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What is the Grand War?
The Grand War is a team-oriented series of matches where two factions fight each other for the chance at glory! A tournament with a twist, each team is comprised of 8 players which are broken down into 2 squads of 4 per team. At the onset of the competition, each team will have their "A" squad comprised of players who joined the war as a pre-structured squad. Within this squad will be 1 player who is assigned the rank of Captain. The Captain has an important role and duty of managing the rest of his team as well as making decisions for the team which will determine the outcome of the war. The second squad on each team will be the "B" squad, and this group will be formed from mercenary hires. The mercenaries are single entrants wishing to play a part in the war. For the purpose of balancing the combating factions for a lively fight, the Controller will determine which team the mercenaries are assigned. The Controller is the admin for the game. The game cannot be held without a Controller as this person will record all decisions made by the Captains and must remain unbiased and objective. Additional roles are available for the other players to play and come with special abilities which the Captain can choose to deploy against the enemy.

The war has 3 primary stages of combat. The main battle, the middle incursion, and the final battle. The main battle is meant to last the longest and serves as the foundation of the entire contest. During the main battles there will be smaller missions at specific intervals. What maps they take place on is determined by a dice roll. These matches are meant to be quick and fast fighting. Captains will choose who participates in the missions before they begin and special rules may be applied to each mission if possible. The outcome of every battle during the war will award points to the winning team. During the war, each team will have the ability to subvert the enemy. This game is meant to involve a degree of role play and secrecy, and for it to complete successfully players willing to be in it must agree to adhere to the rules laid out on page 3 of this post. At the end of the war all points are tallied and the winning team will be announced. In this event, every decision and battle matters.
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So.. basically.. you HAVE to have the amphibious units in order to get an additional base worth of income.. while you are correct that they can be capped this way, it makes the map imbalanced from the ground up. Or maybe not necessarily imbalanced as much as biased. Not everyone has bought the amphibious units.
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Much congratulations to ZARDECIL !! Your grand prize winnings are on their way!

Map authors:
Please go to my profile and download your maps again and submit them with their original name, or any other of your choosing.
The feedback from the community is that we all want to play them. However, I will be deleting the entries from my profile in 1 weeks time. [3 march]
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
The results are in!! And it would seem that we have a tie for first place.

placing outcomes:

1st: ticket 2 & ticket 9
2nd: ticket 5 & ticket 11
3rd: ticket 4 & ticket 10

did not place:

ticket 1 0 votes
ticket 3 2 votes
ticket 6 1 vote
ticket 7 0 votes
ticket 8 1 vote
ticket 12 1 vote
ticket 13 0 votes
ticket 14 0 votes
ticket 15 no submission

Since there cannot be a tie for first, I will vote one my favorite between the two top maps as the tie-breaker.

My vote goes to.... Ticket 9!

Ticket 2 made excellent use of various tiles to regulate the battle flow. Reef placement restricted the travel of naval units but are clearly meant for perimeter defensive option. Road placement fit the aesthetic well, and the total available income split evenly is 450 which fits the implementation of the new units as well as reasonably allowing for the naval defensive posture.

While all of these aspects of ticket 2 seem to suggest that it should be the winning map, there are 2 bases placed on the map which are unable to be used. Unfortunately, due to this error I must default to the simplified design of ticket 9. In this submission, the map layout is approachable and presents no errors in tile placement. Additionally, it stands with a 300 per round income which is an acceptable rate for combat. This income does not afford much naval play until much later in the match however, and the ocean tiles do not restrict combat as much as provide an aesthetic touch.

Both maps represent the artists take on the theme of "island invasion" as well as fitting within the design criteria.

Although other entries did not place, they are wonderful and unique approaches to constructing a map within the design criteria. I personally want to try out ticket 1, as it stands out to me personally among the other entries.

Thank you to all of the authors who participated in Map Contest II!! Even though not everyone wins the grand prize, you all shall live in infamy for your creative designs and support of the map author community and the Uniwar community at large!

The authors of each map will now be revealed.

ticket 1 duaneski
ticket 2 saiberblade
ticket 3 angkor
ticket 4 hiraku
ticket 5 wookieontheweb
ticket 6 verkrankenstein
ticket 7 copeab
ticket 8 ninjacentaur
ticket 9 zardecil
ticket 10 thedragon
ticket 11 vivacious
ticket 12 maneetoe
ticket 13 bulldog60
ticket 14 sniggih
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
You can only vote for 1.
unclear votes will not be counted.

Also, duplicate votes from shared accounts will not be counted.
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message
Visit the Voting Booth here: http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2866.page
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
Thank you to participants for their entries!! To vote, just post the number of which ticket you think should win. **

Voting is now CLOSED

This booth will close at the end of February 23. Results will be publicly stated on 24 February.

