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General Discussion » The future of the game? » Go to message
  kralux wrote: As the CEO of Javaground, I can tell you that this game will stay alive as long as the App Store is alive.

Thanks a lot for the reassurance! I have told my friends about it before reading your response, by the way. One of them has bought the game, 2 more will soon. The other guys want to play it, but they do not have an iPhone, nor an Android phone. If the game is on Facebook, they will definitely play, and I sure can get more of my friends playing it.

My other question is still unanswered though. This is simply out of curiosity. When you put up the new version, do we need to pay for it again, or will there be discount for upgrading? Either way, I am getting the new version, especially when it has a map editor .

Thanks again for this excellent game!

EDIT: One of my friends just bought the game .
General Discussion » The future of the game? » Go to message
Did you go to Apple Store and check the game there? The review is the first one to see in the review section, and the post date is November 27. What May review are you talking about?

If it were my money, I would not mind paying 99 cents. Again, I can't say enough good thing about the game. However, I am talking my friends into buying it. 99 cents or not, I don't want my friends to come back to me and say: "The game you introduce to us dies a month after we bought it." Besides, I really want the game to last a long time. Did I say that I enjoyed it tremendously?

I really look forward to the new version of the game. From what I heard, it is very promising. For a game this good to be out, I would be very sad. I hope that my concern is not something that I should be concerned about and thing will go well at the end.
General Discussion » The future of the game? » Go to message
I can't say enough good things about this game, and I enjoy it tremendously. It definitely needs some upgrades but I was sure it would come out soon, until just now. I saw the $0.99 sale and was to call some friends to let them know about it. Then I saw a review in the Apple store, which says that the server will be shut down soon, and the company has fired 7 of its 12 developers. Is it true? If it is true, will it effect the game? Will it be out and we will not be able to play it?
My other question is when the new version of the game comes out, do we, the one who purchased the game now, need to pay for the newer version? If we do, will there be any discount or is it gonna be full-price for every one?

Thanks a lot for any information that can shed some light on the subjects !
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I would love to see a built-in level editor. If it is not possible, I think at least the game should allow maps being downloadable and played without going though official release. That would make playtesting easier, and the quality of the maps would definitely go up.
Thanks . Can't wait for the next release!
User Generated Maps » Playing with my own map. » Go to message
I know that I need to build a map in PC. My question was whether I can upload it to the iPhone and Uniwar can read it. But from reading this forum, I think it is impossible. With the game like this, I expect that I can build my own map and play with it. I like this game, but I think that is something the creator may want to look into.

Thanks, anyway .
User Generated Maps » Playing with my own map. » Go to message
I am new to UniWar and love the idea that you can create your own map. I have read the forum but still cannot tell whether you can play on a map that you create. I know that if I post a map here and get feedback, it may be added to the beta version. But can you just create a map and playtest it before submitting it here?
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