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Fixxed the guide above me i think if anyone sees any errors plz alert me
Guides & Tips » The UniWarriors Guide to UniWar » Go to message
Uniwarriors guide to playing uniwar!

Before reading this guide please know how to play a game and be able to tell the units apart. Also remember I'm not ranked #1 in the world ether so though my advice is gold it's not diamond.


Let's begin with the general rule of uniWARS. Strategies that are general and non map specific. By the way these are for courses without harbours to build ships.

Saps!!!! (My personal favorite)

Sapiens are my favorite race because they are all about attacking and offense. The almost golden rule for saps is offense is the best defense. NOTE I said almost golden rule, but there are some situations where you want to defend over attack.

Saps vs Saps

Use helicopter, marines.
The marines build a line (make sure there on good terrain). Helicopters hide behind the marines to be protected. I try to protect my helicopters as much as possible. Even though I've seen strats of people who abused them and still won with flying colors. To sum up this sap strategy
1. Build a line of marines
2. Make helicopters
3. Attack other team's tanks and weak units with your helicopters.
4. Attack your other team's helicopters and marines with ur marines (¡!¡! make sure to use gang up and terrain !¡!¡!)
5. Maybe after a good line of attack is built use engineers and battery to better improve your military force.

Saps vs Khraleans

Once again using the race's best units: marines and helicopters. I make sure to build lots of marines. You need helicopters but the more I play khrals as I use saps the more marines I use. Always attack garudas with marines. Keyword there is marines. Save the helicopters for last hits and base steals. If I didn't mention it MARINES!
Keys to this strategy
1. Build bunches of marines
2. Build helicopters
3. Use gang up and terrain with marines to kill off all of khralean aerial life.
4. Use the helicopters to last hit enemy units and secure bases. Plus pinzers and infectors aren't going to kill themselves.
5. After a line of attack has been built make engineers and maybe batteries.

Saps vs Titans

This is the hardest strategy I think. Titans have tanks that are incredibly durable. Ur tanks aren't super durable.
This creates a problem. Lucky for you, the sapiens, the developers made hope. The engineer! He can make tanks repair rates 4! That almost half health! Since ur tanks can't really destroy plasmas without elaborate measures. Batteries are key. Also I find the faster you build batteries the better.
Here's a sum up of this strategy
1. Make tanks and engineers
2. Make batteries
3. Build more tanks because they probably will die. With these tanks they are more of a wall then attack so repair often.
4. Rush to victory. It's a bad idea to give titans time because once walkers start being built it only goes down hill.

Khraleans (The fastest race)

Speed. Speed. Speed. This is all the khraleans are all about. So why would you go into a match not using there best trait?? Another great trait of the khralean race is an awesome healer. It's more expensive for a reason.

Khraleans vs Saps

Generally speaking ur enemies are going to expect you to build garudas and swarmers and whatnot. I try to mix khral strategy up. I still use garudas because of there godly heal rate. I like to build a pinzer if the map isn't all forests and mountains.
Since you can't really get a strategy from my useless info above here's some points to remember.
1. Make infectors!!!! They are more expensive then the other race's healers because they are way better.
2. Use infectors to pressure enemy marines to move back. And by pressure I mean keep it protected too. A helicopter pretty much instantly kills it.
3. Build garudas and heal them as much as possible. Use two or three garudas to gang up on helicopters.
4. Make sure to use your infector(s) to keep marines from your garudas,
5. If there are to many marines and the map isn't all forest and mountains build a pinzer. It has a extremely high heal rate too and it smashes marines
6. After you have a good line of attack going use wyrms!! The faster you get to a wyrm that's in a good safe position the faster you secure victory. The best way to kill marines and shoot down helicopters is from the comfort of 3 spaces away.