As you are voting, please keep in mind the map design criteria. This contest's wildcard was: (THEME) Island Invasion
Visit the contest entry booth for more information on rewards and regulations here: http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2840.page

** Votes will be disqualified or uncounted if:

Multiple votes from the same voter. (I.E. "I pick 1, and 3, and 5 to win")
Does not present a clear numbered vote for the winner. (I.E. "7 is cool, and 12 seems balanced")
Was not posted during the voting period.
Was followed by a different vote from the same user during the voting period. (only the most recent will be counted) (you may change your vote, but I will count from the bottom of this post and go backwards. I use a spreadsheet to keep track)
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
Ticket 6

Map description: A small conflict taking place on a chain of islands.
Initial credits: 200
Per base credits: 150

Ticket 7

Map description:
Initial credits: 800
Per base credits: 150

Ticket 8

Map description: 4 little islands, 1 big one
Initial credits: 400
Per base credits: 75

Ticket 9

Map description: Amphibious-Units centered map.
Initial credits: 200
Per base credits: 150

Ticket 10

Map description: Defend your tiny isle. Secure your resources and take out your opponants before they take you out
Initial credits: 0
Per base credits: 125

Ticket 11

Map description: This lagoon will be as bright as blood once the battles commence. We must expand; controlling the rivers will lead to victory.
Initial credits: 200
Per base credits: 75

Ticket 12

Map description: The island holds fabled riches and glory for those who can capture and hold control of the entire island!
Initial credits: 200
Per base credits: 100

Ticket 13

Map description:
Initial credits: 350
Per base credits: 150

Ticket 14

Map description: Yeap
Initial credits: 100
Per base credits: 75

User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
It has been an exciting couple of weeks!! As we all waited eagerly to have the chance at voting on our favorite map, our resident contestants have been working hard to compete!

Please give a warm welcome to the MAP CONTEST II entries!!!

Ticket 1

Map description: Sapiens and Khraliens work together, or be destroyed by the metal invaders
Initial credits: 450
Per base credits: 100

Ticket 2

Map description:
Initial credits: 200
Per base credits: 100

Ticket 3

Map description: A.K.A. 'sumer time sadness' (sic!). The sequel to a greatest story ever wrote on a stone tablet. With aliens and double coke (c)
Initial credits: 350
Per base credits: 75

Ticket 4

Map description: Flow of Clash
Initial credits: 100
Per base credits: 75

Ticket 5

Map description: Our islands are better than your islands but we're going to take yours anyway.
Initial credits: 600
Per base credits 75

User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message
Last day to wrap up your designs and get them in!
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You are really gonna flip when the Heroes come out...
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message
  Acuna Matata wrote:
  uw-sandman wrote:

Map criteria ---------------------

Design element (wildcard): (THEME) Island Invasion

*wildcard is open to interpretation

Can anyone answer, what that mean? I don't understand. Please.


HI Acuna..

A theme is a general form of the map. In some way, you should build your map that it can be perceived as following the "theme".

The theme is open to your interpretation. So you can do whatever you like. . But people playing your map should be able to connect or associate your map with the theme in some fashion. The previous contest theme was "death race" and some very clever and interesting maps were made. They were all very different, but they were also able to generally give players the perceived connection with "death race".

I hope this explanation helps.
New Feature Request » Choose the best name for the new amphibian unit? » Go to message
Well. . At least I think we all agree that our preferred names for this unit are none of what is offered in the poll.

I don't think hornet is a good name because swarmers.. look like hornets and it would just be dumb.
New Feature Request » Choose the best name for the new amphibian unit? » Go to message
I like the sound of Skipper myself. Mark 2... Mark 1 was a bad bad mistake.. the lowest bidder used a lazy design team and used the cheapest materiels... the whole thing went from bad to worse about year 2, in the live trials, where the pilot casualty rate was 90%.

Anyways.. Skipper MkII.

But Goliath_onine also suggested Skimmer and I think that has a cool sound to it also.

It already has a back story!
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II » Go to message

This is the main entry booth for Map Contest II. See below for rules and regs.

Entry ----------------------------

Anyone may participate. Limited entry is available on a "first-come first-serve" basis.

Number of Contestant Seats available: 0/15

Ticket cost: 0 UC

The prize amount: 1300 UC!

Entrants must reply HERE with "I want in!" to order be counted. This allows for everyone to clearly see who the 15 participants are as well as who sat first.

Once seats have been filled the contest entry period will close.

Prizes ---------------------------

Winners will receive the below prizes:

1st: 100%
2nd: 0%
3rd: 0%
4th and below: 0%

Contest rules -------------------

Entries must:

* Satisfy the design criteria.

* Be submitted within the time frame.

* Be submitted by private message to me with map link and the subject: "contest" to lock in your time stamp.

Entries that do not meet the criteria will result in the disqualification of that author from the contest*

submissions after the entry period has closed will not be accepted.

Map criteria ---------------------

Number of players: 2 OR 3
Objective: Capture Enemy Bases
Element (wildcard): (THEME) Island Invasion

The time to build and submit your contest entry will be 2 weeks from the release of the map criteria. [criteria published on: 02/03/17]

*wildcard is open to interpretation

Map voting---------------------

Maps will be voted on by the community. Anyone may vote.

How to vote: make a reply post here with the number of the ticket you think should win. With the increased amount of seats in this contest, this rule will be strictly enforced. Votes originating from the in-game chat will not be counted.

To protect the identities of the contestants, and ensure a fair outcome, I will download each contestants map into the editor and republish as "Ticket#". I will PM the author with their number and link to their map. They may wish to delete the map at this time.

Entries will be posted here.

The voting period: 1 week, starting immediately at the closing bell of the entry map submission timeframe.

The Contest is now CLOSED to entry. Good luck!

The Voting Booth is now CLOSED

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