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General Discussion » EnnuiGoblinGames Season 3! » Go to message
Hey Ennui, glad to see you coming back. I watched some of your streams to learn how to play when i joined, so thanks for that!

Im in the (very slow) process of writing an advanced guide targetted at helping 2300+ players learn.

As the idea evolved I've changed direction a tad to split into 3-5 guides targetted to each different section of players (1500) (1501-1600) (1601-2000) (2001-2300) (2301-2600). I'm not sure how long this will take, but I really like that general idea.

I recommend you try something along those lines, with targeted audiences for each video, perhaps wih a list of concepts to touch on that are vital for each level to learn (ie first 2 levels have no need for roll manipulation, but the latter 2 require it)

it would also be great to have single videos for very targeted questions like "how do saps deal with plague?" or "how to deal with walkers?" with commentary overlayed over a pro game of some one defeating a walker. this could be a much shorter video.

im available to assist in answering these questions and/or providing replays that emphasize different points. (i have a load of my own replays and have watched a bunch of other top players replays so i might remember where to look)

i also recommend looking at evr's "pro tournament" replays, under that same account name
New Feature Request » The best and only idea we need! » Go to message
New Feature Request » Replace surrendering players with bots » Go to message
i only see that as useful for players getting kicked. whenever they would be skipped, maybe they should get a bot turn, or totally taken over by a bot once they are kicked.

if your teammate quits earlier than you wanted you should just abandon that team... they quit so they accepted the loss on behalf of the team. if you went on to win with a bot, how would it be fair that a quitter's team score goes up? he surrendered!
General Discussion » Is SpookyHouse aware of the forum? » Go to message
they made an effort at the start but i beleive they stopped caring. they have short term objectives like subs they are working very hard on, as well as many bugs. im sure they will come back to feature requests when they complete their mountain of current tasks.
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
yeah he absolutely does not speak for everyone. on the thread you pulled that from youll see many dissenters, myself included. he has great opinions but this is far from a "solved" game. there is no correct strategy ans therefore no complete imbalance.

if anything i would say the balance is owed nearly as much to the mapmakers as the actual balance team.
New Feature Request » TVOS Apple TV UniWar? » Go to message
  Xtynct wrote:Well, this idea went really far. NOT.

dont get upset, the forum is pretty slow. i think as far as mobile gaming goes, it fits into a bit of a niche, people like playing on their phones, so you wont get much momentum here.

now if youre considering a streaming platform (maybe with gambling unicoins? ) for tournament games ( like what brought CS:GO to its fame), youve got my support. if spooky pays me enough id give expert level casting to tournament games, which could really get the community rolling
General Discussion » "Undo" Needs to be Gone » Go to message
i get annoyed by it too, but its not quite as bad as you think when inititally getting used to it. when it comes to esports, we like to give players the opportunity to display the best possible skill levels. perfect move vs perfect move... who wins? someone always wins in the end, and it seems to be the same people, so maybe there is a bit more to it

if you think people dont make mistakes just because they have infinite undo... boy are you in for a shock.
New Feature Request » 18 New units are coming... » Go to message
  Feldsher wrote:Oh, there is once more interesting idea. Builders! They can build generators, that produce about 25 credits. Barack: build units but don't produce credits. And towers: static cannons that can attack units.
For Khraleans it's a scarab, for titans is drone, for human... just builder.

cool idea
New Feature Request » 18 New units are coming... » Go to message
  Xtynct wrote:
  xavi wrote:Yes, 18... You read well! 6 per race, multiplied by 3 races. Is that enough for you ?

You may take this as criticism, but actually I don't think new units are/were needed. They just serve to make the game more complex and convoluted unnecessarily, especially since they are basically not available to everyone. I'm sure some fanboys will shoot me down, but don't let yourself get stuck in an echo chamber that just tells you what you want to hear.

You wanna make more money therefore you're dropping new units; I get it. But I think you should figure out how to better market the game so you can get new users instead. This game is already pretty polished.

xavi no longer owns the game. yes it is to monetize the game but at the top level things are way more interesting. Imagine playing chess with 8 pawns and 7 knights. its boring without complexity. the more options you give people to solve problems, the more strategy can shine. its not about an echo chamber, its about experiencing the game for yourself and discovering. in the past it was "build plasma tanks, place walkers in behind". every single titan game played that way. new units like tankbusters have breathed new life into stale gameplay.
New Feature Request » Mapmaker's chatroom » Go to message
just download kik, ya big baby.

+1 to eik.

yoda, lodeous and myself (as well as a few others) are active mods there, so we do it how we like without worrying what spooky says or asking for them to give features they never will have time for. even if you get that going the map makers will still use kik, because its already been established.

honestly i dont get what your hangup about "teenage" apps are. seems kinda closed minded. just cus it was made for younger people doesnt mean it has any sort of branding that way, its just a blank canvas for convenient sharing.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Map "The Passage" - first player in advantage » Go to message
Oh wow awesome :$
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
the animated replay doesnt show actual movement. it ignores zone of control and takes the shortest possible path.
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
  NinjaPoutine wrote:


I am a loser.

Another big man who doesnt know what hes talking about insulting people on the internet, what a shocker. normally id endeavor to explain what he is missing but nah, I'd rather he just leave the game.

If any polite people feel the same as him I'd be happy to discuss how to deal with the unit i havent seen used in top level competitive play for over a month...
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
I agree with you. However, you should look at it a bit differently - This is a paid game with a free trial with 100% of features unlocked besides units. Then on top of that, you can earn in game currency and never pay at all. From the dev's perspective, it's unfair to expect an incredibly polished game such as Uniwar to be free. It's worth the money.
General Discussion » New Earth Risk 600 UniCoins! » Go to message
I'm in.

...I have read the rules and pledge my allegiance to the rule book and its Master.

+1 to wanting 3days turns

The Impaler
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