Khraleans vs Khraleans

This isn't a battle I can really point you a path on. Some people really love using tons of swarmers. Some people like using tons of garudas. This is something for you to discover about how you play. Since I like garudas better I'll attempt to explain it.
1. Build garudas
2. Make infectors to heal your garudas
3. If you're playing against someone who uses lots of swarmers then place your garudas smart. Example don't attack a swarmer that has 5 swarmers around it beacuase they kill it. A better approach would be to try to attract swarmers to you sperate. Then pick them off.
4. Build wyrms!! They utterly destroy swarmers! Just make sure to use 3 range so your wyrms doesn't take damage.
5. Heal garudas often! It's always a loss even if u lose one unit.

Khraleans vs Titans

Once again I usually think this is a hard battle to win. I have seen hives of khrals come outta no where and destroy Titans though. I would use pinzers and infectors. BEWARE OF ECLIPSES! These are the best anti air robots ever :/ Things to remember
1. Be annoying!! Plant as many underground units where their walkers may be. If this makes them spend effort moving units around to try to juggle walkers not being attacked then good because you should exploit this and set up good attacks
2. Also swarmers rape at hurting and killing walkers
3. Pinzers can heal 6 freaking hp with a pinzer. Pinzer also kill ECLIPSES
4. Try to keep all infectors and aerial units from eclipses. But if it comes down to it the garuda doesn't do too bad against them.
5. Use wyrms- they can destroy plasma tanks!! Same with the saps vs titans the faster you build these the better.

Titans (All about the defense)

The word titan even sounds slow and strong. That's what it's all about. Their best units are walkers (My opinion). Use them as it's usually the key to a nice secure easy victory.

Titans vs Saps

Titans are a race designed to be durable. Their plasma tanks are the most durable units in the whole game. Use them. I always build a wall of them then I make a walker. Walkers are the other titan's best unit. With a range of 5 you can even out range a battery. Summing up titans vs sap you gotta remember.
1. Plasma tanks may be ultra strong but they still need maintenance. Build an assimilator or two to make sure they never die
2. Walkers have the highest range in the game. Use this!!!! It's great to outshoot batteries.
3. If they try to get you with helicopters remember u got the best anti air ever.
4. Don't rush unless you're being pressured. If they have a battery battering you its a good idea to attack and kill it. Otherwise if u take time letting ur wall of defense build then u build a walker. It's pretty much your battle.
5. Teleport attacks may be a great strategy depending on the map. And never teleport mechas around a saps base with nobody on it. All they will do is build a engineer.

Titans vs Khraleans

Khraleans are the most speediest race. That's how they will defeat you. You gotta take your time don't let them rush you. I usaully build a tanks and eclipses for the lines of defense. BEWARE OF SWARMERS!!! Make sure u gotta good line of defense for ur walkers. If they build a wyrm early stall some time and teleport some mechas in. ( These list are for my OCD more now than the readers )

1. Remember titans aren't a race you want to rush as. This isn't a golden rule but it's a pretty stable one.
2. If they try rushing in all bad with a wyrm u gotta kill it. There are many answers to this problem. One is stalling until a good unit can get it (Stalling caused by suicide mechas behind wyrm). Another is using speeders to kill it. This is if it's not well defended. Sometimes speeders can some times make it retreat too
3. If I didn't hince don't rush (Umm i'm not sure what you meant by this!)

Titans vs Titans

There are a couple paths to take here. You can go straight to the tanks. You can make mechas and skip all the tanks and shit and go straight to walkers. Or you can linger around mechas and speeders until they go for tanks and such then gotta walkers(Idk What you meant exactly by this sentence!). All of these are two basic strategies though. One is like how you play against khrals and saps. This is where you make a good solid defense and then a walker. The other is to make a simply cheap large(Cheap and large what?!) and then a walker. On this one you gotta make sure your walker makes up for the large defense your missing. If this strategy works it pays very well at the end.
Things to remember are...
1. In most maps the key to victory is a walker.
2. How you get to the walker isn't important as long as it is kept alive and killing.
3. Keywords in two are Alive and Killing
4. If maps have higher income like 600 per turn I would suggest the cheaper defense because walker placement and pressure is worth a lot. Plus If u fail with a gain of 600 credits per turn walkers are more easily replaced.

