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Tournaments » The First space UniWar-tournament "Cosmo Battles" » Go to message
In the battle between me and MediuM, I have lost both. Unfortunately I cannot remember the round of which I officially lost. Hopefully MediuM remembers. I believe game one was around round seventeen, and game two (mirrored game) I was defeated around round fourteen or fifteen.
General Discussion » "tits" are cencored? » Go to message
beamboom, did I say it was vulgar? no, I did not. now stop posting dumb things that do nothing but make you look bad.
Tournaments » The First space UniWar-tournament "Cosmo Battles" » Go to message
I'll join, I'm 1740-ish. I'm a homosapien, I like Christian mingling and I have a pet T-Rex. Im a decent fight, my skill level is low 1700.
General Discussion » "tits" are cencored? » Go to message
yes, why wouldnt tits be censored? they put in the filter to stop use of vulgar and inappropriate words
Sapiens » Beating Khralean Swarmer/Garuda rush with low credits » Go to message
  regard87 wrote: What was the map? More info could be useful.

Spam marines and get them onto favorable terrain. Use them on terrain to knock down swarmers. Try and run a Marauder around to knock the Wyrm down cheaply.
Use a chopper behind your marines to take out swarmers but keep it completly out of Wyrm range.
Choppers as your main unit wont beat Krals or Titans. Too easier to counter with cheaper units.
I played vs Sharola on the map Snowstorm (Author: TomGear) I felt I did nothing wrong in the beginning, but Sharola was easily able to counter. He/She had two wyrms and a lot of swarmers with me having marines and helis. They were easily picked off. Now it might also have to do with my skill, I'm still learning.
Sapiens » Beating Khralean Swarmer/Garuda rush with low credits » Go to message
Thank you for the suggestions, they help a lot!
Bug Reports » Just a small bug » Go to message
This isn't huge, but you should be aware that there is a minor bug for the Samsung Galaxy S3. When in game chat, I will pull up the window to view the chat. I can scroll up and down and everything is fine. But when I try to respond to a comment (tapping on the chat window) the game completely freezes. This did not happen until I Downloaded the most recent update. It's fine to fix, I simlly exit the app and terminate it, and when I start the app again its fixed. It's not a big deal. But I thought you should know.
General Discussion » Veterancy » Go to message
So I have a question. I know veteran units do indeed have "special powers" like health bonuses and stuff, but is there any combat addition to the units? If so, what is it?
New Feature Request » Titans are too good! Balance the game! » Go to message
I personally feel that Titans have a very big advantage over the other races. The Mecha is fine, the Assimilator and Speeder are perfect for Titans, and the Eclipse is very good. But the Plasma Tank is so ridiculously good. For only 500 credits, you can hold a base against 2+ enemy heavy assault units. It is too powerful for its price. The Walker is absolutely ridiculous. The Walker can take out anything, while for super cheap, you can defend it. Nothing can get by Plasma Tanks at narrow passes. I think Titans should be changed. That's just my opinion though.
New Feature Request » rated user maps, not for long » Go to message
I'm playing the rated map Snowfire1972a. it came in a random game, and the map is freaking rediculous. it's easily favored for titans, with a one way path to the other side and an easy way to protect Walkers. batteries can't get in range, and neither can destroyers. this map is very favoured to titans and is rated for random play! take it off! That crap map cost me 30 points
Tournaments » Jacob's first tourney 1650 to 1300 » Go to message
Jacob, really only people who are really good at the gameand have had a great deal of experience post tournaments. Example, EvCatz is holding one and hes 2500 points. I would say rank 2000 or above are the only ones that host tourneys
Guides & Tips » Never play rated!!!!! » Go to message
jacob this has nothing to do with loop holes and tricks? you will be considered as spam. I'd suggest stop making topics
Sapiens » increased marauder air power » Go to message
Marauders are the best unit in the game. They don't need anything upgraded
New Feature Request » Upcoming Uniwar Suggestions » Go to message
  flyinghigh wrote: I've always wondered why marines never had a special ability when both mechas and underlings have game changer abilities. Cant ever boast enough about how significant of a tool they are in multiplayer games!!! I hardly ever play as saps but I think they may deserve something. Maybe a sniper shot where they can hit a target a hex or two away after not moving in the previous round. It would need a recharge of x amount of rounds though. Thoughts?
No, the reason the marines do not have any super power is because they are ridiculously over powered. Use gang up. They are actually one of the most important units in sapiens race. if you think they aren't that good, I'd consider learning how to play with marines
Sapiens » Beating Khralean Swarmer/Garuda rush with low credits » Go to message
I lost to a person whos rank is very very low. I was Sapiens, they were Krahleans. It was a small map. They completely destroyed me, with a few swarmers and a wyrm. I had a lot of copters taken out. How do I effectively beat krahls? Strategy? All advice is greatly appreciated!
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