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20 years after the destruction of the marauder, discoveries are made. They have learned how to make a rechargeable cell which they can distribute the power into. They soon forget that the power source's pure energy can be depleted. Their scientists learn that they can use these cells for their Tanks and Marauders. They start to make this cells massively and on the way take a few steps into robotics.


The Tanks and Marauders powered by the cells are now pushing back against the Khraleans. They move their forces out of the mountains and force back to their previously owned lands. The Tanks, now able to move more easily are not a very easy target. The Tanks plowed down the Pinzers and then the Marauders then moved and did their job. The troops then shot down the garudas and swarmers as they flew by. Due to this advancement the Sapians leveled out the fight on land, but not at sea.


A scientist named Techo Tycan, one of the devoted scientists, was working on his own projects and studying the power source. He then started calling the power source an energy core. From all he has learned from these past years he has done many experiments and now he has come to this. The core’s power is being depleted. There is only 1/10th of the energy it used to have. He calls all of the scientists and Leaders together and reminds them of the true reason they are there. To duplicate not deplete. The Scientists then work harder then ever. Techo then notices their must be a way to recharge the core as they recharged their cells.


The core is almost depleted and Techo and all the scientists work hard. Techo then simply walks outside in the sun. He stood there and absorbed the sun’s rays. Then he looks at the Black painted wall, then the white tiled floor, then the sun. He felt the black wall that had absorbed the heat, which was hot. Then feel the tiled floor, which reflected the heat. He had an Idea!
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That is what I do. But, I think it would be better so you don't have to use only 2 units to defeat the Krels. The chopper and the Marine. I am trying to widen the usage of the tank so it is not only used against Titans.
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Has anyone noticed that the Sap tank is almost Useless againts the Krels. Since when does a tank not shot down a plane? This is a change I think we need to make. I have been playing several matches with Krels and I wonder why the Tank is even there. I believe that the tank should have 3 to 6 damage to air units. This would make the tank useful in these types of situations.
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I think that even though we are talking air units and sea. There are still things to edit in this game like Sap tank. It needs to be able to attack air units with about 6 air strength. Since when can't a tank shot down an air plane or something in the sky. Also tanks are uselles in sap to sap or krel battles. That will make them useful.
Also the titans need to have a unit that allows teleportation to the units next to it, not just every unit can teleport as it pleases. Maps that are hard to get to the center are easily passed by teleporting. I was playing a big map and suddenly, my team mate's bases were full of enemy mechas. This happend about 6 turns into the game. I had to move some of my force to save his bases. We lost the center but are putting a good fight.
The krels are well balanced. But out number saps when it turns into an air battle. Saps can't make coppers fast enough. So that causes a big disadvantage. The krel garuda should go up price or the sap helicopter should come down price.
These are the changes I beleive should happen before the new units
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