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New Feature Request » Should the unit types be adjusted? » Go to message
Presently there are four unit types: ground light, ground heavy, aerial and aquatic. 'Ground light' units consist of infantry, and ground heavy units consist of all other ground units.

I propose that we implement a new class of units: ground medium.

This new class would include Marauders and Speeders. It could also include the three long range units (Wyrm, Battery, Walker).

It would allow more precise balance adjustments. For example, the Swarmer's ground heavy attack was reduced in part because of how effective it was against the Eclipse and Tank-class units. If we implement this new class, we could adjust the balance of the Swarmer relative to the Speeder and Marauder without affecting its ability to fight the Eclipse or Tanks. Likewise, infantry could be balanced against those units without giving them the ability to play a major role in taking down a Tank. Further, when Xavi designs the new units having an additional unit type to work with will make it easier to keep things balanced.

Aside from balance, it also just seems logical to have a class that's between a Marine and a Plasma Tank.

What would it involve? Every unit would be given a new attack type (Ground Medium). We would need to determine the proper value for this to keep things balanced. In many cases, it would remain the same as the Ground Heavy attack. In some cases, units would see a boost against Ground Medium Units. For example, the Swarmer and the Eclipse come to mind. Other units could be weakened relative to Tanks, but maintain the same strength against the Marauder and Speeder. The various infantry units come to mind.

I'd be very interested to hear what some of the top players think of this idea. Players such as uniKZ, Newbee, Fobos_rus, GOUT, earth, Legia, Kroeger, etc. certainly have a better understanding of the game's balance than I do, so any input you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
One more 'out of the box' idea. This one wouldn't be something to implement immediately, as it would require some extensive discussion and likely some testing, however I think it could be beneficial in the long run.

Right now there are 'ground light' units which consist of infantry, and ground heavy units that consist of everything else. I propose implementing a new class of units: ground medium. This class would include marauders and speeders. It could also include the three long range units.

Why? It would be possible to increase the effectiveness of infantry and/or the swarmer relative to the marauder & speeder without making them more effective against the eclipse or the tank-class units.

What would it involve? Every unit would have a new attack type, for which we would need to determine the proper value to keep things balanced. In many cases, I think it should remain close to or the same as the ground heavy value, but certain units should see a boost in this category, most notably the swarmer and the eclipse.


General Discussion » minesweeper » Go to message
I am highly in favor of removing the numbers unless within a certain radius of a support unit (engineer / assimilator / infector). Think this is necessary. Undo button makes it so easy to counter buried underlings. As Sap vs Khral they have no chance because I advance scout for them with Marauders, then undo and grind that space with those same Marauders.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Two somewhat out of the box ideas:

1) Increase range of the Infector to 1-2. This would allow it to convert Marines without being killed as easily. Maybe a +1 defense boost as was suggested earlier, too. It costs a premium despite having the worst special ability of the healers. Make it worth the price.

2) Remove the 'minesweeper' numbers from buried underlings except when they are within the vision range of a healer. With undo turn becoming an official feature, all nearby underlings will be located by any serious player right now.

This would have little effect on K v T since Titans build up gradually and use many assimilators anyway. However, it would force Sapiens to build engineers, and would make it impossible for them to grind down underlings 3-4 hexes from their front line, or cover every underling when using Marines as a meat shield.

Other than this, Pinzer +1 air attack and Swarmer +1 ground light attack seem like the best options.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
@ Sims -

I know that the rules said there will be no new special abilities. However, I had an interesting idea for the Titans that would require a new special ability. However, it wouldn't be very complicated to implement.

I really like the idea of an 'advanced' infantry unit for each race. But the biggest problem for Titans right now is that they have no flying units. So my idea is this:

An infantry unit named the Iron Mecha which has the special ability to 'launch' and become an aerial unit. The mechanics for launching and landing the Iron Mecha would be very similar to the mechanics to bury and resurface an Underling. What do you think of this idea?
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 4 » Go to message
Very much looking forward to these new changes Xavi!!

