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Also I thought this unit from the old forum was pretty cool, maybe an 2* attack in one turn for balance reasons?
"Titans: Augmenter- Has ability to "ram" enemy units that sits adjacent to it, causing X amount of damage and recieving none. Then this unit will still have option to attack after a ram. Meaning it can move, ram, and then attack. "
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My bad. Got a bit carried away there. Disregard all my land units
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Almost forgot to mention, it looks like a hermit crab
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The Shielded (Kharlean)
It’s obviously the cheapest of these units, being only 450 credits. It can move in water, and in water it’s stronger and faster.
Defense Strength: 6.5
Ground light: 5
Ground heavy: 5
Aerial: 6
Aquatic: 7
Subaquatic: 8
Special abilities: Although it starts out with 10 health, it has a maximum health of 50. Other Shielded can stack with each other to give the 1st all of the 2nds health. It can move on water, and on defensive mode all of its stats double.
Not sure if this is a little late. please consider ideas.
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Land units:
I figured that it would be nice to have a fortification sort of unit for each race. A unit that is good for defense and bad for offense. All of the following have the same mobility as a tank, and are ground heavy units. They each have a defense and offense form. The offense form is very weak, and the defense form is much stronger. They can transform from one for to another although there is a few rules surrounding this transformation, like…
You cannot move, attack and transform in the same turn
While in defense form, you cannot move at all.
They will always spawn in offense form
The stats below are for offense form
Air Base (sapiens)
Very good at fighting aerial. I don’t know what I want it to look like. It blocks artillery for the most part. Costs 1000 credits
Defense strength: 4
Ground light: 2.5
Ground heavy: 2.5
Aerial: 3.5
Aquatic: 3
Sub Aquatic: 2.5
Special Abilities: In defensive mode, it reduces the vision of all units within 4 spaces of it to one (and covers these spaces on maps without fog of war) and it can use fighter planes to fight an aerial, sub aquatic, and aquatic units 1-3 spaces away from it (it still cannot hit other units 2 or more spaces away from it.) In defense mode, all of its stats multiply by 4.
Weakness: Easily destroyed in offensive mode
The eye (titans)
It looks like a robotic eye with pieces of metal swirling around it in offense mode. It defensive, it looks like a giant metal tower with an eye on top. It has the highest defense strength of all units in defense mode, not to mention a range of 1-2. Costs 1000 credits
Defense strength: 6
Ground light: 3.3
Ground Heavy: 4
Aerial: 3.3
Aquatic: 3
Special abilities: It has a range of 1-2, and if it shoots a beam at something two spaces away, then any unit between them will also take damage (and counterattack, if possible). If a unit attacks it out of its range, than the eye can attack it back, and this will damage every unit between them. Even if a walker hits it 5 spaces away, it can still hit the walker back… but only if the walker attacks it. All stats triple while in defensive mode.
Weakness: Easily destroyed in offensive mode
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(For Khraleans) This is my last subaquatic creature. Unlike the others, it can walk on land and water. It looks like a monster crocodile. It costs 450 credits.
It should move faster on water than on land and gets a huge defense bonus in swamps.
It’s got a defense strength of 12
Ground light: 10
Ground heavy: 6
Aerial: 5
Aquatic: 8
Sub Aquatic: 9
Abilities: It can submerge. While on land it has a range of 1-2.
Weakness: As always, Aerial units.
Side note: This one does have a remerging bonus, much like an underlings resurface bonus. It would do around 3ish points of damage to destroyer but only get 3 points of counterattack. When remerging, it does about 5 damage to a destroyer. In water and ports, it would be at least 2 points stronger than normal, and lose its 1-2 range.

There’s my aquatic units.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Here is what I have in mind for the new units:
An Submarine for the sapiens. It looks like a submarine would. I'm not good at the mathematics of the defense and attack of the units, but what I have in mind would be very good vs. aquatic, at the point of where it would normally do 7 or 8 damage to a destroyer, and only receive 2-3 damage back. This unit would cost about 500 credits.
Mobility: 12
(loses 3 mobility in water and in ports.)
Defense strength: 8ish
Ground light: 8
Ground heavy: 9
Aerial: 0
Aquatic: 17
Subaquatic: 8 (I'll get to that in a minute.)
Special Abilities: Submerge- can submerge in water like an underling buries on land, but does not receive a lower mobility while underwater, or a remerging bonus. It has a range of 1-2.
Its weakness is Aerial units that can easily destroy the submarines. It cannot attack land units unless they are on ports
Side note: With an attack of 16 to aquatic units, any damage the sub does to the destroyer will be returned back to it, and Aerial attacks wouldn't destroy the submarine immediately. What I suggest doing is creating a new category for sub aquatics such as this, so aerial can annihilate them and ships will be destroyed by them. This also allows for me to give the titans a new unit that can destroy submarines and not do much damage to ships…
The Cyclone
(For titans) The key part about this unit is understanding its attack patterns. It looks like 2 flat cylinders connected by a rod. In the next 3 tiles directly above and below it there is a translucent beam. Anything that moves into this column of wind takes damage. This beam does a significant amount of damage to sub aquatic, pretty much killing them, and it can hit submerged units. It does a medium amount of damage, around 2 damage points to a destroyer. This costs 650 credits. It can turn this beam up to 180 degrees per turn, and can move and turn in the same turn.
Defense Strength: 10
Mobility: 9 (loses 3 mobility per space of water)
Aerial: 7
Ground Heavy: 9
Ground light: 9
Aquatic: 8
Sub-Aquatic: 14
Weakness: It cannot counter attack, although anything in range of its beam will take damage for every turn they are there. Its beam doesn’t move on to land, so don’t park it to close to any coasts. Like every other subaquatic unit, it is easily destroyed by Aerial units.
Side note: It doesn’t receive counter attack when it hits other units with its beam. Even though it’s a subaquatic unit, it doesn’t submerge.
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