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General Discussion » Sorry guys, the new "feature" to pay for undo is not welcome » Go to message
  volf wrote:Well this is almost fum to watch. Here's my two cents worth. Seems to me that there are many uniwarriors (the ones who dont chat or read the forum) who do not know how to undo your turn for free. I feel like this should be something added to the tutorial or have it posted in big bold italic red letters somewhere. Once people see this they will realize there is no drama concerning paying for convenience.

I made tutorial for turn reset, can you check is subtitles are correct in English?
  Sicariphus wrote:This kind of stinks. If I'm not going to have any guarantee that opponents aren't going to redo turns after making a tactical error... Honestly, I'd sooner just find a different game to play. The game isn't fun if mistakes don't mean anything to anyone with cash.

With no cash you can still redo turn just login on other account
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:1. implement a feature that make it impossible to get turns out of sync (you cant move in one game before you are equal turns with the other)
Will be made
If 1) would be implemented in this way that after ending turn your move is "hide" until your opponent will move in the same round it would solve the problem with time and rounds getting out of sync.
With current rules I am always waiting in 1st round for my opponent move because he can see how I moved and copy best move for this match OR I can see how he moved and copy his move if he invent better opening. So we are losing 24 hours from tourney duration only for 1st move as blue and then 24 hours for red move. 20% of time is lost at the beginning.
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:Update! The following changes will be applied to tourneys:

Will be handled by the tourney admin :
- start of round is 1 day (also on team tourneys)
- team tourneys will have 2, 3, and 4 * the time a 1:1 tourney for each round (20, 30 and 40 days)
- all tourney finals can be prolonged as much as needed on request of a player no later than 48 hours before round end (quarter- semi- and grand finals)
- tourneys can also be prolonged by unforeseen events (disruption of service etc)

Technical change :
- equal rounds counting if games are unfinished when time runs out (equal for 1:1, and in pair for teams - equal amount for each team)

These changes are already implemented to all tournaments in all games or will be applied only in future tournaments or will be applied in all tournaments from next round?
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Polish letters on forum » Go to message
Please add polish letters on forum - in game (in app) polish letters works fine.
Bug Reports » Engineer/Mecha Bug » Go to message
It looks like major bug.
Tournaments » Uniwarriors Tournament » Go to message
What about prizes in Poland? We are not eligible to receive any prize?
General Discussion » List of FAIR and UNFAIR rated maps - Please post!! » Go to message
  xavi wrote:
1) vote affecting RATED maps will be weighted by player score

Good. Lower leveled players don't know all balance problems on different maps. It's very hard to fairly vote on map balance.

  xavi wrote:
2) RATED maps will be EVALUATED per race combo to avoid race issues. A map will be shown as RATED if ANY combo is RATED but it will only be selected for RANKED games in the RATED combo (=considered fair enough). We plan to display the stats PER race combo as we have them available.

Great idea! Many maps are good for one race matches, while very bad for others.

  xavi wrote:
3) We are considering forcing all bases to be owned from the beginning and giving half credits to the beginning player on the 1st turn to limit 1st mover advantage.

I don't like this one. Fighting for free bases is one of the better factors in uniwar. It forces activity and fight from the 1st rounds not just waiting to good moment to attack or building your defence.
Ogólna dyskusja » Polska Liga UniWar / Polish League » Go to message
  korc wrote:Jestem ch?tny

Super Jak tylko Konddred uzupelni tabelke, albo da mi mozliwosc edycji to dopiszemy Cie do ligi.
Bug Reports » Will not let me login » Go to message
I cant login after update to 1.8.47
Ogólna dyskusja » Polska Liga UniWar / Polish League » Go to message
Zglaszam sie
Mysle ze gry powinny byc UnRated bo to bylaby inna liga niz gry rankingowe.
System gry kazdy z kazdym na jednej ustalonej mapce jako mecz i rewanz byloby optymalnie.
Kazdy z ligowców zapraszalby do gry jednego z przeciwników, a pózniej odbywal by sie mecz rewanzowy gdzie zapraszajacym bylby przeciwnik.
Wyniki przesylalibysmy Tobie jako organizatorowi i zamieszczalbys je w tabelce ligowej - moze jest jakas stronka online na której mozna prowadzic taka lige mysle ze cos takiego juz ktos wymyslil, albo zrobic to mozna w formie google docs z dostepem dla kazdego uczestnika.

PS. Kondredd daj znac Xaviemu zeby wprowadzil w koncu polskie litry na forum
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
Swarmer defence reduction was needed, but HG -1 was to much! Maybe give swarmer +1 GL instead? It would help with marines and mechas direct fight and swarmer would be nice anti-Ground Light unit.
One Marauder still can kill ant and marines with double attack but with 25-30% chance for success it is very unbalanced in mirror games - imagine sap vs sap mirror game where one blue player gets lucky shot and kills marine caping base early on, and second blue player is unlucky and fails - game is lost with just a little bit of luck! It's very unfair. I think damage should get less randomness because while you try to make better balance games would much more depends on luck with damage allocation.
Bug Reports » Beta testing reports for 1.8.25 and above » Go to message
  mistercreepy wrote:It's still not possible to fast forward a replay of opponents turn, it just skipped to the end every time.

It's very good! In big games while watching long replay there is need to end it immediately.
Technical Support Questions » Unable to login after cloud migration » Go to message
I made phone update to latest version and it helped.
Technical Support Questions » Unable to login after cloud migration » Go to message
Hey. I did reset my phone 10 time and still can't login can you help me?
It's an error during login, invalid content. Check your connection.
I have Sony Xperia d2303, app v. 1.8.42
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