A couple thoughts:

1) I think the rating reset is not really needed with the new PRO & CHAMPIONSHIP ratings. If a player is 2600+ in standard rating but does not have a high score in the new categories then we can assume that his standard rating is inflated.
2) I'm not sure I like the team ratings being limited to how well you play with a certain partner (or partners). It seems like it'd be difficult to play enough games with the same partner(s) to get a high rating.
  StarryBlink wrote:But how about titan players teleport their mecha all over the map to scout then restart?
Or players who redo their attacks until all of them are considered good luck. Since random factors exist here.

To connect with the server every moves maybe delay the gameplay a bit. But I want it.
And it still consume much less data connection than real time games like starcraft or counter-strike.

But if you decide to allow players to redo the whole turn. Then you have to eliminate the random factors.
And blind the units still in teleporting.

1) Titans don't really need to teleport to scout, usually Speeders can see almost the entire map.
2) The dice rolls for attacks DO NOT CHNAGE when you redo your turn. Those are determined by the server before your turn. There are no random factors that change by resetting a turn.
Tournaments » Imminent invasion - championship tournament! » Go to message
Sounds great, looking forward to it!
No, not all top ranked players do it. And it really doesn't ruin anything. In chess I was taught to always expect my opponent to make the best possible move. If you do the same thing in Uniwar it really doesn't matter how many times your opponent resets his turn. Plan on them making the correct choices, and if they don't then take advantage of it.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 2 & 3 » Go to message
Really looking forward to the mirror option on random games.

I like all these changes, but I do have one concern that isn't addressed here: Many maps in the random game pool are unbalanced. Having a mirror game keeps this from affecting rating, but it really isn't much fun to play a bad map. I think if maps fall below a certain threshold (<65% positive ratings perhaps?) it should be removed from the random game pool.
Bug Reports » Random games » Go to message
I'm having a slight issue when creating random games. Suppose I try to create a random game with a specific race (for example, Sapiens). However, if no game is available at that time, later on I will find a new game in my list but with a random race instead of Sapiens.

This is a very minor issue, low priority. Just ran into this a few times when trying to practice with a specific race.
New Feature Request » New features request and a problem » Go to message
@ mistercreepy - Xavi told me recently this is already in the works. Very much looking forward to it as well.
Tournaments » Frozen planet - first tourney in round robin format » Go to message
Hey sims, will round 2 of the tournament be set up the same way? Top four players in Group 1, next four in Group 2, etc.?
General Discussion » Snowfire1 -first to move played correctly will always win » Go to message
If you're talking about Snowfire1972a or Snowfire1972b he's already fixed this issue in a new version: Snowfire1972c.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Regarding the new non-aquatic units, I like the idea of adding a 'heavy infantry' class at a cost of 200-250 credits per unit. Each unit would have a unique specialty to help boost an area of weakness for that race: anti-air for the Khrals, anti-tank for the Saps, and mobility for the Titans. Here are my proposals in that regard (building on some of Sims' ideas here):

Cost = 250 credits
Mobility = 9
Range = 1-2
Ground Light = 7
Ground Heavy = 3
Air = 5
Aquatic = 2
Defense = 6
Vision = 4
Special ability = Bury (Underground mobility = 5, which means it cannot move into mountain or swamp hexes. This could be adjusted to 4 to eliminate sand as well.)

Cost = 250 credits
Mobility = 9
Range = 1-2
Ground Light = 6
Ground Heavy = 10
Air = 3
Aquatic = 10
Defense = 5
Vision = 4

Turbo Mecha
Cost = 200 credits
Mobility = 7 and Actions = 2
Range = 1
Ground Light = 7
Ground Heavy = 4
Air = 4
Aquatic = 2
Defense = 6
Vision = 4

Please critique these numbers and let me know if you think any adjustments would be in order.
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