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Messages posted by: olegko-by
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  xavi wrote: Our decision is motivated by protecting the community from conflicts related to Talone.

Now i see that Talone is right about you. You do not understand what you're doing. By removing the flag, you're not reduced the conflict, but on the contrary - you made the conflict even further and more public. Now you involve more people to your personal conflict with Talone.

When you remove the flag you make conflicts more active, you make players less happy, and you make talone more right in players minds.

You confirm his thesis that you are behaving like a dictator who does not think about the consequences, and is guided only by his personal ambitions
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
It is disrespectful to the players from the developers.

We all know that the developers paid money to Talone for several years for various services and assistance. Then developers and Talone quarreled because of the new game. I do not know all the details, but I know one thing: this conflict is a matter only between developers and Talone. Other players are not involved in this conflict. Other players should not suffer. With such actions as the removal of the flag you involve more players in the conflict. You fire up the conflict. Do you want to fight with all of us? Why do you need this? It is not right.
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  elroyomj wrote: Elroyomj iii

Hi, elroyomj! We play in 3rd group.
La_Fay 2673
elroyomj iii 2748
olegko-by 2354
Leonid-leev 1953

In first round you should invite olegko-by (me) and Leonid-leev on any map from the list. We invite you on mirror games. Also you should accept invite from La_Fay and invite him on mirror game. All games unrated, time limit 24h
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Fantastic! Very, very good news! Just do it!

"10 days rule" - the best choice. Absolutely sure. Agree with A.Buendia
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  rwieczor84 wrote: Hi, my opponent was short of time, and i win.
But all my games was unrated, why was that?

Hi. Organizers have changed the game for unrated for all participants. This is not ladder. Ratings may be very different.
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  qporcupine wrote: In my mirror game I forgot to change the time limit to 12 hours and didn't notice til my second turn. Should I restart the match or play it out?

Better for both of you would have to restart. Because if you do not finish before the deadline, then both get from 0 points for this game.
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At the moment we are processing your requests. Please don't worry if you don't find yourself in the table. During the weekend, all applications will be processed.

Also, please check your data (especially the name of the game account).

About all inaccuracies write in this topic. We apologize in advance for any mistakes.

Sincerely, Administration of the tournament.
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