from a shoot failure, hit his head, too," answered Pork Chop.
"The head trauma is a rumor that after me jumping and not deploying. Although I could have made it!" Claimed Spector as he looks immediately at Gladiator.
"I saved your life!" Snapped Gladiator.
The argument of what happened continues on until they reach the structure. The new threat then hauls and waits for orders. As the squad enters the structure Spector alerts, in hand codes "something is outside, Psyco, take your 3 and cover the entrance. Rest of you follow me, I smell Infectors." Spector then puts his rifle on his back and draws his pistol. Then He pops a smoke grenade and throws it down. The squad enters the room and each takes a shot at the infectors as Gmat throws a grenade, killing the rest. But the worst has yet to come.
UniWar: Origins » Comments of Zeta Squad Files to be placed here » Go to message
Place what file the comment is about and then the comment.
UniWar: Origins » Zeta Squad Files: Operation: Rising Storm » Go to message
"Khraleans have taken over sector 13, we have lost to many trying to take it back. Get me Zeta Squad!" Ordered General Bob. "If we lose that sector then the war is as good as lost."
(Some time later) " Alright guys we got orders to take sector 13 from the enemy. If we fail it is death to the human race! Lets cause some anarchy!" Said Spector.
(On transport to sector 13) "Who's the new guy, Spector?" Asked Gladiator.
"Command wants to be a 12 man squad, he just here to make that happen. He'll be with us this time."
"I may have less experience nice but my hearing is sharp as ever!"
"Ok Gnat, what ever you say" replied Spector.
"So that's my nickname, huh, very funny" commented Gnat.
"He's serious, that's your new nickname, Gnat" corrected Church.
"Sarcasm Church. This is why I say the Christians one by luck in the crusades" stated Abbasid.
"Shut it we're dropping!" Alerted Pork Chop.
As blast shield slid down, Spector and Gladiator jumped out holing hands. 2 seconds later, Pork Chop, Church, and Abbasid jumped out as if racing from death.
"It's ok Gnat, I'll go with ya" informed Psyco.
UniWar: Origins » How did UniWar start? » Go to message
The sapient live on earth, not able to travel to other planets or high tech, but one day that all changed.
The Kharleans invaded earth by launching hives to the surface to begin production for a breeding ground to produce warriors to fight their age old enemy, the Titans.
However, the titans had the same idea, but when they archived they meet a planet at war. Their enemies, the Kharleans, were fighting this newly discovered race, the sapient, who appeared to not like the idea of sharing their planet.
Trying to win the long struggle, the titans invaded earth to stop the Kharleans and conquer the sapient to begin the production of their own powerful army.
New Feature Request » New Races » Go to message
Or just make 2 power triangles that don't affect each other
New Feature Request » Project Evolve-A Community Driven Evolution » Go to message
-New unit ideas:
--Pyro (effective vs biological enemies); this way there will be a way to have one race have a effective defence for both the other races.
--Snipers (light armored long range attack force); good unit for security/sentry.
--Spitters (effective vs mechanical enemies); more defence agianst the stronger race.
--Hunters (light armored and really fast); to combat long range units be up lose and personal.
--Radiators (effective vs units non immune to radiation[humans]); there has to be a Titan one too.
--Saucers (light armored, air unit ment for recon with good sight but poor attack); something to see the snipers and hunters coming.
-new feature ideas:
--more than 1 enemy in vs/solo modes.
New Feature Request » dream teams » Go to message
Dream team mode would be awesome, it could be allowed for certain matches( as listed bellow ):
- a "dream" Match with custom teams ONLY
- vs. mode with randomly generated teams
- solo mode vs a randomly generated team
- a "challenge" campaign of some sort
My dream team would be underlings, engineer, marauder, tank, helicopter, walker, and battleship.
New Feature Request » "teching up" to unlock new units » Go to message
The tech upgrades could also boost the basic unit stats of other units, other wise people wouldn't use the upgrade for just a few units when it would be cheaper/more effective to use more of units that really swarm the enemy in 2-3 turns. Or buy a lot of the already unlocked unit that is the best.
Unless the unit has something like 15-20 and decent damage it isn't really a good use of resources in my eye.
However it is still a good idea to be added, but, like all things that exsisted, there is always a way to improve a idea.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
The idea for new units is probable one of the best ideas yet!

For the sapiens the naval unit could be a patrol boat, which could be fast yet weak and attack units 1-2 spaces away. For the air unit, like today's military, there could be a t-copter that could carry 2 ground lights or 1 ground heavy.

The insect-guys-who-name-escapes-m e could have a submergable sea dragon that does massive naval damage but is a close combat unit. And the air unit could be a flying hive with 20 up that can't attack at all, but can land and produce only underlings or infectors.

Finally for the titans, the naval unit could be a artillery ship that can only attack anything but flying units, even ones next to it. For the titans first air unit I think it would be a hovership that could detect units that are buried, have a low attack, and see 7 hexes, but can only move 2.

These can be modified if accepted.
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