The effective mindset.

When you plan out your turn always plan for the highest kill to lowest death ratio you can. If you do this you successfully you will win 99% of the time. Sometimes sacrificing units will still give you a higher kill rate. One example is sacrificing units to block out enemies so u can capture a base. Another example is using 2 marines (200 credits) to the death killing a gurundas (350 credits). That's a 150 gain for you. Ten of these gives you a 1500 point advantage.

Effective use of healers.

As I was talking about above it's all about making units and keeping them. Healers (engineer, infector, assimilator) are great at this. Boosting the repair rate x2 or x3. You can even stack this effect for x9 x4 x8 xWhatever. Repairing a unit this quickly does wonders for your battle. Decreasing your losses and increasing your kills. As a generally rule you will make healers after your line of attack is created. This gives you an area for your healer to heal multiple units and protects healer/healing units.

Tricks and Traps

The use effective use of traps. It can make or break a game. It can lead leviathan into a buried underling. Btw noobs that is not good 600 credit creatures can be almost killed by 100 credit one. Crafting these traps is something you gotta think about. If u do it bad well it's bad. I'll give you an idea for a trap. Let's say you want to kill a wyrm and you have a swarmer and buried underling on jungle. Position the underling so when the wyrm moves to attack the swarmer it will be in the range of attack of the underling. This is just an example there usually isn't just those three units on the map either. So traps are something you gotta prepare and plan for. They will make a difference in your game.

Move after attack tactics

The few units that possess this ability can use it to steal enemy bases. It's simple and used correctly can fortify a base for you. Here some situations where you should use it
Enemy has 2 units on map (1- 5 hp and 1-10 hp marine) the 5 hp is on base. You have a helicopter somewhere in range of the base.
Here's a scenario where it's a bad idea
Enemy has a weak marauder on base and 5 marines behind base. The base has 3 forests by it. You have 2 helicopters.
( if you don't know why that's a bad idea please go to the top of this page and reread!)
As a rule of thumb for this only move after attack onto the base if the unit won't die.


Since most of the uniwar sea maps are semi partially sea. It gives you a couple of choices. Full blown navy, semi navy, zero navy.

It's a shame harbors don't generate credits. I think that really takes away some advantages of being the navy aggressor.

Harbors are very important to winning a navy battle just like bases to land. I don't think it's worth it to capture the enemies harbor because it a waste of 100 credits. Not to mention if u can capture the enemies harbor you already won the naval battle. You can just keep a ships on there since there won't be anymore enemy navy.


Your battleship is 800 cost and fully worth it. It destroys almost any land unit. Plus with 3 range it can kill most things without even taking damage.
I would also recommend using helicopters in your navy. They can travel pretty fast and can blindside hydronauts and finish off levaitians. They have less power in saps v saps because battleships have a really high


The weakest navy unit and the cheapest. Just like any other khralean battle you want to swarm. Use gang-up bonus as much as possible. Don't forgot to bring back almost dead units so they can heal.
I would also recommend using gurandas for your battle. They are cheap, heal fast, and fast. Use them to gang up on battleships and blindside hydronauts. GANG UP!


The 2-4 range is the make or break of your hydronauts. This range makes hydronauts naturally very good defenders. Use this as a advantage and setup formations that applie this.
One example of such a formations is having a boat or two in front ( facing the enemy ) and then more 3 spaces away. Why three spaces? Well it gives room to move forward and backward towards the enemy so you can maximize the 4 space range!

Well I just poured lots of ideas into this guide I hope poeple read it. If you read this line . if you have any suggestions plz comment.

If you want any pratice games feel free to invite spaceminer that's me!!!
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