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Messages posted by: fobos_rus
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General Discussion » Prizes for the tournaments » Go to message
For February CHAMPIONSHIP prize is coming.
But for March CHAMPIONSHIP not yet ((
General Discussion » Prizes for the tournaments » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:hello fobos.

I will contact Xavi about this

General Discussion » Prizes for the tournaments » Go to message
  Corrin wrote:What are the prizes anyway?

The players reaching the semi finals and final will receive an UniWar T-shirt or beanie or the equivalent cash prize or uni-coins (in-game currency).

I asked a cash prize.
General Discussion » Prizes for the tournaments » Go to message
Developers, when you give me prizes for the tournaments CHAMPIONSHIP February and March 2016?
It's not seriously ((
I have twice filled out the Google Form, writing on e-mail Xavi and he already two months promises me to give prizes.

if you promise prizes in their tournaments, then why I should run for you to get them?
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Why speeder view change? Speeder mobility (and attack) 5 hex, but he can't attack, because he don't vision enemy.
General Discussion » Sorry guys, the new "feature" to pay for undo is not welcome » Go to message
  gspy wrote:
PS: just the reason why is a different thread. My issue is not the UNDO. My issue is the paid undo on top of the paid game.

I an totally agree with you, comrad.

If I buy this game from 4$, why I paid for my convenience else 13$!? It's triple more expensive than the game itself!
Aren't you interested that people feel comfortable to play your game?

Devs makes a button UNDO for the price of 1$, but who already buy this game button must be free.
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
  earth wrote:Doug

See my posts above, no one is punishing Russian players, get real please, Russian flag is still there !

Runiwar community this is not community only russian players.
I'm sorry, that you don't understand it

In Runiwar community many players of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and another country.
They don't united for politic map country, but they united in our forum, because they Russian speaking.
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
  jonny3D wrote:Excuse me, why do you judge a lot of people on the private opinion of one person?
It's like throwing a nuclear bomb on the country because of the remarks of one man!

It's a good comparison, man!

Furthermore, droping a bomb because of the remarks - very bad idea ((
Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
  xavi wrote:Unfortunately due to a high number of chat conflicts related to Talone & his website, we have decided to remove all references to it, including the flag. We apologize to the inconvenience.

You delete Talone from game, but Runiwar community is a not one Talone.

I wasn't participate in chat conflicts, and I wasn't a guilty, why you delete my flag community? Who was participated at chat conflicts - deleting him flag Runiwar, if you want punish him.
But remember, critic is not always bad. Sometimes it's a way to progress.
Technical Support Questions » Unspecified error » Go to message
I can't enter in game (unable to login): "Network error"
Technical Support Questions » can't get in app » Go to message
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
  sdrawde wrote:
Sorry you lost in this way, it hurts. I see 2 mistakes though:

You allowed the games to become unsynchronised...

Even if the game were synchronised, I had only a 50% chance to win! No matter what I would do turns. The main thing - don't to lose my base. If the round was over for me - I'll won. If the opponent make last turn -
I'll lost. Heads or tails, 50% chance! Nothing strategy or tactics.
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  sdrawde wrote:Hi fobos

Hi Sdrawde!

  earth wrote:To me it looks like Elroy planned his win over last 5 days

  sdrawde wrote:Let's not demonise elroy here either, you are both experienced players playing to the rules. He gambled in the last chance saloon and got lucky, maybe you underestimated his strategy as you surely saw it coming.

Hey guys, heared to yourself.
We are discussing not how to win this game, and how to be cunningly and play and lose more slowly than the opponent wins!
Tournaments are not who plays better Uniwar, and who is more cunning...

  sdrawde wrote:Let's not demonise elroy...

He skipped me at the first opportunity in another tournament

  sdrawde wrote:Don't make a 3rd mistake. Here is game where the world champion is on the brink of victory when his time runs out. It's daylight robbery but he smiles and laughs (ok so it was not a serious game).

Are you serious? You're comparing the game of football in the yard with my son or neighbor and play in the World Cup (as an example)?
You think, Magnus was happy and smiling, if his time runs out on Final Championship?

  sdrawde wrote:Let's also not hit out at uniwars hardworking xavi and sims, please don't tell me you've not enjoyed playing uniwar over the last few years.

He creates a good turn-based strategy, but he fogot, that wins in strategy must a better player, but not cunning player, who think, how to lose more slowly and to waste time.
And he don't change this rules for a year. Apparently, they like everything.

If you like it - ok, it's your choise. But I'm interesting to win opponent in a fair fight, not a cunning.
That's why I'm leaving.
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  legia wrote:Hi fobos_rus.

This is very bad result. You are true winner...

Hi, Legia.
Thanks for a commiseration. I thought I was crazy, and opponent honestly wins, and I bad players and deservedly lost.

It turned out we don't play in the strategy, there is no need to win games. You need to be cunning and to waste time. Or as called in chat: "time managment" strategy
Ok, if admins believe that is as it should be and nothing changes rules for many years - it's their decision. But I no longer participate in this farce, called strategy.

Please, delete my account in this game.
Tournaments » Uniwar HD Tourney » Go to message
Sims, I wrote comments on improving the tourney system a ONE YEAR AGO!
Something has changed in the organization of the tournaments?

You continue to use unfair map on tournament. How a can prevent capture a central base, when I play the titans? Could't.
Further the opponent is just stalling for time and wins because of your rules.

Uniwar - probably, best mobile turn based strategy game, as written on your website? This don't mistake?

In tournament wins a really strongest strateg? Or most cunning player, who stalling time and wins because of this?
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