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Tournaments » Spring 2017 Pro Tournament » Go to message
"Carefully Balanced" ....I don't think it means what you think it means.

Just playin' EVR. It was a fun map anyway. gg
Tournaments » Golden mooseKNUCKLE 500uc Buy-in t.ournament » Go to message
I don't think EVR is the underdog to anyone. I'd say he's the favorite to win.
General Discussion » Anti Uniwar stories? » Go to message
My wife and another player's wife are trying to start a "wives of Uniwar" support group.

.....We must never let that happen.....
General Discussion » Whould you skip or not in this instance? » Go to message
  TheDragon wrote:First (if you read) this is random team game

Secondly (if you read) the other team is dragging on purpose (though not effectively) as they'll log in to talk about waisting time then leave with hours left to go (sadly not making it back in to actually make their turn before time limit is reached)

So would that change your votes those that picked 'other', and if so in which direction?

Yes, I read your situation, but I was answering strictly from the poll question.

And yes, if someone is being intentionally rude to me, I have no problem skipping. Although I must admit I haven't had such an encounter in a couple years.
General Discussion » Whould you skip or not in this instance? » Go to message
I voted "Other"

(tournament games are the only truly time-sensitive games, so unless it was a special circumstance, I wouldn't skip a regular game.)

If I see that someone has been on a couple times and hasn't moved, I always post a chat when the time expires. Something like, "I see that you've been on a couple times, so I'll give it another 6 hours or so before I skip."

This is courteous and still draws a line.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
  legia wrote:
Marauder -1GL looks fine, but speeder is still to powerfull.

Agreed. Maybe speeder GL is reduced by 1 in the future?

Also, I like the pinzer change. Might reduce the pot shots taken from helis.
General Discussion » Application for team _____Ski ! YOU could be _____!! » Go to message
Wasn't trying to be snobbish, but I can read it as such now that I read through my answers. So much is lost in tone over the interwebs...

My answer to #2 was a direct quote from AD. My wife and I say it to each other almost on a daily basis.

"What do you want to do for dinner?"
"I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it."


General Discussion » Application for team _____Ski ! YOU could be _____!! » Go to message
Hi there, I already have a two-player team, but I'll answer the questions anyhow:

1. Puppies or kittens.
My cat's breath smells like cat food. -Ralph Wiggum

2. Earth or Talone.
I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

3. Square root of 30. God help me if you cheat. Pencil and paper is fine but I will kill a dolphin for each one of you that uses a calculator.

4. Favorite Uniwar map.
I'm terrible with names, but I like the one with the bases. and they're next to each other, and there's mountains. and there's dirt, and water.

5. Favorite Uniwar race.

6. Favorite color.
Blue and Orange (Go Bears!)

7. Favorite food.

8. Colossals? Yay or nay?
See answer to #2

9. Best TV show ever?
Arrested Development (Seasons 1-3 only. Season 4 is dead to me)

10. Make your own question.
Do you think this is an effective way to produce a quality teammate?

And please provide your closing argument below.
Tournaments » Maps for tournaments » Go to message
Please consider the map Cave Springs by Zedobbo.

This map is fun, well-balanced, and can be played many different ways.
Tournaments » Tournament Suggestion » Go to message
I have a suggestion for mirrored rounds that may speed up the first turn.

I think many people delay their first turn because they don't want their opponent copying them.

My suggestion is to not allow players to move as red until their blue move is submitted.

If the opponent moves first, They are notified it's their turn, but when they select the game, a message stops them informing that they need to submit as blue before viewing this game.

Just a thought,

General Discussion » Tournament extensions » Go to message
7. Change tiebreaker rule : add highest number of captured bases total as the first decider (1. captured bases total, 2. least rds in won games, 3. kill/loss, 4 random).

I like this idea, but I think the hierarchy should be changed.

My biggest beef with toruneys is that there's incentive to take as few rounds as possible in round robin rounds (and thus, reeeeallly long turns). I think the tie-breaker order should be:

1. Units Killed (value)
2. captured bases total
3. least rounds in won games
4. random

My reasoning behind having kills first is that it provides incentive to get as many moves in as possible. With rounds essentially a non-factor, it wouldn't make sense to drag out a turn.

Also, regarding the captured bases total, does recapturing a base count? I only ask because I'm wondering if there'd be a way to exploit this tie-breaker by farming the base capture number. (This is just a thought from left-field, not sure how it'd play out, just seems exploitable).
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
Hi there, I would like to put in my two cents for what it's worth.

I think looking at the current units in a vacuum, it's a pretty balanced game, but I'm certainly open to minor tweaks here and there.

In my opinion, I think the biggest culprit of game-play imbalance is due to the map configuation. No amount of stat changing will cure skewed maps.

With that said, I think the best way to address imbalance is to thoroughly look at each rated map, and only allow rated games on maps that are reasonably balanced for any race combo.

Also, I'd just like to say thanks to all the devs for making this game awesome, I love it!
Tournaments » TEAM Tournament: RAID & RESCUE » Go to message
yes... it has no FoW.. It was not stated before in text, but was visible as a cloud with red line across in the in game android version...

It's not a big deal or anything, but don't you think it gives Titans a bit of an advantage?
Tournaments » TEAM Tournament: RAID & RESCUE » Go to message
Does this tournament have no fog of war? It appears that both of the games I'm in don't (but I could be wrong).
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform - Part 2 & 3 » Go to message
Hi there, I have a couple of suggestions not entirely related to this thread, but here goes:

Clans/Teams: I think instead of ranked duos, there should be ranked teams. You can have X number of people per team. Your team can be subject to random battles, enter tourneys, and your team can challenge other teams in 2x2 4x4 etc. Each team activity would affect the team rank.

Skipping as a stat: I think two stats should be added to the player profile, # of skips performed and # of times skipped.
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