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General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Thank you Kyle for your hardwork. We spoke in other social media already but just put everything I suggested( inspired by chn zero) in writing again for recording purpose.

I agreed mostly with Legia and Sim

1. Wyrm +1 air attack
2. Swarmer +1 GH (restore) to last version

then we can see what happen afterward for 1-2 months

Thank you
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
  Leonid-Leev wrote:
  earth wrote:Leonid-Leev you sound like you are Talone ...

You are obsessed with the topic of Talone. Because of this, you do not notice that Runiwar - it's a lot of other players that you are insulting removing their flag.

I have listed a few points above, they are not profitable for Uniwar. These are consequences of the removal of the flag that you are ready to suffer for the only sake - your personal revenge for one person. This desire for personal revenge makes you blind.

Bye Talone
General Discussion » Master's Tournament, suggestion. » Go to message
I think a "Master" tourney should have minimum 2500 score to enter or it is not called Master. There is a huge distance between a 2300 to 2500 player. I can only see a player called Danila amoung 2300 score range,who actually reach the MASTER Level.

There are still a few good players are under 2500 just because they are too lazy to play random,if there is a minimum requirement of 2500,then those players will be more active. meanwhile this can push XAVI to remove those really unfair rated games.

Or you can do a Master Invitation, invite the Total 32 from the Championship Score or Random Score to play, that will make more players playing random in order to enter the Master Tourney.
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
DAZ wrote:
The game has no community except runiwar. And prohibit flag single player community, at least short-sighted.
Nowhere else on the Internet there is no more data about the game than runiwar.ru.

To Daz

There are many other community, what make you think that Runiwar is THE ONLY Community?

There are chinese community with a name CHN in front of players name, also there are many small but active communities. None of the communities make noise and demand like your community do.
If there are no special flags for those communities, to be fair, then why are your Runiwar community so Special???????????????????????
Bug Reports » What's new in version 1.8.46 » Go to message

in this 46 version, Assimilator can not have UV range, can you check?
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
at this moment Marine is too strong vs air unit

1 helicopter+2 marines on mountain can easily fight 3 swarmers or 2 garudas, all 700vs 700-750
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message

If you want to balance S vs K

I would say, adj back the swarmer+1 attack
and reduce the Sap Marine Air attack by-1
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
Actually the khra has been affected overall. Wyrm should not decrease the anti heavy ground but increase the air.to compensate the swarmers nerf.so far the swarmers are the main weapon for khra
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
Great, please review the Wyrm+1 air and Battery +1 heavy ground unit.

without these changes, we still can't change S vs T and K vs S.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
Here is comment from CHN Zero, who can not log on recently, but he likes to make the following comments.

1. Marauder attack on light unit should not reduce, because it is hard for marauder to kill assimilator or infect in 1 go, and can't kill base mecha.

2.Battery change mobility is good but not good enough, attack vs Heavy unit should +1. only increase mobility is not strong enough for a 650 unit. please reduce it back to 550.

3. swarmer change
swarmer defence reduce is good,but anti heavy unit should not reduce

4.Sap tank
sap tank defence should +1, price stays, in that case, Plasma or walker can' t take down a tank in 2 shots

5. Marine should reduce anti air -1. that is the main reason khra can't fight vs Sap.

If xavi is not keen on changing the defence of tank, please do consider to change the battery +1 heavy attack and reduce the price and increase mobility. otherwise there is no way for sap to fight titan units.

these are comments from Chn Zero.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
I agree with most of the experience players.

Here is my thought

1.there are so many units changed in one go,so it is really hard for me to say if it is good or bad right now.

2.the priority is to adjust the selection of rated maps. making a short list like 50-100 of them only.this will be much easier

3. we need lots of tests before apply the huge changes.
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
my suggestion for championship tourney is to limited the seats to 256 and 16 seeded

in the past few tourneys, i see many players actually surrendered or kicked in round 1 of tourney. Championship should be more serious than the other tourneys.

finally, make my points clear,as long as i m not playing Fobos too early, i m fine. lol (Joke)
New Feature Request » Balance suggestions » Go to message
Hi, Let me just explain why Zero made those suggestion.

His idea of change is base on changing the 2 current issues
1. K vs K only swarmers invovled fighting
2. S vs T S can never win in bigger map

So Zero suggested to increase the Khra Air units power and Pinzer's anti air power therefore in K v K, Pinzer and Garuda can be used more often.
Also increasing the power of Helicopters vs Heavy units means that Helicopters can break Plasma Shield easier than before(now you need 4-5 helicopters to break 1 plasma)
Finally, I will add 1 more suggestion base on Zero's comment, that is to increase Eclipse anti air ability so since the Sap and Khra air force air increase, Titan's anti air units also get increased,too.
Tournaments » Tourney Map Selection » Go to message

I would like to suggest some of my opinion regarding tourney map.I understand that the map should not be too big,so we can all finish our game on time.

base on that, I would like to add some of my views.

1. Map should not give 2nd player too much credit like 200 more.
2. If there are 2 empty bases design for both players, then need to make sure Player 2 can get the base regardless the race.(normally need to make sure Titan can get the base)
3. Would you introuduce some sea maps in 2 vs 2?
4. Finally try my map,lol I didn't do much on the Mercury, but only change the credit so Team 2 can't rush. Some classical map like starvation,if we change the 2nd player starting credit,it will be a great map again.

Finally I just open up the topic for more people to contribute. Thank you for your hard work.
Tournaments » Frozen planet - first tourney in round robin format » Go to message
John u r the best, skip and win
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