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  willingham wrote: __ __.__.__ .__ .__ .__
/ \ / \__| | | | |__| ____ ____ | |__ _____ _____
\ \/\/ / | | | | | |/ \ / ___\| | \\__ \ / \
\ /| | |_| |_| | | \/ /_/ > Y \/ __ \| Y Y \
\__/\ / |__|____/____/__|___| /\___ /|___| (____ /__|_| /
\/ \//_____/ \/ \/ \/

Is that a pony?
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  GOUT wrote: ...

100 percent agreed.
Also I think that salamander should get 11 speed points like underings, and both sapiens and titan ampibia should have it 9 due shooting ability.
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Hej hej uniwarowe świry (;-p)

No to postanowiliśmy że nie ma sensu grać do końca, bo mapa długa, potrwała by jeszcze pewnie ze 2 miesiące, a tymczasem wyszły nowe jednostki, więc zagramy na nowo z nimi, pewnie w innym układzie i na innej mapie. Więc ten rozdział szkółki niestety zamykamy.

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(if he hits aerials hard ;-p ) GARAUDER

But I like the poll props, I chose FUZE.
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I want in!
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
I vote 5!

would be good to know base income and start funds
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I'll try to make it mobile-friendly. Didnt realize how bad it looks, I'm using pc.
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Basic rules:
- 7 players play on 2 maps simultaneously, 24h per turn
- points gained for each map: 1st - 10, 2nd - 8, 3rd - 7, 4th - 5, 5th - 4, 6th - 2, 7th - 1
- players are placed in random order (I'll ask some moderator to do the order lottery)
- player 1 on each map creates the game following the rules I'll send
- each player CHOOSES himself his race for both maps (they must be the same)
- every participant must pay 100 unicoins for entering the tournament AND write a post here.
- points from 2 maps then sum up and the winner is chosen
- if 2 players share the same amount of points, the higher place is the one who had better position in ROMAN EMPIRE map

1st place - 500 unicoins
2nd place - 200 unicoins

If somehow there will be more willing players, we can make another separate tournaments with the same race. In that case I'l ask moderator as well to divide the players in 2/more groups.

Now, the maps:


The game lasts 20 turns.
How to win:
- you must take as many bases inside a roman empire as possible (bot's outside bases WON'T COUNT!)
- if 2 players have the same amount of bases, wins the player with higher killcount (in credits, not number of units)

The game lasts 20 turns.
How to win:
- you must have the highest killcount (loot) after 20 turns. Same, in credits, not number of units)
- it does not matter whether you last 20 turns or not, you may win even if dead by then
- if draw, then number of units killed count
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message
- 14 -
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message
- 13 -
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message
- 12 -
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message
- 11 -
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message
Another, totally different, area of fighting. You can nicely divide all boards into few categories:
L - land map - zero water, or a small lake(s), where usually boats are a bad idea, no matter ports or not. Amphibians recommended if lots of swamps or maybe forests.
M - mixed (pseudo-island with 1-2 tile size water framework, which may have features of the remaining 2)
R - water map - a chain of islands/ a big big lake, generally speaking a map focused on aerial+ship+amphibia fights
Generally speaking more water = more income needed, because the balance of races seem to be more expensive there (aerials, boats are expensive, the cheapest amphibians also compared to 100 units)


## standard water tile
not much to say, it's just a plain of the sea world. Does nothing at all.
## ocean tile
The kingdom of large boats. You may consider surround some port tile with these to make a poor titan's hydronaut immune to harsh aerial strike. Amphibians beware, they run out of fuel and should be kept away. Only for passage purposes. Another fine usage for ocean is to 'break' a map with rivers of unpassable from air substance, which makes them less likely to jump from one part of map to the other. That can possibly enable to create a really wide-frontline maps, because speed advantage of some races is no longer so important then.
## a reef
For light infantry quite a chasm, for ships a place to avoid, for amphibians a HEAVEN ON...in space. You should probably think about the last ones each time you make one of these. For all others just a regular water tile. A singular spots or slim chains of these would be probably better than a large 'lakes', because it's quite an obstacle tile.
## the port tile
Quite largely explained before. In the meaning of sea maps it's like a 'shallow water' or a beach or something... Makes vehicles and ships weak, but light infantry and amphibians stronger.
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bottom left - the towers - singular separated mountain surrounded by the flat earth. Or some bad for infantry tile, like swamp. Super effective for saps who can shoot down garudas from there.
bottom middle - Mordor - compare it with a big forest, what's the difference? No infantry can cross 2 mountains in a row, so the rule the deeper the worse for saps/titans don't work here. Kinda. It's usually a bad idea unless you want 2 parts of map be separated BADLY.
bottom right - a bunker - a cover-up for bases. If you move it 1 tile away the mechas are in trouble, if you won't - the production of garudas, swarmers and heavy units may be limited. But it's still a very effective cover.



this image has nothing to do with chasm. But it's a nice image isn't it? ps. xavi please add assets

You can say it's an alternative for a mountain tile, in a way I said that about swamp being an alternative for the forest. No heavies can cross it, and most importantly IT SLOWS DOWN AERIAL UNITS. Quite significantly. What is also important is that it doesn't boost light infantry, but the opposite. So who likes chasms? The defenders of course! It feels warm and comfortable behind chasms, you can just stand there and shoot, shoot, shoot...
Not much more to say here, I don't know about chasms that much. I'll just throw some images then I guess...


left - a nice mixed framework with mountains and chasms. Makes flying move slowe, light infantry - sometimes great, when they reach the 'siege tower', sometimes lame.
middle - chasms make a half-open safe oasis in the middle, harder to reach for every unit.

User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message


Finally, we have reached the 'unpassable' tile. For heavy units that is, which basically means it will affect the most SvT and similar match-ups. The second most important thing it does is limiting the all-mighty aerial units, because light infantry on the highest possible ground is too deadly to deal with it there. I think it's good to mention here something about mobility: mecha can walk into that tile only if he was adjacent to it a turn before, so in most cases they are very fragile before doing so. The way to avoid it is to add some trees in front of mountains... and another reason for doing so: to boost khrals in fight with sapiens, because underlings can't strike air units, so to boost their mobility and make chances a little more equal, we should at least in some places make mountains available only from tiles of movement 4/5 (trees, desert, city, base).
And probably we shouldn't make a whole lot of them, or at least be very careful while doing so. Mountains are very powerful, even if singular.

Also called 'come and get me' tile



A section of different usage of mountain tiles. And yeah, they're uhm... a kind of exagerrated sketch only. Not balanced in any sence, just like the forests section before.
top left - a box. Small hardly reachable area, preferably with honey tile inside. Honey tile is what I call the special singular tile that is a very important strategic point which highly increases chances of winning. A weak honey is the city/medbay. A strong honey is the base.
top middle - this... is... SPARTA! a section of map with very narrow passage(s), favors titans over saps, khrals over titans and pretty much equals KvS. But I don't know it for sure, I must ask someone wiser... Anyway.
top right - a framework. One of various kind of frameworks. It's probably the 2nd most popular behind water tiles framework. This particular kind favors usage of light infantry laterally, and laterally means in most cases a long way around, so it may or may not work.

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